Green Smoothies in South Georgia


Augie, Mom, Dad and Me

Augie, Mom, Dad and Me

I woke up this morning to the smell of percolated coffee.  Mmmmm Mmmmmm good.  Just love it when my mom makes coffee for me.  What a sweetie pie….My mom is the bomb because she is my guinea pig.  She will try any food experiment that I make.  One of the things I have decided to do to gear up for Saint Patricks Day is drink a green smoothie every morning. Starting TODAY, I want to eat more raw live green foods baby……….  A great day to start, we are approaching the green sunny months and I want to have optimal health.   

So, into my mom’s blender, I threw in grapes, a banana, organic black kale, flax seed and frozen peaches and the motor just magically mixed these ingredients and churned  out these beautiful green smoothies.  My mom and I loved it and I gave some to my brother Augie and he said it tasted like fescue.  Too funny that Augie thought it tasted like our back yard, but I noticed that his glass was empty, so I think he really liked it.   I can’t be stopped I am going to be a green smoothie girl.   If anybody is into this as well, and has recipes, etc., let me know.

It is a beautiful sunny day in South Georgia.  Mom and I painted today and Augie and I walked around the lake.  We also made homeade guacamole.  Mom talked the grocer down to 75 cents an avocado because they were really ripe.  The soft avocados were perfect for our guacamole.  

Today is your last chance to enter the Spring Postcard Contest 

out in the courtyard with my shadow

out in the courtyard with my shadow


One thought on “Green Smoothies in South Georgia

  1. Congrats on eating healthier with Raw vegan foods 🙂 That’s awesome!!!

    I love how your mom is a willing guinea pig – that’s so cute.

    Cheers to green smoothies,

    A couple super simple recipes:

    spinach / banana
    spinach / apple / cinnamon
    kale / mango
    celery / banana / nutmeg

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