Thinking of Sunshine and Friends

I have been under the weather in bed for almost 24 hours, but I just came across this photo that my buddy Phil sent over and it brings me happiness.

sunshine and friends photo by Phil Cheney from OUR Fest


Monday Winter Post

Winter has been kickin my butt lately folks.

photo by Brad Charleston Pour House, Snake Oil

Its hard for me to stay warm and sane, but feel blessed to have a warm home now and I got to play music with the Snake Oil boys this weekend.

photo by John Ottone at Legal Grounds Rutherfordton, NC

Return from Las Vegas

I am home safe and sound, soooo sorry I have not written in a while.  The sun is shining here in Asheville and I have a gig with Snake Oil Medicine Show tonite in Rutherfordton, NC at Legal Grounds.   I will put up Vegas shots some time soon.

This is a sketch from my friend Brad Pope. I love it.

Snow My Goodness

I got cabin fever real bad right now.  Home alone.  Just keeping a fire going because my oil heat has run dry.  Got lots of things to do around the house to keep me busy though, which is a good thing.  Instead of posting snowtos(Ha ha I just made that word up Snow + Photos = snotos)  I am going to put sunny photos up to keep me warm.  

Sunny Cali dreamin

Blast from the Past

Okay, so this pic was recently tagged on my facebook page and it really does crack me up so much.   It also brings up sooo many memories and thoughts.  Where was I in this picture???  A blast from the past.  What was this young Caroline thinking?  

This picture was taken of me when I was 20 years old by my best friend Heather.  We were in Crested Butte, Colorado.  She was 16 at the time and we had gone on vacation to this lovely mountain town.  I had met Heather one week prior to this snap shot.  We were introduced by a mutual Dutch friend named Jaap Linssen who felt like we had to meet.  I am soo glad I met her because we hit it off instantly.   Heather and I both discovered that our dad’s were Delta Airline Pilots and we decided to just fly to Crested Butte, Colorado for a week vacation on a whim..  I really feel like this was the beginning of my traveling adventures and my active adult life.  Thanks to Heather who just made me do things spontaneously.

This was in the Summer of 1989.  We climbed so many mountains,  hiked many trails, m0untain biked a ton, drank like fish and hung out with boys and sat in hot tubs.  .  Too funny.   BlaSt from the Past Baby.

I really am the same girl since then, just more life experiences.  Still living life to the fullest through thick and through thin.

Captain Adventure at it Again

So, I have the house to myself for a whole month.  Justyn, a.k.a Captain Adventure is on an epic journey.  He is traveling by kayak through the Grand Canyon for 14 days.  They have to pack in and pack out everything that they use.  I am super duper proud of him for doing his pathway.   Its 32 degrees and snowing at the put in at Lee’s Ferry where he was today.

On other news I saw little baby Jo Jo yesterday, he is a sweet baby boy.