Cupcakes, Zippers and Pink Convertibles

photo taken by Vincent Tseng

photo taken by Vincent Tseng

Shall we begin……  Let me have another sip of my coffee….I have been sooooo busy and without Internet to write in my blog but I had such a fun-filled, family time in Atlanta, Georgia.  Snake Oil played a gig in Little 5 Points and we had so much fun, but I believe this is where I got a flu bug.  There was no soap in the bathroom and I stayed up entirely toooo late.  

After our gig on Saturday, we all headed over to Paul and Sunshine’s huge home and crashed out like the dead.  Paul and Sunshine own Tree Sound Studios where we have done many of our recordings.  They are such sweet friends to us and Sunshine is my yoga sister.  Sunshine made us a delicious breakfast and French Pressed tons of coffee rounds.  We had a beautiful time reconnecting with them.  Paul was telling us about how he went with Laura Reed and Deep Pocket to a prison in North Carolina and recorded it.

It was time for me to leave my band and Paul and Sunshine and meet up with my buddy and talented photographer, Jon Weiner.  We did a photo shoot in Lilburn, Georgia.  My job was to pose in front of a 1957 Pink Convertible Ford Thunderbird and that is what I did.  The weather was fantastic and I had a blast driving that car.  I need this car really bad.   I fell in love with it.





Cash, Bridget and Brynn with cupcakes

While at my brother Augie’s house I relaxed and played with my niece and nephew Brynn and Cash. We made cupcakes, read books, laughed alot and went and ate at the California Pizza Kitchen.  Brynn loved to decorate her cupcakes in pink icing.


On Tuesday while I was chillin’ out reading a book and nursing my cold, I got a phone call from Jimbo Mathus from the Squirrel Nut Zippers.  He asked me if I wanted to come and play my violin with them at The Variety Playhouse in Atlanta.  I told him I would be there.  And I am so glad I did.  I had so much fun with those sweet people.  Catherine is so sweet and fun and she has impeccable style and Jimbo cracks me up.  The Zippers travel with a photographer, Joshua Weinfeld, and he is such a talented photographer and a guitar tech guy, a Jack of all trades kind of guy.  SNZ is a tightly woven team and a well oiled machine.  

So now I am in Asheville, Snake Oil has a 2 evening stint at The Rocket Club with the La Zoom Bus Tour Company.  Many costumes and side show revelries.  Burlesque ladies, a 6 foot man eating chicken, Train Wrecks and Snake Oil Medicine Show.  One show down and one show to go.

I am going to rest up my voice a little bit more.  It is still lost.  Hopefully to return shortly.

Much Love to whoever reads this stuff…..  xoxo


Heading to Atlanta

Frantically I am running around like a chicken with her head cut off getting ready to skidaddle.  I have been sooo busy this week.  I believe I played my fiddle every night this week for hours.  A social butterfly dropping by jam sessions and learning so many swing and jazz tunes that my heart is filled.  Also I recorded my new song Digga Deep at my downstairs neighbors studio, Wu Media.  We will be going into video production mode in the next couple of weeks for my very first music video.  Stay Tuned!

Snake Oil at Mag Fest 2007

Snake Oil at Mag Fest 2007

So off to Atlanta I go for a week filled with adventures.  I will be meeting Snake Oil Medicine Show in Little Five Points for our gig at the 5 Spot.  I am about to meet up with these characters.

Pond Brothers

Pond Brothers

I will most likely be writing my next post from my brother Augie’s house in Lake Lanier.  So I will write more later.

Snake Oil on the Cover of The Daily Planet

Wow, I am excited!!!  Ami Worthen just told me that Snake Oil was on the cover of Asheville’s very own premier newpaper The Daily Planet.  For more info on the article link on:

This is what it looks like:

The Snake Oil Medicine Show band (above) fires up the crowd in downtown Asheville with its blend of bluegrass, reggae and eclectica at the Lexington Avenue Arts Festival on Sept. 7, while Free Range (below) performs its mellow brand of music on Sept. 6 at the Summer Music on Flat Rock series.

Hump Day all Day Long

Well it’s just the bump and grind of the middle of the week and I am finding so much to do on my to-do-list. Not much really to write here, but I am trying to keep in the practice of keepin’ up with my BLOG.  I have to go practice with two bands this evening.  A jazz band and Snake Oil Medicine Show.  So my evening will be filled with music and creativity.

Cash and Aunt Caroline in St John, Virgin Islands

I have quite a few things that I am looking forward to and I will write about them later.  I am heading to Atlanta for a Snake Oil gig on Saturday.  We are playing at the 5 Spot in Little 5 Points.  Rumor has it that there are gonna be a lot of costume freaks out there in the audience as well as on stage.  People want to do a trial run of their Halloween costume before the Big night.   On Sunday, I am going to do a photo shoot with photographer Jon Weiner.  So, I will get to post pics up on here eventually.  I am going to pose in front of a 1957 Pink Ford Convertible Thunderbird.  How fun!!!!!   Then the rest of the week I am going to hang with my cute little niece and nephew.  Aunt Caroline is going to hang with Brynn and Cash and have some serious family fun…

That’s it for now.  More stuff later.   Cheers yall and Happy Hump Day!!!!!!

Beets Can’t Be Beat!!!!

Well it officially feels like Fall to me.  I had to put another layer of bed clothes on my bed just to keep warm last night.  This season, I have made a vow to do new things and get out of my ruts.  For instance, walk a different way to the grocery store, emcee a festival for the first time, start a new blog and learn to love beets.   When I was a tiny Caroline during Thanksgiving family times, I was served beets. They were from a can and they had little ring indention marks on them and they were cut into perfect size circles.  As a child I avoided them like the plague.  The plated beets looked like a dark magenta jelly water weenie.  It just looked sort of nasty to me.  So anyway, that is my past.  

While on the road to Charleston, South Carolina for a Snake Oil gig, I was talking to my girlfriend Melanie, and she was telling me about how she grates raw beets into a salad.  When I returned home from that tour, I started to do that suggestion and to my surprise I found it simply scrumptious.  As an adult I NOW DIG BEETS!!!!!!   I love them steamed, baked or raw.  Delicious.  So, I am really excited about it!!!!!


It seems like I am not the only one who digs beets.  Tom Robbins, practically writes a whole novel about beets in his book, “Jitterbug Perfume.”   “The beet is the most intense of vegetables. The radish, admittedly, is more feverish, but the fire of the radish is a cold fire, the fire of discontent, not of passion. Tomatoes are lusty enough, yet there runs through tomatoes an undercurrent of frivolity. Beets are deadly serious.”-Tom Robbins, author.

Well I guess I got to go beat it.  I am gonna make a salad with shredded raw beets and then I am off to the Rocket Club tonite in West Asheville to dance to a Big Band.

If anybody has yummy ideas or recipes or comments about beets, feel free to comment back.


Caroline Pond Joining Blog World

Hi folks.  Here I am, joining the blog world in cyberspace.  Over the past several months I have thoroughly enjoyed reading my friend’s blogs and keeping up with their stories.  Especially, my dearest friend, Ami Worthen’s blog, I am so inspired to do my own blog now and write my own stories and adventures in this crazy life that we live in.  So many twists and turns that I get to experience on my everyday pathway.  My sister Jane says I ought to write a book about my adventures, so maybe this will be the beginning of that.  Forgive my grammar, hopefully it will clear up the more I do this.  Ha ha….

sippin some coffee and thinkin about starting a blog

I really don’t know where to begin, but I will let you know where I am right now.  It’s a cool, brisk sunny Sunday and with the words of my dear friend Phil Cheney, “my coffee is cooling off and the morning is melting away into the day”.   Phil Cheney also has a blog and you can find it by clicking onto .   I am just lounging around in my apartment with my pajamas on.  Listening to Keith Frank’s new zydeco tune called “Overcome”.   I have been listening to this song over and over and it makes me so happy and is currently my theme song in my heart right now.  “I will overcome this time, yes I believe.”  Sometimes your heart is so loaded down with the state of affairs of your personal life and your surroundings of the world.  And it’s so good to get grounded into your own business and feel all the feelings and be okay with the good, the bad and the ugly..  Luckily, I have friends and family that love me for who I am.  I love my community, my Snake Oil guys, my music, my friends, my family and my life.  I feel so blessed to be here on this planet to experience all the twists and turns that pop up on my pathway..

Last night I went to Tryon, North Carolina with my friend Jon Corbin to the Fine Arts Theatre.  We saw an amazing jazz guitarist named Frank Vignola.  He was incredible.  Frank’s style was very much like Django Reinhardt.  He had a violinist with him that was so smooth and he looked very much like Groucho Marx.  In addition, a fabulous bassist, mandolin player and another guitar player joined Frank on stage.  I just love seeing inspiring musicians.

Well, it’s time for me to sign off.  I am so jacked on coffee and I need to go walk around my neighborhood and work out some of this energy….. Continue reading