Caroline Florida and Georgia Pre-Spring Tour

Saturday Night March 2nd:  Jacksonville, Florida:  Audio Ananda w/ Caroline Bazemore Pond.
Community Potluck @ 5 and free show @ 7pm. Be there!

Sunday  March 3rd:  Jacksonville, Florida  Bold Bean Coffee House, 2pm

Monday March 4th and 5th:  St. Augustine, Florida

Wednesday March 6th:  Gainesville, Florida to hang with JJ

Thursday March 7th:  Savannah, Georgia

Friday March 8th:  Milledgeville, Georgia playing for a benefit called L.O.V.E. Haiti.

More info later


I’m Back!!!!

Hey there beautiful people.  I am back!!  I am so thrilled!!  I took a ton of time off from this blog and have had so many adventures.  But, I came back here to update and put out in the Universe what I got going on.


Tonight, I play with Snake Oil Medicine Show at the Pisgah Brewery in Black Mountain, NC.  And then tomorrow I will be at a Festival in Clarkesville, Georgia. I have not played with the boys in many months, so this should be a blast.  I also have a solo show on Sunday night in Clarkesville as well.

I am going to do my darndest to try to keep up with this bloggie blog!!!

I love you!!!

Stay tuned for my upcoming Pre-Spring tour!!!!