Little Camper Lust

At the Doonanny I ran into the Bottle Cap man.  He and his wife were amazing and they are from Athens, Georgia and they had the cutest little camper.  He placed bottle caps on his camper.  Sooooo cool.  Check it out:

little camper, photo by Chad Pharr


Fun Doonanny Photos

phil cheney in the bath house at the Doonanny

I am still in la la land from that awesome Doonanny Fest.  It is so hard to describe, so I will just put photos up.

Sugar & Spice on stage, photo taken by Jamie Harmon

Happy Tuesday folks.  Much Love, xoxoxoox

Old time jam with Eboo, Lois Jolly and Ami, photo taken by Tesla

Sugar & Spice, photo taken by Jamie Harmon in the Golden Hour

on Justyn's boat waterworld Doonanny, photo taken by Tesla

2nd Annual Keel Family Function

I am so excited I am heading back to Lafayette, Georgia for the 2nd Annual Keel Family Function.  I did that last year and had a blast.

Reverend Jeff Mosier and Caroline Pond

This year Andy and George Pond are going to be there with me so we are going to do a Pond Farm Pickers set.  Here is a link to get more information on this fine festival.  2nd Annual Keel Family Function.   And here is an article that the local newspaper wrote up on last years events.

Done did the Doo

Folks we had a rockin time at the Doonanny in Seale, Alabama.  Stay tuned for pictures and stories to come out.  Sugar & Spice got to play the fest and Mad Tea Party rocked my face off.  I danced my butt off.  Loved all the artsie freaky people and the cool campsites and campers.   When I find my camera cord I will get the pics up.  You know how Mondays are, scrambling and trying to get your s***%T together.  Ha ha…. See ya..  xoxoxo

Heading to the Doo………

Its time to head back out on the road again.  We are driving down to Seale, Alabama where its gonna be 70 degrees and beautiful.  We are going to a folk art and music festival called Doonanny.  I am excited.  Sugar & Spice are gonna play there.  Yahoo.

I love that Spring is in the air.  I have sooo many projects to do its not even funny.  But I’d rather have too many than none at all.  And now I am off for a fun trip.

Happy Weekend folks.

23 Day of March

This has been such a weird Spring so far.  First day of Spring was sunny and gorgeous the second day of Spring we had a Wintry mix.  But you know what, I will take it.  All the ups and downs, deal em’ to me.  That’s what makes us human.  “We are only Human”, is a song that I am writing right now.  Will share it later.   Spring is just like it, ups and downs.  In like a lion and out like a lamb.

So, today is 23rd day of March.  Its bright and sunny and its Justyn’s birthday.  We are celebrating it at MoDaddy’s tonight in downtown Asheville, North Carolina with a live FREE show with Snake Oil Medicine Show.  I am pretty excited about it.  I just finished making some baked tofu and some Indian Spinach Korma with veggies and rice.  Now, off to take a shower and get ready for the BIG Show.

Justyn Thompson

Happy Birthday Justyn Thompson.  You rock boy.

Justyn building a fire this week

Happy Vernal Spring Equinox

We are entering a new beautiful season.   I hope everyone is loving it.  What are you letting go of and bringing in with this new season?????   I am letting go of freezing my butt off and allowing the sun to warm me and allow my new little plants to grow.   I am Farmer Caroline these days.  Planting seeds, preparing garden beds, yard work and organizing our rock wall.  Although, my muscles are sore as heck from doing all this outdoor work, I am having a blast.  Happy Spring everyone.

Farmer Caroline

Just Another One of my Hero’s

Everyone thanks sooo much for coming to visit me here on my blog.  I love you folks sooo much.  I enjoy sharing my stories with you .  It brings me great joy to share my adventures on Earth with you.  Thanks so much for all your comments they mean the world to me.

I just came across this picture and I just love me some Larry Keel.  He is one of my hero’s.  Last Fall I played music and held workshops with him at The Bass and Grass last November in Perry, Georgia.  I am excited to see him and his lovely wife, Jenny Keel at the French Broad River Fest in a few short months.

Larry Keel and Caroline Pond at Bass and Grass 2009

Indian Cooking Delights

vegetarinan delights Indian style

This time change thing has been making my bio- rhythms go off beat a bit.  I have been extremely busy working on our new Snake Oil Medicine Show recording, going to a sewing class, working at my job, spring cleaning, sewing seeds and cooking Indian Food.  Which brings me to the next point of topic.  Taji is my friend and her family is from South India,  she has been a blessing in my life.  Taji is teaching me to make such cool Indian dishes that are healthy and so delicious.

Taji and I are cooking up a storm