Surrender, Freedom and Inspiration

I picked three words this week out of my angel word pile and soul searched each word and applied it to what I am doing right now.

1. Surrender.  I surrender all negative thoughts and gossiping to the wind.  To the best of my ability.  I surrender what others think of me or tell me what is delicious.  I will dress the way I want to and make my own decisions.

2. Freedom:  I have the freedom to do things that make me happy and joyful.  I give you the freedom to do that as well.  I feel lucky and blessed to be living in a country that allows that freedom.  Freedom of Speech is an important one too.

3.  Inspiration:  Everyday i am inspired by the people that are in my community.  My friends, my family, my bandmates. Also, I am inspired by my pets.  I sat outside on my deck yesterday and I played a concert for my dogs and the circling vultures in the sky.  I felt so inspired by God’s creation.  Just sitting on my deck inspires me to write songs, which you will hear on my next album.  Yey.


Clean Closet for a Rockstar

organized closet

Its Monday and I gotta tell you I am feeling accomplished.  Finished recording half of my solo album and my yellow closet is clean.  Fall is in the air and I am feeling good.

Singin in the studio

Slated to finish all my recording on Sunday.  I am gonna have some fun guests on it: Ben Scales, Ami Worthen, Jason Krekel and George Pond.  Its gonna be cool.

shelves in closet

Hope you are rockin.  

Bubba and Noli say howdy.

Bubba and Noli say Hey

Band Geek Wanna be

I know….. I am a band geek wanna be.  I just got this hat from ebay.  An awesome marching hat for 5 bucks.  They ended up sending me two.  I cannot wait to put a giant plume or a big ole flower in my hat to complete the look.  I am addicted to band jackets and giant funny hats.  

Follow My Heart CD

Hey friends,

I am so excited, my tour is really coming along.  My goal was to have a solid 10 gigs across the country and I have 9 so far and a few more open spots.  I am thrilled.  My mom keeps wondering what I am going to name this tour.  I think I am going to call it Fall Oh My Heart Tour.

Of course that tour name may change but right now I feel like I am following my heart and just taking off and doing this in the Fall.  What a perfect season to travel.  I am so blessed my mom is going with me.

So, my plans now are to make a quick and amazing cd.  Currently I am lining up the studio and have about 10-12 songs slated to be on the album.   If anybody out there wants to pre-order a cd, please let me know.  I will have them ready for when I leave in November.   15 bucks includes the shipping.  This will help me out tremendously.   Also I will have tee shirts as well.

I cannot wait.  Thanks so much for stopping by.

“Take the seriousness out of the outcome. Take the negative stress out of the process and see life, projects, relationships and everything you do as a giant creative experiment.”- Daily Love Quote

Home Sweet Home

boats at the Gauley Festival, photo by Rhonda Bell

We finally made it home from West Virginia.  The Gauley Fest was sooo crazy.  A few words to describe the event are fun, rowdy, cold, loud, lack of sleep,  interesting ……………….. (and the list could go on).

Snake Oil Medicine Show did a smash up job and made lots of new friends.  We did 3 encores and the crowd had a great time.  We love our fans.

Bubba loves road trips. On the Gauley Dam, photo by Rhonda Bell

I went down the Gauley River one time this weekend and managed to not flip or swim.  To be honest with you, its quite scary.  There are five class five rapids.  There is a risk to boating down this river, but it is so beautiful and thrilling. Captain Adventure and I had a fantastic time and I am so glad I went.

We were going to go down the river today, but decided that it was not a wise decision.  We were loaded up to go  down the Gauley and we found out at the put in, that someone died at one of the rapids at 9am.  They fell out of the boat and got caught underneath a rock.  This just broke my heart hearing this sad news and I know that these things happen, but we just felt like it was not the right time to go.   I instantly felt heavy hearted and prayed for her and her family and the guide.   We found out later that they had to stop the dam released water and turn the CFS level down.  They did not find her body til 4:20 today.   Soooo sad.

Today has been sort of depressing for me.  I have been homesick for family and for my surroundings.  We are now home and the dogs are sooo exhausted.  Justyn made us a nice curry dinner and we watched a funny movie to lighten the mood.  I am off to get some good rest tonite, I really do need it.  There is no place like home to find peace.  I pray for the family and friends of the female that died today at The Gauley River.

photo by Rhonda Bell.... Bubba and Noli

Staycations, Nail Polish Colors and Gauley River

I have been having some really amazing September days.  I have been on a StayCation in my own darn town.  My girlfriend Uma came to visit me from Jacksonville, Florida and we have been doing the Asheville thing.  We ate at Rosetta’s .  Peanut butter tofu, vegan mashed potatoes and kale.  Walked all over town and salivated over shoes at Tops Shoes downtown.  Saw George and Mel Mac at Asheville Hoops in Pritchard Park.   We hung out on my deck for hours drinking coffee, catching up, dreaming, sittin’ in the hot tub and hangin with dogs.

Rhonda "Uma" Sweet love girl yogini

Today, we got up in the morning and treated ourselves to pedicures.

tootsie after a fresh pedi

I feel like this is comparable to going to the foot doctor.  If you are on your feet all day and your feet feel tired, this is the cure to happy feet and toes.  They smooth the calluses away, cut your nails properly and buff your tootsies to smoothness.  For 25 bucks its cheaper than going to a podiatrist.  Also you get to sit in a massage chair.  Oooooh la la………….

awwwww love gettin my feet done

You can choose a nail polish color from their collection and they always have funny names like, Party in the Cabana, or Mrs. O’Leary’s BBQ (which is my fave), Conga Line Coral, Sand in my Suit, Got the Blues for Red, Chick flick Cherry, Pink a doodle, Diva of Geneva, Barefoot in Barcelona, I’m not really a waitress, California Raspberry………………..okay you get the point.   For more OPI color names go here.

Rhonda and Cate

One of my favorite parts of the day was having a parking lot picnic.  We pulled over Uma’s van and made hummus, spinach, tofu salad and taboulleh sandwiches.

Miss Rhonda "Uma"

Tomorrow we are off to West Virginia.  Uma is heading with us.  I went last year and you can see that post here.   We will be at the Gauley Festival on Saturday.  Snake Oil Medicine Show is headlining the show.  I will be going down that beautiful river.  I cannot wait.

Caroline on the Avon Raft, gearin up and ready to go down a river

Have an amazing weekend.



September is Rockin

Going on a road trip in one month and a half with my mom.  I just cannot wait.  It will be interesting to see what adventures unfolds for this musical tour.

I had such a fabulous weekend.  I sure hope you did.  Played with Snake Oil Medicine Show yesterday and practiced with Sugar & Spice.  I planted more stuff in the garden and cleaned house.  Good stuff.

Happy Monday

this photo is by the fabulous photographer Jon Weiner

My Dreams are Coming True

Things are looking good for my November solo tour.  I can’t get over how I dream something and I follow my intuition/my heart and things start to happen.  If you put your whole heart into something and you believe it, it will come to you in some way or another.  Put it out in the Universe Yall.  Follow your Bliss…….. Follow your heart whole heartedly.

Dreams happen..........Pic was taken on a Snake Oil tour through New Orleans, which was a dream come true.

I put up a new tour page on this blog so you can see what shows I will be doing.  There is a tab that you can click at anytime to see if I am in your area.

I am so excited about having my mom on this trip with me as well.  We are gonna have a blast.

my sweet mom hoopin

Not much news, except that I am working real hard on booking gigs.  I did plant spinach today, dehydrate peaches and paint my closet yellow.

Labor Day Recap

photo by Marie St. Hilliard

Labor Day was so amazing.  Just being with friends in Blue Ridge, Georgia, playing music, eating delicious food, wine drinking, fireworks show and catching up just warmed my heart.  It was the first time this season that I wore a fuzzy jacket, socks and snuggled by the fire.  The weather has definitely shifted to cooler days.

Not getting in a car for a couple of days was topnotch in my book.

Love my friends.  There must have been 17 dogs all around us and hanging on my friends farm house property.  We are home now and my dogs are so exhausted right now from playing with all those 17 dogs.

Goals for the week

  1. ride my bike in the morning
  2. book more gigs
  3. practice with my loop machine
  4. go to a couple of yoga classes
  5. juice like crazy
  6. fix my refridgerator
  7. put my fall garden in

Labor Day Get AWAY

Folks, I am going to North Georgia to hang with friends and go horse back riding, rafting down the Ocoee River and eat and drink yummy stuff.

Here is a photo taken by Paula Benjamin.  Love the colors in this photo.  So many amazing photographers at Music on the Mountain Top.  Just love it.

But before I leave I am going to play with Snake Oil Medicine Show at the ORange Peel in Asheville, North Carolina at 1pm for the kids.  We are opening up for Secret Agent 23 Skidoo.  He is having a cd release party.  We are so excited to join him on this.  We are on a couple of his songs on the cd.

Folks have a rockin’ Labor Day.  Enjoy this late Summer and make the most of your adventure here on Earth.  I LOVE YOU.