Fresh Salad from The Garden

Life is soooo hectic for me right now and interesting.  I have been super duper busy busting a move around the house, working my garden, traveling and doing my music.  My girlfriend from California is coming for a visit today and we are meeting up for yoga and lunch and then hanging at my house.  Then tomorrow I head to Ellijay, Georgia to hang with friends at the 21st Annual BRTGOBP.  BLue Ridge Tribal Gathering of Beautiful People.  I went there last year.

Here is a photo of the first salad I have eaten from my garden.  Chock full of radishes, romaine and fresh herbs.   I am pretty excited about it.  It is a goal in my life one day to eat off the land.  I think that would rock.  

Everyone, have a fantastic Memorial Day Weekend.  Hope you have toooo much fun.

Cheers and Love,



Ross Family Farm

Snake Oil Medicine Show had a blast at the Ross Family Farm.  We celebrated Hannah and Youngs wedding and we got to play in the barn, that Papa Ross refurbished.

the barn where we played

We did have an extra band member that night, Rootbeer the Horse.  I am not sure if the horse was entirely excited about us playing inside his home, but thats how the cookie crumles.

Lee Ross has beautiful gardens and the farm is just spectacular.  Also the food for the celebration was all gluten-free and incredibly tasty.

the farm house

Rural West Virginia still feels wild to me and untouched.  So incredibly beautiful.

Ross Family Cat

We really did have an amazing time in West Virginia.

chives in the garden

Hangman’s Reel

Sooooo busy this Monday, but I want to post a video that Hometown Hiker put up on his blog of my boys and I.  The Pond Farm Pickers at Cherokee Mills Farm in Lafayette, Georgia in April.  We are performing a rolicking version of Hangman’s Reel.  Yeehaw from the busiest bee ever.  Arghhhh.  More posts later I am so friggin busy.

Watermelons to West Virginia

Just finished planting a watermelon and cantelope hill behind my house..  Hope it takes.

Its raining today and gray so my biorhythms are a bit askew today.  A bit under the weather, if you will.   Oh well.  Heading to West Virginia in the morning time around 6am to play with Snake Oil and we are bringing the gift of music for our friends wedding celebration.  Should be fun, we are playing at the family farm.

What a Wonderful Weekend Watermelon West virginia Wanderlicious World…………..W’s are fun…

Larry Keel is the Bomb

This is just a shout out to Larry Keel. I think he rocks.  He is a true, real amazing musician.  A true gem.  What a sweet heart.  I feel so lucky that I have known him and his sweet wife Jenny for years.  I hope we keep running in to each at festivals and other events.  

One of my all time favorite hero's Larry Keel

Check him out here.

I Heart Charleston Beaches

Hey lovely people, I am typing to you from my home sweet home.  I have bit of a sore throat this morning, so I am taking it easy on this rainy little Monday.

backstage girl

I had such a wonderful weekend.  I really do love the Charleston area and the South Carolina Islands and beaches.  We had a stellar time at the Pour House.  We love our fans and the staff at The PoHo.  Thanks so much everyone.

Sunday the Snake Oil boys, Justyn and I had a lovely time on the beach.  We flew kites and took a dip in the ocean.  So lovely.  I now officially have summer feet.  Calluses have developed on my soles from the molten hot sand.

After hanging out on the beach we went to Blessings of the Fleet, which is  a festival under the Mount Pleasant Bridge.

Very nice weekend all in all, but 3 nights of signing and fiddlin and very little amounts of sleep have me plum tuckered.

Happy Monday and enjoy your present moment.


Bubba Love

bubba in the yard

So, I took my new little dumpster dog to the vet and he got a clean bill of health.  He does need to get neutered in about a month, but we will take care of that when the time comes.  Bubba is starting to know his name and is following the family routine.  He is licking my toes again as I type.  He is a sweetheart.   The doc says he is about 8 months old a yellow lab/hound mix.

My first radishes from my garden and Bubba is in the background

Tonite, Snake Oil plays at Emerald Lounge in Asheville, North Carolina

Tomorrow night we play in Charleston, South Carolina at the Pour House.  I am one busy musician, new dog owner girl.  Cheers and have a lovely weekend.

I love my little Bubba dog

My Georgia Trip

I went down to South Georgia and I had a sweet time with my folks.  They live near a small airport and family farms.  Mom and I did a fair amount of hula hooping and hangin out.  

momma hooping in the yard

On our way to Statesboro, Georgia for shopping, mom and I saw an abandoned dog at the dumpster.  Dad told me that the dog was there for 3 days.  Mom told me that she could hear the song “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot”, every Friday from the pound.  They kill dogs and cats every Friday.  Well this just broke my heart in two .  I told mom that if that dog was there when we returned I was going to save its life.

A couple hours later, we passed the dumpster and lo and behold that little puppy was there and ran into my arms.

So, now I am a proud owner of a new dog.  I brought him home with me to Asheville last night and he is instant buddies with my dog Noli.

My Dad and Bubba in the yard

He is a hound dog/ yellow lab mix, I think.  He is kind of dirty as heck. He has oil spots on him from the dumpster diving.  I will find out for sure what kind of dog he is when I take him to the vet today.

Bubba that I rescued from the dumpster

His current name is Bubba.  Let’s see what happens.

May Peonies

Ohhh what a beautiful Sunday.  The Peonies are blooming and they smell sooooo good.

peonies in da yard

Our first Peony

I woke up super duper tired this morning.  I have to work tonite and then tomorrow I get to hang with my Mom and Dad in South Georgia.  Sooo looking forward to it.  My garden is so beautiful and really taking off and flowers are blooming everywhere here at Chez Weavie Farms.  I am wearing a puffy jacket today cuz its a bit chilly in the air today.  Very interesting.

first signs of romaine in Chez Weavie Farms raised beds.

I really wish I could be boating today down the Nolichucky River with friends instead of having to go to work.  By the way I am putting it out in the universe.  I need river gear bad, gonna get a new helmet, this one is ill-fitting and lopsided.  Too funny.

I have not won the lottery yet or made it as a rockstar yet in monetary terms so I just have to head into work.  Later taters.

French Broad River with Friends

Noli in the front loves to go boatin'

Happy Mothers Day, Happy May, Happy Sunday.

Con Amor,