New Video from Sugar & Spice

Sugar & Spice (Ami Worthen and Caroline Pond) have a new video out.  We are submitting in a contest to the Bushman World Video Contest of 2009.

Voting begins January 1st and ends on January 4th.  I will remind you to vote for us.  Thanks so much.  Hope everone is having a lovely holiday.


Welcome to the Sunny State

Dear Blog Readers,                                    Friday December 18, 2009

I am writing to you from Jacksonville, Florida on the 18th of December at 5:15pm and I feel so blessed to be hanging by the St. John’s River in the sun with the palm trees blowing in the wind.  My mountain home apparently is underneath 7-8 inches of snow.  I skirted out of Asheville in the knick of time.  I left yesterday afternoon and went straight to my parents house in the south and did not see one snow flake.  I woke this morning in South Georgia to torrential downpours, so I decided to stay cozy in my bed and drink coffee with my mom.  Around noon, I left to go down to Florida and it was a rainy rainy drive all the way til I crossed the Florida state line, where I saw a sign welcoming me to the Sunny State.

So in the sunny state of Florida I am blissed out in a sunny state of mind, sippin coffee by the St. John’s River about to meet up with some friends.  The daylight hours are melting into the evening twilight where a group of us are going to get together to have dinner and we are going to celebrate my friend Brenda’s 60th bday.  Brenda is super duper special to me.  Her last name is Star Walker and she stands up to that name.  She turned me on to yoga 10 years ago.  So I love her tremendously.  I will probably crash in her yoga studio tonite.  She has no idea that I am going to be here tonight, so I am excited about surprising her.

I love to document so I will keep doing that.  Talk to you later.


Caroline Pond

Busy Fiddle Girl

Phewww, no time to rest for this girl, even though I am craving some respite.  I have barely stopped.  Between gigs, practices, studio time and radio shows, I have been running around like a chicken with her head cut off.  But, that’s the life of a musician.  I wish that I could do this full time and be financially stable.  That is my hope for 2010.  Let’s see what happens.  I have got to get my goals organized for 2010.

Snake Oil Dec 12th Emerald Lounge photo courtesy John Ottone

I leave in the morning to head to Florida.  So, I will post stories about my trip while I am on the road.

P.S.  I will be in Park City and Salt Lake City Utah, January 2-7th.  If you know of a coffee shop, radio show, pub, living room or party, that I can play my fiddle and uke at, let me know.

Peace xoxoxooxox

U if for Ukulele

Happy Friday everyone, this is a shout out to my buddy Spyder, thanks for reminding me about the letter U is for Ukulele.  I forgot to mention that in my post on bloggie blog tag words.

I am going to try and do more ukulele tunes on my blog with lessons and answers to any questions you may have.

So here is an old time tune called Fall on my Knees that I video recorded for you and here are the chords for you to play along if you want to.  D  G   D  G  D  A  D  G   D A  D

(D)I Fall on my (G) knees and I (D) beg you (G)

please (D) wont you (A)stand by  (D)me Little (G)Girl

(D) wont you  (A)stand  (D)by me..

More ukulele lessons in the future.  Let me know what you want to learn and I will start doing video uke lessons.   Cheers and have a great weekend everyone.

Peachy Carrot Delight

OOOOOh  I just blended an amazing smoothie, I call it Peachy Carrot Delight, here is how to make it.

Peachy Carrot Smoothie with one of my paintings in the background

Peachy Carrot Delight

In a blender or vitamix, blend these ingredients:

  • 2 bananas
  • a handful of mini carrots
  • a chunk of ginger
  • 2 cups of frozen peaches
  • water to cover the ingredients

Blend away and enjoy.  Yummy…

Hiking in the Woods with Name-tags On

I am so happy.  My life feels really really good.  Enriched with friends, family, music and travel.  I am so grateful.  I have been real busy this week, working every day, so my life has been hectic.  So today is Sunday and its time for me to relax.  The Christmas Tree is flickering with bright lights in our living room, there is still snow on the ground from yesterday’s blizzard, the fire is toasty warm and our front office has just been painted Belize Ocean Blue.  Not much else to report on this Sunday except that I am happy and content.

What are you grateful for this Sunday???  Love hearing from you guys so much.  Thanks for commenting and reading my blog.  That is what I am grateful for.

Bloggy Blog Tag Words

Caroline on the Boardwalk on the Plantation on Turkey Day 2009

I just happened to glance at all my tag words that I have used for my postings on this here blog in the past year, and it is so fascinating seeing all the things I talk about in alphabetic order.  Just love it.  Words are fun.

Abundance, Ami Worthen

Beets, barometric pressures, Blue Ridge Tribal Gathering of Beautiful People and Brynn Bazemore

Caroline Pond, Caveman Chinese New Years and Coverlicious

Deep Blue Ripples and Dream Jobs

Family, Fiddle Girl and French Broad River Fest, Fridays

George Pond, Georgia and Golden Hour

Halloween and Hot Tubs


Jamaican Sunsets and Josh Phillips Folk Festival, Josie niece, Justyn


Laura Reed, LED lights

New Years and Niece Love

Pond Farm Pickers

Raw Foods and Rocket Club

Shredded Beets, Smoothies, Snake Oil Medicine Show, Snow Vacations, Sol Driven Train, Sugar & Spice, Sunshine Diaz

Tater Diggers, Traveling, Tree Sound Studios


Plantation Pictures

Some of my favorite pics that we took from the Plantation in South Carolina from Turkey Day,  are all here for your viewing pleasure.  Pictures can tell a thousand words.

Awww, the Spanish Moss

We really had a wonderful sunny time, walking around in the woods and going on hayrides and I played my fiddle for the family.

Life can be so adventurous, especially around Holiday Times.

Noli on the Boardwalk of the Plantation

Plantation on the Cooper River

Walkin in the woods with nametags on

A View of the Spanish Moss on the Plantation

Pilgrims and Pecans