On to a New Decade

As the year closes I just reflect on what I did this past year and wonder is all that I wanted?  Is it all that I hoped for?  Did I do what I intended to do?  Yes, Yes and Yes.  I say yes to all that.  I am living life to the fullest and try to have the best day ever.  I had a great 2010.  I had my first garden and went on my first solo tour across the country.  What a year.  What a decade.  Now its on to a new decade.

Next years intentions for 2011

1.  Set out to have the best year ever

2.  Take every day and dictate what you want to do to have the best day ever

3.  Strive to make more raw food recipes and seek out fun ways to enhance nutrition

4.  Learn more songs

5.  Travel travel and more travel

6.  Gigs galore.

7.  See family and friends as much as I can.

8.   Exercise More

9.  Floss

10.  cuss less (ha ha)

11.  be a beacon of love for all people


Its a Boy

Georgie and Mel Mac had a baby boy on Boxing Day, right after Christmas.  A sweet little guy named John Joseph Pond, that they are nicknaming Jo Jo.

What a cutie, I cannot wait to meet him.

Baby Jo Jo

Joseph is a family name.  My brother Jed’s middle name was Joseph, my niece Josie is a derivative of Joseph, named after Jed, and my Uncle Tony’s middle name is Joseph.  Pretty cool.

Not much going on in my life right now.  Just busy working.  Trying to stay warm.   Thats it for now.

A little Elf

Merry Christmas Day everyone.  Whether you are celebrating or not, I hope your day is filled with joy and gratitude.  A day that everything seems to be softer. peaceful and more beautiful.    I just am so happy that I have the day off and its snowing and dove tail white outside.  The heavens are just dumping the snow in our mountain town.

Also, I just received news that there is a huge possibility that Mel Mac and George may have there baby today.

white card says Mel Mac George and Baby Love, you can fill in the blank though

A baby human, little elf brought into this world.  If not today, then very soon.   I love Georgie and Mel Mac sooo much and can’t wait to see their baby.

Georgie and Mel Mac

Christmas Eve Eve

The fire is roaring in my house, Christmas lights are blinking, the dogs are cuddled up on their pillow basking in the heat of the wood fired stove.  Justyn is playing with his eyepad and I am sippin on some chardonnay squinting because my contacts are really dry.  Life is good in the hood.  I have been working my ass off with 2 jobs, so there has been no time for cleaning home, relaxing, and playing music, but thats okay, thats just how my life is suppose to be.  I just wanted to drop by and say hey and Merry Seasonings, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas,  Joyous Kwanzaa.  I love you.

Sleepless in Asheville

I cannot sleep.  Its one more week til Christmas and I am just not organized for the holidays at all.  I am just floating and not feeling grounded at all.  Captain Adventure did get us a beautiful live Christmas Tree.  Its so pretty.  I love all the lights.  We are going to plant it in our yard after Christmas.

Random shot on a random night

I have had a staycation in my own hometown for the past few days.  No work, just chillin at my house.  We went to a Blessingway for Melanie and George Pond.  They are going to have there baby within 2 weeks.  I cannot wait to meet that sweet thang.   Also, this weekend we went to a fun holiday dance party at our friend’s house in Montford.  Tonite, my friend Taji came over and taught me how to make an Indian meal.  So delicious.  Sag paneer.  Homeade cheese, using a whole gallon of milk and a bit of white vinegar.

Thats all for now folks.  I hope that you have a lovely holiday, Happy Kwanzaa and Merry Christmas.  I will write more when I have more to write about.




What a glorious day I get to hang all day in my home.  I am never bored, there is sooo much to do. Play in the snow, hang in the hot tub, organize stuff, make pizza, make flax crackers, pet the dogs, play some fiddle, paint my nails. plan next years gig and sooo much more.  I love snowy days.  They are the best.  And I don’t even have to hop  in my car.  Yahooo.

I leave you a pic of my drummer Billy Seawell and I discussing some band matters about a song,  on stage this past Friday night at Emerald Lounge in Asheville.  I love my “Beefie” Billy.  He rocks.

Billy and Caroline on 12/10/10 photograped by Mr. Phil Cheney

Music takes you Places

Just another stellar, busy and productive weekend.  I did 3 gigs this weekend.  I think I am done for the year of 2010.  I had a blast with all my music endeavors.  Music definately takes me places.  I feel like I did about 100 shows this year and traveled through many states of our great country and met sooo many fun people along the way.  I sure don’t plan on stopping for the year 2011.

Today is Sunday, a day of rest and we are about to get pumelled with some wintry mix.  I leave you with one of my favorite pics that I took of my niece Josie, when I went to California on my tour last month.

My niece Josie jammin on the uke

I Love Love

Today is Friday and what a brand new, spanking, gorgeous, awesome day it is.  Everyday we can start anew.  A new slate.  I choose love.  I choose to love my life through all its ups and downs.

My new shirt that I got in the mail

Yesterday was kind of a blah day where I did not get jack shit done.  I was depressed over nothing.  But I choose to be okay with that, because today I get to have a new chalkboard and I get to choose what color chalk I use on the board to express myself.   All of my sadness and happiness really stems from just being and loving.  I feel like sometimes my heart is too Big and it curses me sometimes, but that is just who I am.

I woke up this morning and had coffee talk with JT, then did some power yoga, let the dogs out, made apple, ginger carrot juice and now I am writing this blog to you.   Though all my ups and downs is what makes me me.  

Tonite, I get to play with Snake Oil in Asheville at the Emerald Lounge.  Blessed Be.  I hope you lovely folks out there have a fabulous weekend.


The Hop Icecream Show

I had fun playing a kids show at The Hop Icecream Shop last night.  Owners Greg and Ashley are such sweeties.   Locally owned lusciousness.  The kids asked amazing questions.  One of my fave things that a kid said when I was rosining up my bow was this, “I know what you are putting on your bow.”  And I replied, “oh yeh, what is it?”  and the kid replied, “Tree sap!!!!”………….Kids say the darndest, cutest things ever.

Here is a video that Greg took.

Winter Wonderland

Its Monday morning and I am conducting business in my cozy bed by answering phone calls, emails and catching up on this blog.  Sorry I have not been around in a while.  Just been busy being.

Its like a winter wonderland outside.  Its beginning to look alot like Christmas out there.


THE view out my window.... My winter gardens

My life has been hectic ever since I returned from my tour.  I have been babysitting 3 awesome kids this week, did a fun Snake Oil gig in Knoxville this weekend.  It was there that I got to autograph a fan’s chest.  It was my first time ever and that was sooo fun.

I hope everyone is doing well out there.  I am still Caroline floating in space.  Gravity is keeping me up, music keeps me present, love keeps my fears away and my dreams are wild as ever.  In other news, I want to get a heart tattoo one day, but who knows.   

Much Love,