5 Positive’s on an August Day

Ok, I’m gonna put my 5 Positive things out there today.  I notice I write many in my journal, but I’m gonna put this out on my bloggie blog:

1.  Jane, my sister, and I made these delicious Jamacian Veggie Patties by   scratch. They were delicious.  Mom kept calling them empenadas.  She liked them and she doesn’t even like ethnic food, so we did a good job.

2.  I did 45 minutes on the elliptical machine,burning 460 calories.

3.  I flew a kite today with Josie

4.  I enjoyed watching the closing  ceremony of the Olympics 2012 with my family and holding baby Thomas.

5.  I made my very first frittata this morning, inspired by my friend Joel.  The trick is to cook on medium heat.


Palm Springs, California

So, I’m in Palm Springs, California for a little bit.  My little sister had her 2nd baby.  He is adorable.  His name is Thomas.  What a cutie pie.  I love being with my family.

Baby Thomas

I have been a traveling fool this summer.  I feel so lucky, blessed and blissed.  I may not be rich in money but sure am rich in experiences.  Bahamas with my best friend, Hilton Head with family and celebrating my birthday, Yogaville in Virginia at a kids camp, Isle of Palms and Folly Beach, SC with the Sol Driven Train guys.

Palm Springs is hot.  My I-phone says its 111 degrees, but I feel like its 137 degrees out there.  Too funny.  Life is a bit more laid back here, due to its too hot to do anything outside.  Also, I don’t have a car.  But, I am about to start checking things out.  I want to check out the Bingo Lounge at Ace Hotel, I want to go on the Tram before I leave and go find a yoga class.

Downtown Palm Springs boasts a 26 foot statue of Marilyn Monroe.  She is lovely.  I had to go and check her out.