Not as extrememely happy as I was on tour, but oh well……..

So, I have been back for 5 days in my Asheville home and I got to be honest with you.  I am not even having near as much fun as I was having on tour.  I gotta get geared up and remember that life is awesome even if Im not on vacation or tour.  Tourcation.  Its been real tough readjusting.

Hey, I will be planning more tours so if you want a house concert or you know a venue that needs me.  Hollah….

OK, well I am off to work, do laundry, wash dishes, make smoothies, work out and vacuum and to find my bliss again.  Ha ha.


Pass-a Grille is Paradise

I have found myself in paradise on Earth.  I am in the southern most tip of St. Pete, Florida in a place called Pass-a-Grille.  Thanks soo much Ben and Cate, Virginia and Ed for letting me stay here.  

This tour has been soooo incredible on sooo many levels.  The house party at Ian and Susan’s house was amazing.   Love those people sooo much.

With Ian at the House party

Also getting to play with Ben Scales for the last 3 shows has been stellar.

Photo taken by Amanda Byars at The Ale and The Witch in St. Pete, Florida March 3, 2012. We were singing "Babies on the Lawn"

I only have a few more days of this tour and I just feel soooo blessed and blissed.   Thank you everyone for supporting me on this whirlwind tour.  I cannot wait to plan for the next one.

Sunset buddies on Pass-a-grille. Photo taken by Michael Ehrets


My next gig is in Lakeland Tommorow night.  My Last night in Florida at Evolution Records in Lakeland, Florida at 6pm with Mr. Ben Scales.

Florida Blessings

I am writing you from Gainesville, Florida from my friend JJ’s house.  I have found that I am having way too much fun, that I am too busy to write down all my adventures on this blog.  This has been such a rocking tour, I don’t know even which story to begin to tell you.  I just feel sooooo blessed to be on the road having all these adventures.

After I left Savannah, Georgia I drove away with very little sleep, somehow after my gig at the Sentient Bean, I ended up going to my very first Drag Queen Show ever.  It was hilarious.  Soooo glad I went.

I arrived in Jacksonville and went straight to my friend’s house.  Eli and Val, have taken their whole yard and made it into a food utopia paradise.  They eat everything out of their garden.  They are raw foodists and they made me the most delicious foods while I was there and I learned sooo much from them.

That evening I went and played at Audio Ananda in Jacksonville, FLorida where I played with my good buddies the Homesteaders in a sweet yoga studio.  The community was so supportive and awesome.  That night after the show I drove an hour outside of Jacksonville and stayed with my yoga guru teacher friend named Brenda Star Walker.  She has been in my life for 14 years and she has a yurt in the woods on 4 acres.  Brenda calls her place Yurtananda.  I stayed there for 2 days and gathered with sweet friends, played a concert in the Yurt, did Yoga and stayed in a cute little cabinini.  Brenda brought me breakfast in bed.

I felt like a princess for the day.   It was cold during my stay, but sooo lovely.

I spent a couple of days with my friend Rhonda “Uma”, where we practiced yoga, walked, drank coffee and played farkle, a fun dice game.   After I left Jacksonville, I headed to St. Augustine, and I got lucky enough to stay at my friends little fishing cabin on the St. John’s River.  It was beautiful.  The cabin was surrounded by water and was decorated soooo cool and there was a deck that I hung my hammock on and chilled.   Thanks soo much Doreen for letting me stay there.

In St. Augustine, I met up with friends and got to see Uncle George play some blues on guitar.  And I even got up with the Blues guys and played some blues on my fiddle.  We were at the British Pub.  St. Augustine was loads of fun.

Now, I am in Gainesville,  played a gig at The Bull downtown, and my buddy Ben Scales came and played with me last night.  We had a great time.  Today we leave for Cocoa Beach.    Lovin Life…………..