Snowy North Carolina March


Me in my room today before contemplating my drive to Georgia in the Snow

Me in my room today before contemplating my drive to Georgia in the Snow

So I am with my Mom, Dad and my brother Augie in our South Georgia home.  It is so nice and relaxing here.  I left my camera in the car and its too cold for me to run out and get it…So I will post up photos tomorrow.  

I cannot believe that I woke up early this morning to see a foot of snow in my Asheville, North Carolina driveway.  I may be exaggerating but it sure looked like a ton of white stuff out there.  March 1st and Asheville had our first real snow storm of the year.  And who would have guessed it, because I saw blooming daffodils in Montford last weekend.  What a crazy winter we are having.

 As I was lounging in my North Carolina bed looking out the window at the snow, I decided that I needed some family time.  I waited til the sun melted the snow a bit and I hopped in my car and  left my Asheville home and drove down Highway 26, just stopping to gas up and eat tofu at a rest stop.  Four hours later I found myself in Sylvania, Georgia where my mom and dad live. 

Not many adventures for now, just real happy that I saw snow in North Carolina this morning and I am with some of my family in Georgia tonite.  Life is sweet.


One thought on “Snowy North Carolina March

  1. Hey Caroline,
    Nice to see you’re spending some quality time with the family. Yeah, snow sucks after about 2 days when it starts to turn brown. I grew up in Michigan, and know all about snow. Was born in Florida, so when I turned 18 I moved right back to Florida. It has snowed here once in all those years, and that was 1989. My web is shut off right now, and I miss your blogs allot! I had a hit from Berlin today! I bet it’s cold there too!! Anyway, I’m just waiting for luckydevil108 to get back from Japan before I head out west for the Nevada Hempfestival. I’m going to try to get Verizon to sponsor a bicycle trip out there, lol! I’ll blog the whole trip if they agree to be a sponsor for me. My buddy Jeff Stokes in Louisiana told me where to get a bike trailer for the guitars and tent. Also waiting to here back from AT&T and Huffy bicycles about sponsorship. Yes, I’m a nutcase, I know, but I’ve added up the miles I’ve ridden around here this past winter, and I could have rode all the way to Alaska and half way back. So, what the hell, if I don’t go to Europe this summer, maybe I’ll go to Alaska after the Hemp Festival in Nevada, and a trip to meet Heather Dee Perry the movie star lady who loves to do visual art. Every thing’s so pieinthesky and iffy that plans are of little use right now, but it’s fun to make them anyway. By the way, my supersecretagent alter ego has sent your band a friend request. He won’t bite. I promise. 🙂 Peace and Cheer!

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