Aloha Friday is here!!!!

Caroline Pond about to play Arnold's Tiki Bar in Waikii

Caroline Pond about to play Arnold’s Tiki Bar in Waikii

Aloha Friday my beautiful friends!!! I will be at Arnold’s this afternoon starting around 4:30-7. Got special guest stars coming in Kimmer on cajone and Hank on guitar!!! I’m gonna bus it to Waikiki to be green today and I’m thinking about washing my hair with baking soda to see what the no poo craze is all about!!! Much Love and Aloha Y’all!!


My Blue Hawaii

My Blue Hawaii

How lucky I am to live Hawaii!!! To Live Aloha!!!! To have a brand new adventure in my life. I moved here in August and have already had so many fun adventures living, swimming, playing music, hanging with friends, living my life with Drew, going on tons of beach picnics. Life is soooo darn good I can’t believe how blessed I am.
Thank you Universe. Thank you God.

Feelin Soooo Blessed!!!!

Feelin Soooo Blessed!!!!

Even though life on the road has its challenges. Gettin lost, belly aching from weird road food and not sleepin in the same bed twice, I Feel sooo blessed. When I get a little down, I remember 5 Things I am Grateful For:
1. I Get to do these amazing adventures and play music and hang out with friends across the country.
2. I Get to move to Hawaii with my sweet boyfriend Drew.
3. I discovered Probiotics that help my belly out sooo much.
4. I get to spend 2 weeks in Colorado with my mom and friends and get to play music with Sean Foley and the She Said String Band.
5. I get to go to High Sierra Music Festival in Quincy, California as a guest. Yey!!!!
Life is awesome. Thank you THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

Trading my Cowgirl Boots in for Flip Flops

Well, I am in my office right now, which happens to be a Starbucks in Atlanta,GA.  I stop at Starbucks across the country so I can keep up with my booking, communication and Facebook duties.  Ha ha.   I left Asheville just before June and have been traveling and having sooo many adventures.   Picnicking, playing music, hangin’ with friends, doing yoga and a tiny bit of surfing.946351_10200748750055655_859601505_n

I went to Charleston, SC for a couple of days and played at the Awendaw Barn Jam, then hung out on Folly Beach and Sullivan’s Island.  Also, I did a Bikram Yoga class with my friend Jason, that kicked my butt.

Then I went to Jacksonville and St. Augustine.  One of my friends had access to a beautiful beach home on Villano Beach.  We stayed there for a few days and they had to drag me out of that awesome pad.  I have been enjoying practicing my yoga everyday as well.549170_10200316695014549_173179074_n

I spent two days on the St. John River in a fishing cabin, where i practiced new material to play with my ukulele and fiddle.  Sooo fun.  Sooo peaceful and sweet.65575_10200335745170791_38459000_n

Also I went to South Georgia to visit my parents and then spent the weekend on Lake Lanier, North of Atlanta to spend time with my niece and nephew.

Life is good in the hood.  Just traveling along.  I will be in Atlanta for a few days visiting friends and then I have a gig this Wednesday night June 12th at The Red Light Cafe with friends.

On Thursday I drive up to Cincinatti, OH to hang out with cousins and then head out West…… Here we go….

Inspiration Spark Time

Well, I just got hit with a spark of inspiration.  I am still in bed, did not sleep very much, but I thought about something.  Instead of waiting til I get a spark of inspiration, start practicing daily on things I want to work on.  I need to get in the habit of writing in my journal and my blog everyday and get out of my rut.


I am about to embark on some crazy adventures.  My job is over May 2nd and then I leave Asheville on June 1st and head out West, stopping to visit friends and playing music along the way.

So, note to self.  Get crackin!!!!   Even if you don’t feel like writing, or practicing music, or working out, just hop out of the bed and do it.  Time to get creative and have fun!!!  These are my seasons Spring and Summer.  Here we go………..

Freezing Florida Love Tour Time

Freezing Florida Love Tour Time

I am having such a wonderful amazing time in Jacksonville, Florida soo far. However, this is the coldest I have felt all Winter long, too funny. I thought I was going to have a sunny vacation and warm my bones. But that’s okay my heart is soo hot that its keeping me so happy. I am playing so much music and hanging with my yogi friends and did a fabulous fiddle workshop yesterday. I am living my life to the fullest and having the best life. I am soooo Happy!!!!

I play today Sunday March 3rd at the Bold Bean Coffee House from 4-6pm. Its located in the Riverside district of Jacksonville on Stockton Road.

Much Love,


Caroline Florida and Georgia Pre-Spring Tour

Saturday Night March 2nd:  Jacksonville, Florida:  Audio Ananda w/ Caroline Bazemore Pond.
Community Potluck @ 5 and free show @ 7pm. Be there!

Sunday  March 3rd:  Jacksonville, Florida  Bold Bean Coffee House, 2pm

Monday March 4th and 5th:  St. Augustine, Florida

Wednesday March 6th:  Gainesville, Florida to hang with JJ

Thursday March 7th:  Savannah, Georgia

Friday March 8th:  Milledgeville, Georgia playing for a benefit called L.O.V.E. Haiti.

More info later

I’m Back!!!!

Hey there beautiful people.  I am back!!  I am so thrilled!!  I took a ton of time off from this blog and have had so many adventures.  But, I came back here to update and put out in the Universe what I got going on.


Tonight, I play with Snake Oil Medicine Show at the Pisgah Brewery in Black Mountain, NC.  And then tomorrow I will be at a Festival in Clarkesville, Georgia. I have not played with the boys in many months, so this should be a blast.  I also have a solo show on Sunday night in Clarkesville as well.

I am going to do my darndest to try to keep up with this bloggie blog!!!

I love you!!!

Stay tuned for my upcoming Pre-Spring tour!!!!