Music on the Mountain Top

Photo taken by Jamie Goodman at MOTM August 28,2010

In 1994, Snake Oil Medicine Show began.  That was 16 years ago.   I cannot believe how long we have been together.  We have been through ups and down, highs and lows.  I have had the best experiences of my life with my Snake Oil Family.   We started out in Atlanta, but really got our jump start in Boone, North Carolina.  We have toured through the United States, Europe and Jamaica.  Met many many characters along the way.

Photo taken by Jamie Goodman off of FaceBook, Snake Oil at MOTM August 28.2010

Several months ago we were asked to play Music on the Mountain Top, by promoter Jimmy Hunt.  We are so glad we played in a city that we planted our roots in years ago.   We have had so many different members come and go, but the root of the band has always been George, Andy and I.  Also Billy Seawell and Phil Cheney have been long time members as well.  I am so grateful for all the folks that have supported us along the way and all our other band mates that have come and gone and started other amazing musical projects. Jason Krekel with Mad Tea Party, Jay Sanders with Acoustic Syndicate, etc.   I feel so lucky and so blessed being a part of The Snake Oil Medicine Show.


Boone Bound

Packin up and heading with Snake Oil Medicine Show up to Boone for the Music on the Mountain Top.   I am sooo looking forward to seeing some long time friends.

Snakes on stage

I hope that your weekend will be swell.   Summer is still here and I am loving it.

Tour Planning

Hey Folks,

I am still working on my cross country tour plans.  If you have any ideas or thoughts, let me know.  These are the areas that I will be going through and I do have some confirmed dates.  Yey.  Just trucking along.  Hope you are well.

  • Wednesday November 3rd:  Atlanta
  • Thursday Nov 4th:  Barleys Tap Room in Knoxville, TN.  Confirmed
  • Friday Nov 5th:   House Party in Lexington, KY  Confirmed
  • Sat Nov 6th:  Louisville, KY ???
  • Sun Nov 7th”  Travel
  • Mon Nov 8th  Travel
  • Tues Nov 9th   Colorado
  • Wed Nov 10th Colorado
  • Thurs Nov 11th Colorado
  • Fri Nov 12th   Salt Lake City
  • Sat Nov 13th   Las Vegas
  • sun Nov 14th Travel
  • mon Nov 15th  Make our way to California
  • tues Nov 16th Palm Springs
  • wed Nov 17th Palm Springs
  • thurs Nov 18th  San Diego maybe
  • fri t Nov 19  Los Angeles maybe
  • Sat nov 20 Palm Springs
  • Sun Nov 21st head home and do gigs on way back
  • mon nov 22nd   Flagstaff, AZ
  • tues  nov 23rd  head home for Thanksgiving.

Weekend What Nots my Friends tied the Knot

I had a blast this weekend starting on Friday tubing down the green river with Ukulele Rockstar, Heather, Maria, Rene, Billy, Scottie and other buddies.  What a total blast.  

My friends Rene and Billy got married last night and this weekend brought all the buddies together that I haven’t seen in many moons.  Loved hanging with Trey and Courtney and family.  Maggie and Chris, Scotty, Heather, Marie and the rest of the gang.  Had so much fun I did not even take pics.

Now its Monday and I got to get cracking and work on scheduling my November tour.  If anybody has any ideas.  Let me know.

Love u and have a great week.

Late Summer News From a Fiddle Girl Star

This week has been quite interesting.  I have been practing a whole ton and reading Barbara Kingsolver’s new book La Lacuna.  What an awesome read.   Set in Mexico to Asheville, North Carolina around 1920-1948.   SOooo good.

dogs doing tug-o-war with my undergarments......great.....

I made peanut butter cookies for Captain Adventure and the dogs ate them all up before he even came home.  They are now more commonly known as

the peanut butter cookie eaters.  So, I live with Captain Adventure, the peanut butter cookie eaters and Bobby who lives in our camper.

Garden is rockin with more tomatoes than I know what to do with.

I am dehydrating yummy snacks.

dehydrated yumminess with Riley's dinosaur looking over

This weekend my friend Rene is getting married just down the street from where I live and Heather is flying all the way from Oregon to come hang for the event.    How lucky am I to get to see my Heather girl star twice this Summer.   Good stuff.

Heather one of my besties and girl star

Just organizing for my tour.  If you know of anyplace for me to set up and do my show, just let me know.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Solo Tour Plans

Alright my sweet readers, friends and family.  I got something up my sleeve and I want to tell you about it and I need your advice.

I want to take a road trip and do my first solo act tour.  I also want to take my momma with me cause we want to go visit my sister Jane in California.   My plan is to take all of November and stop in towns along the way.  If you know of any cool places to play or you want a fun living room party at your house let me know.  I  am all about it.    Don’t have any bookings yet, but I am starting to outline it now.   Wish me Luck…..

Here is a rough idea of how our little road trip will go.  We want to take highway 70 all the way West and then take 40 all the way back East.  If I miss your town this time go around I will get to you in the future.   Here goes:

  • Monday November 1st:   Atlanta
  • Tuesday November 2nd:   Knoxville
  • Wed November 3rd:   Nashville, Tn
  • thurs november 4th:  Travel Day
  • friday november 5th:  Somewhere in Kansas
  • Sat nov 6th  Colorodo with buddy Sean Foley
  • Sun Nov 7th Colorado with buddy Sean Foley accordion player extraordinaire
  • mon Nov 8th   Colorado
  • Tues Nov 9th   Colorado
  • wed nov 10th:  Possibly Salt Lake City
  • thurs nov 11th:   Las Vegas
  • Nov 12-17th :   Hang in Cali, Los Angeles, Palm Springs and San Diego
  • Thurs Nov 18th:  Flagstaff
  • Frid Nov 19th Albequrque or somewhere in this area
  • Sat Nov 20th  Maybe travel day or somewhere
  • Nov 21st:  Little Rock, Arkansas
  • Nov 22nd  Memphis
  • Nov 23rd   Head Home

Ooops I slipped by eating the King Size Snickers

I can’t believe I have been home almost a week.  I am still unpacking, organizing and reeling from my trip.  I am also trying to get back on track with my diet by juicing, sippin smoothies and doing yoga.

green goddess juicy juice

But man, do I ever slip.  At the gig there was only BBQ to eat at the show and chicken wraps.  The sweet folks backstage suggested I pulled the chicken out of the wrap.  Unfortunately I am allergic to chicken,but it was a good idea.  Luckily, we were given carrots and apples and that helped stave out the hunger before hopping on stage.  Note to self bring your food with you, always.  A personal style feed sack.

On my way home last night, from our Snake Oil gig at Bakers Creek State Park in McCormick, South Carolina I was really hungry.  Restaurants were closed and we were going down some back roads.   George pulled over at a gas station and I ran in to the convenient store with a mission.  It was bright lights and Big city in there and I was walking around like a crazed person looking for something to eat.  After a few short moments,  I selected a King Size Snickers Ice Cream Bar and headed back to the van.  The Snake Oil guys could not believe I was eating it.  I couldn’t believe it either but I ate the heck out of it and enjoyed it immensely.

The little healthy eating angel on my right shoulder was giving the junk food devil on the left shoulder the stink eye while I was in the middle chowing down on that King Size Snickers IceCream Bar.   Oh well.

Today is a new day and its been salad and smoothies.


Folks I am finally home and I feel like I have a million things to do to reorganize, unpack and work in my garden.  But hey I am working on trying not to stress out so much.  Ha ha.  Good luck right.

Shirt by Rob Jungmaven

When I was in Salt Lake City at Outdoor Retailer my friend Beth introduced me to her friend Rob.  He owns a company called Manastash, where he makes and designs Hemp clothing.  Rob Jungmaven was wearing a whale shirt that was his own creation.  I was flipping out on it.  I loved it.  Rob told me to come by his booth the next day and he would give me one.  I went the next day and gave him a Snake Oil Cd, The Love Album, which also had a whale emblem on it.  Our album was designed by Phil Cheney.    What a fun trade that Rob and I did.

Well anyway, I wore my whale shirt all the way home, which took a couple of days.  The softest coolest tee shirt ever.

Kayakers in the back, we were in Flaming Gorge, Wyoming, I think

Thanks soooo much Rob.

You can order shirts from his site

Good Night Salt Lake City

Goodnight Salt Lake City, thanks for being such a gracious host to us this week. Also, love the gracious send off with the double rainbow over the Wasatch Mountains. So incredibly lovely. We leave you in the morning. Much Love.

on a Utah Hike, photo by Heather Morrison

What a wonderful week in Utah.  I have had a tremendous amount of fun.  I performed last night in front of a ton of folks at a club called Elevate.  Some sweet gentlemen musicians backed me up on stage and we rocked it out.  I basically had to pull a band together on the fly.

We leave in the morning and we head East.  I cannot wait to see our little furry buddies Noli and Bubba.  Also cant wait to be in my home and check out my garden and sleep in my own bed.

This Tour/Vacation has been such a blessing.

At the Trade Show, I scored some loot.  Beth from Simple/Teva gave me a pair of awesome tennis shoes, my buddy Rob traded me a cd for a really cool whale shirt.  In addition, I scored  a brand new Kavu purse.  Another booth gave me a real good discount on polarized sunglasses that I have been longing for.  Also someone gave me a rash guard for boogie boarding and I won a contest and am getting a brand new dry top for boating.  I feel like I scored at Outdoor Retailer.  Yey.

Some of the products you may see in the future on this blog, because I told the Exhibitors that I would advertise, so stay tuned.

Good night , I  need to get some rest because we are leaving earlie in the morning.

Much Love……

OR Trade Show Review from a fiddle girl

I have been hooting it up here this week in Utah.  The Outdoor Retailer Trade Show is huge.  I have been lost several times trying to find the Watershed Booth where my peeps are.  I have been playing my fiddle and uke there everyday and it has been a blast.  I have been attracting some funny random people to our booth for sure.

JT at the booth doing what he does, photo by Beth Brockway

I have had so much fun with the Watershed team.  They really make an amazing product.  Justyn and I used those bags all last week when we paddled down the Colorado Rivers.  Truly they are the best waterproof bags out on the market and they are so high quality.  People love them.

Hangin with Danny Devito at Buca di Beppo, photo by Justyn Thompson

I walk around the trade show and want so much gear its ridiculous.  I think I could easily get broke if I follow my desires.  Right around 4pm every day,  people give away free beers and wine.  Right about this time is when I kick up my music to get people to come hang with us at our booth.  Its alot of fun.

jammin at the booth with funny dancers

A few more days of Salt Lake City and then we make our way home.  I will tell you one thing, I sure do miss my doggies and my garden and my friends back home.   But right now I am fully in the present having a blast.  I’m gonna hop on my bike now, that I got from a bike share program and pedal on back to the show.


Beth Brockway came to visit and she brought us funny beards