Put your Groove on this Weekend

Have a fantastic, wonderful, amazing, beautiful, stellar weekend.  I am heading to dream land and then I am waking up to go to the Festival.  Gotta do what I love.  I am sooooooooo happy right now.  Feel real blessed in my situation.  Love to you folks, to the utmost power.  See ya later.  Gotta go, but my lines are always open.  Cheers. ………..


I am so excited about French Broad River Festival

Hey folks, I just cannot wait.  Its only Tuesday and I am already trying out costumes and playing my uke and gearing up for the 13th Annual French Broad River Festival in Hot Springs, North Carolina.

I feel so blessed that the Festival Organizers asked me to be the emcee for the 2nd year in a row.  I am so honored. Thanks FBRF guys.

A weekend filled with amazing musical acts, artist performances in Phil Cheney’s Dynamic Art Gallery, kid activities, Asheville Hoops, Unifire Performances, Silent Auctions, bike and raft races.  The list goes on.  This is almost toooo much fun to be had.  See you there.

Pickin’ at the Pisgah

Pickin at the Pisgah Brewery is what I did on Sunday night.  The Pisgah Brewery in Black Mountain celebrated their 5th year anniversary of business and they invited me to come and play with the musicians there.  What a party.  I sooo enjoyed jammin with Vince Herman from Leftover Salmon and Great American Taxi. Vince Herman is a hoot and a half.  I just dig that guy.  He is awesome.

Caroline Pond rockin with Great American Taxi, photo by Erin Scholze

I loved getting up with The Asheville Horns. They are rockin guys and awesome horn players.  The whole party was bumpin with the sounds of their horns for sure.

photo by erin Scholze

I just feel like a lucky girl this Spring.  Not only busy but extremely happy.   Now its time for me to get ready for the French Broad River Fest this weekend.  Rock on.

I Love Love.

How could it be that his name is Love???? In my humble opinion he has the best name ever.  I met him in New Orleans a couple of weeks ago and I just find the memory of him so sweet. He works as a bouncer and his name is Love. I just love the Love.  

Living Life to the Fullest

Wow, I got soooo much done today on this Earth Day.  I made curtains for my camper, Spring rolls and coconut curry for dinner.  Cleaned my house and now I am about to have Sugar & Spice practice.  I love it when days like this happen.  I hope everyone is having a glorious day.

Much love to everyone.

Somebody Stop Me

My camper what it looks like with 1969 film.

Somebody Stop Me, I am a photo taking fool.  Don’t  really stop me, this is just awesome and ridiculously fun.  I am taking soooo many photos these days.  Its really addictive.

Caroline being silly

Folks, I cant stop taking funny pics with this poloroid feature.

Somebody Stop me.....

This is what my stuff looks like through a 1969 lens.

an interesting sign on a tree in Montford.

what my house looks like through 1969 lens

Having way too much fun with Poloroids

I am freaking out on how much fun I am having with my new poloroid application for my I-phone.  I took photos of random stuff, but I have to get used to this new camera app.

sheets in the garden to avoid frost on blueberries, dog barked at this interesting site this morning

a boy with wig, what a good sport for me to try out my new camera application

Girl and Dog play tug-o-war in the morning

There is way too much fun to be had.  Here are some examples.  Yee haw

Just bein silly with Pink Panther and BLue hat

Earthday Weekend

My weekend was jam packed with fun and music.  I was busy as can be but loved it.  Sometimes I feel like I spread myself thin but that is how I roll.  Today is Monday and I am going to take it easy.

Snake Oil Medicine SHow on Earth DaySaturday I woke up early and headed to the Asheville Earth Day Festival located at MLK Park.  I played with the Pond Farm Pickers, which is really Snake Oil Medicine Show, but we had to change up the name a bit because we are in a contract to play another festival in a couple of weeks.  So George, Andy, Billy and I had a 12:45 slot and just rocked it.  I had a super duper blast.  The weather couldn’t be any better and the highlight for me was singing my song “Babies on the Lawn” and actually seeing babies playing on the lawn.  So cute.   The food backstage for the artists was fantastic.  It was hosted by Rosetta’s, they served up tofu curry and vegetables and brown rice.  That was some vibrational yummy food.  Also someone brought over some pastries and I had a cute little ball of dough and ate it and thought it was delicious.  Later to find out it was a sausage ball.  Arghhh.  THis vegetarian girl almost freaked me out, but I kept my cool.  Ha ha..

Later that afternoon I met up with my buddy Ben and we played at the Montford Inn for the guests for about an hour and drank chardonnay.  That was fun then I walked over to Ben and Cate’s house and sipped on more wine and laughed and laughed with them.

Sunday morning I woke up and went out to breakfast with Justyn and then we went to buy more plants to put in our garden.  Then I met my lovely bandmate, Ami at my house and we practiced some Sugar & Spice tunes and then sat in the hot tub before I had to head into work.   I worked came home and then we had to put sheets in the garden because of a frost warning.

That was my amazing weekend in a nutshell.  HAPPY MONDAY.  Yeee Haw.

Street Pickin’ in French Quarter Fest

I still can’t believe how fast our trip went by in New Orleans.  Aint it the truth,  when you are having fun, time really does fly.

Julie, Deja and I, photo taken by Stephanie Salvaggio

We stayed at our friend Eric and Stephanie’s house and these are some of the pictures that Stephanie took of us while we are walking around.  She also captured shots from when I was pickin’ on the streets.

photo taken by Stephanie Salvaggio

photo taken by Stephanie Salvaggio

photo of our lovely hosts Stephanie and Eric, from my camera.

Another funny thing is that I ran into a fiddle playing guy named Matt Rhody that I jammed with 5 years ago, when Snake Oil Medicine Show played in New Orleans.  We had fun playing some songs on the street together.

jammin with Matt Rhody on the streets, photo taken by Stephanie Salvaggio