Halloween Lusciousness

My friend Cate is prepared for the Halloween season, Trick or Treat corridor

Tis the season for orange pumpkins, yellow mums, fall leaves, hustle and bustle of gathering costumes and cheap candy.  Yes folks, Halloween is upon us.  It’s one last hoorah before the Winter really starts kicking in.  The colors have been outstanding this year.

Halloween colors rock.

So, tomorrow is gonna be busy for me, but its really just how I normally roll on Saturdays.   Gonna head to the Farmers Market and grab some beets and lettuce and a cup of coffee.  In addition, grab some breakfast.  Then I am gonna head to a noon hot flow yoga class at the Asheville Community Yoga Center.  In the evening I have 2 gigs.  The first one is at the Inn on Montford and then I drive to Morganton, NC for a gig with Snake Oil Medicine Show at the Catawba Brewing Company.   Its the 4th Annual Boo and Brew.   I got my costume ready to go.

Part of my Halloween costume. I gotta paint my piggies tonite.

Have a fantastic colorful sweet Halloween.   Love,  Caroline


Poopy Phone

I had such a wonderful weekend at Leaf Festival and running around doing my other musical gigs around town.  But, something crazy happened to me this weekend.  I was soo super duper busy and not mindful, I was incredibly distracted and I went to the port-a-johnny and dropped my jeans and heard a loud chunk sound and I knew instantly that my I-phone dropped into the nastiness.  Knee deep into human waste.  Arghhh.  It set me back a bit, because that was my connection to life, all my contacts and recent photos that I have not backed up in a while.  I can’t believe how connected I am with a phone.  It makes me realize that life is so precious, its here one moment and gone the next.  Nothing is permanent.  I got sad for a bit, and had the phone extracted, but it was pretty much ruined.  I had to bite the bullet and get another phone.  My old phone is getting recycled for our Troops.  Now, I am rebuilding contacts and new fresh photos in my life.

photo by Cameron Yaeger

Thats it for now.

Busy as a Bee

Wow, this home girl is busy as a bee and I feel blessed that I am able to do my business.  I am at Leaf all weekend with Snake Oil Medicine Show.

photo of Snake Oil last night at Leaf, courtesy of Justyn Thompson

I have a gig tonite with Ben Scales at Straight Away Cafe off of Hwy 9 in Black Mountain and also I am gonna go hang at open mike night with Ami Worthen who is hosting at MoDaddys on Sunday evening in Asheville.

Lovin the life I am in.  Thanks soooo much for all these opportunities.


photo taken by Alissa Whelan at Leaf last night

Josie Girl

Hey My sweet little Josie Joe Eloise, I miss you to the moon and back my little California girl.  Tell your mom I love her too.  So glad you are my little niece.  You have so much wonderful things to look forward to.  Enjoy being a child and just have so much fun.

My niece Josie, I stole this pic from my sisters facebook page.

I luh u………..

How to make Lentil Soup

So, I am in my cute little yellow tiny New York City style kitchen and I am about to make some super duper easy yummy lentil soup.  You can use red, yellow, split peas, green lentils, brown, whatever your fancy.  In India, they call this dahl.

lenti soup fixins

This is just a guideline you can alter it the way you feel like:

1.  Grab yourself a pot and hunt in your fridge for veggies that must go.

2.  heat up some ghee or butter about a tablespoon and put in some mustard seeds and or cumin seeds.  If you dont have these then dont worry about it.

3.  cut up some onion and carrots.  If you have celery go for that too.  Then skillet that in your pot.

4.  you can put potatoes or squash or whatever veggies you want or you can stop at number 3.

5.  put water in your veggie stock and allow it to boil. (I probably did about 2-3 cups)  you can eye it.   I also add salt and pepper to taste at this point.

6.  then place your washed lentils, whatever color you choose.  I did about a cup and a half.  Let them boil and then bring it all down to simmer.   SIMMER DOWN.

7.  Allow all that good soup to marinate and simmer and let the lentils get soft.

8.  Then its time to season.  I put tumeric, yellow curry, cumin, salt pepper.  Sometimes I will put garam masala in if I am in the mood.

9.  Enjoy.

Porch Pickin Sessions

I love pickin on the porch with my friends.  It was a lovely sunny October Friday and my buddy Ben and I had to pick on his front porch.  It was awesome.  My Fall has been lovely sooo far.  How bout you guys???  Miss being in this here blog platform, its been a while.  I have just been busy changin my life up a little bit and shaking things around.

photo taken today by Cate Scales of Ben and I jammin on the porch