Pandemic Life In Hawaii

Wow I am not sure why I neglect this Blog. But oh how I miss you..

Life has been kinda chill for the past 6 months. I have been heavily unemployed due to Covid-19, due to the shut down of the Hospitality Industry. So I have really slowed down my life and have been on a little vacation.

I spend my days doing art, working in the garden, taking online classes, playing fiddle, walking the dog, cooking new recipes, hiking, playing ukulele, painting and filmmaking.

Here is a film from the other day.

Saturday Green Parrots Sighting

I saw 6 green parrots 🦜 on my way to work yesterday.

the parrot spirit animal is a message of celebration. It’s a happy expression of all the good things that are happening in your life, and the good things that you have yet to experience.

It symbolizes the everyday beauty that you possess and which you are surrounded with.

The parrot symbolism is a reminder never to take these things for granted, because you never know when they will be taken away from you.

1. Today is Saturday and I have a double and I’m soooo grateful that I am gainfully employed. I took a Lyft to Peace Cafe and saw Kekoa and bought a huge tofu poke plate. . Sooo ono. Then I got a ride from Drew after his haircut and Ross errands.

2. I am sooo grateful to have 2 hours to relax before I go to Tane and work. Tonite is gonna be a rocking shift. We had TVP tacos last night. I think tonite we will have yummy sushi

3. Sooo grateful that Drew and I may put a bid on a cute house in Marshall NC. Cate Scales is going to check it out for us.

4. So grateful that I gifted 2 Summer Rainbow Birds to a mother and daughter breakfasting at Bills

5. So grateful that I talked to my sweet Poppa Bear today

6. I learned that Bette Midler was born and raised in Honolulu

7. Sooo grateful to have sweet Mari finishing up my photo shoot from Alaska they are awesome

Photos taken by Tales of Light Photography

Alaska was Astounding

I spent 10 amazing days in Cordova, AK. Located in the Prince William Sound and you can only get there by plane or by Ferry.

The reason why I found myself in lovely Cordova was because I was hired to teach fiddle at a 4H Music Camp. My host Belle guided me through my whole camp experience as it was my first time there.

I met so many new friends, musician buddies and I loved teaching. I also got to play in the square dance band for all the dances. It was a hoot.

It was a bit cool and rainy a lot. I was totally in shock that the day consisted mostly in the light. It didn’t get dark til after midnight. Alaskans have so much energy during the summer. I would go to bed at midnight and it was still bright outside.

I was able to play a set with my buddy Jeb at Salmon Jam. That festival was really fun.

A town of only 2000, the people gain their abundance from the salmon fisheries.

I also discovered salmon berries, I got to play my fiddle in church for 2 Sunday’s, I got to go on hikes to see a Crater Lake and to see Sheridan Glacier.

Also loved hangin with my girlfriend Mari, who was the camp cook.

I had such a stellar time.

10 Things I’m Grateful for

1. I am Grateful that I live and work in Paradise and get to fill my cup to the brim everyday with a full life.

2. I am Grateful that even though I’m 5000 miles away from my family I get to keep in touch on a daily basis, thanks to technology.

3. I am Grateful for the surprise gifts and sweetness from friends. Friends make your heart explode.

4. I am Grateful for my Health even though I’ve been dealing with ear issues and a bit of the crud, I’m gonna keep on moving on.

5. I’m Grateful that I have Drew in my life. Making me laugh everyday and supporting my dreams Big Time even if he thinks I’m a bit crazy. Lol

6. I’m grateful to have a Jungalow to call home with a roof over my head.

7. I’m grateful to all the music I get to play. Music takes me places and I’m soo grateful mom made me practice. She told me that I would thank her and I am totally happy I did.

8. I’m grateful to dabble Into painting and making stickers and spreading joy.

9. I’m grateful to have jobs and side hustles to keep the energy flowing to make dreams come true.

10. I’m Grateful to have a wanderlust heart and the desire to travel and see and experience the world.

We are in Auckland!!!

Auckland thus far has been magical. A beautiful, modern, clean, green, eco-friendly city alongside a harbor with dreamy boats. The weather has been cool and crisp with sunny skies. This is my first time ever in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s so strange to be a day ahead from my loved ones back home. Lol

Delicious coffees, refreshing pilsners and tangy Sauvignon Blancs from the region.

Love how they take old shipping containers and repurpose them into modern structures.

We leave to go to Coromandel Peninsula tomorrow morning and driving on the left hand side of the road is a bit scary but we will get used to it.

2018 Update

Aloha y’all.  Again, its been a dang long time since I visited on my own blog.  Life is still wonderful here in Hawaii.  I have been here for 5 years so far.  And wow, time has flown by here in Paradise.

Currently, we are awaiting Hurricane Olivia to come on through.  So there is just tons of rain right now here on Oahu.  Drew and I moved to Manoa Valley in a cute little jungalow.  I have a garden now.  I am still painting and playing music.  I do commissions still and sell stickers.

We are heading to New Zealand in November and we cannot wait.

Happy Memorial Day

Much Love and Aloha and Happy Memorial Day to you all.

Happy Monday.  Not much to report except that I am so grateful to enjoy another Monday in my life.

  1.  I am grateful for my cozy home where I can see the mountains and the sea from my windows.  This has been a life long dream for me since I was a child.
  2. I am grateful that I have wonderful family and friends in my life.
  3. I am grateful that I get to paint and play music and have a couple of jobs that keep me afloat.
  4. I am grateful for the People that have served our country and help us live in the Land of the Free.
  5. I am grateful for my two legs that walk me all over Waikiki and beyond.

caro and dogs

Aloha Friday

I enjoyed 2 luscious days off and I filled my time with Painting, Surfing, Running, Yoga and attending a clothing swap!!! Super fun times and I am soo grateful!!

Mermaid playing uke painting

I have not played music since my return from our East Coast Adventure and I gotta get cracking cuz’ I got a gig on Saturday at On Kings in downtown Honolulu!!!!

Working a double today and attempting a half-marathon tomorrow. I have sooooo much on my plate.  But for now I will relax in the sunshine and count my blessings.