We are in Auckland!!!

Auckland thus far has been magical. A beautiful, modern, clean, green, eco-friendly city alongside a harbor with dreamy boats. The weather has been cool and crisp with sunny skies. This is my first time ever in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s so strange to be a day ahead from my loved ones back home. Lol

Delicious coffees, refreshing pilsners and tangy Sauvignon Blancs from the region.

Love how they take old shipping containers and repurpose them into modern structures.

We leave to go to Coromandel Peninsula tomorrow morning and driving on the left hand side of the road is a bit scary but we will get used to it.


2018 Update

Aloha y’all.  Again, its been a dang long time since I visited on my own blog.  Life is still wonderful here in Hawaii.  I have been here for 5 years so far.  And wow, time has flown by here in Paradise.

Currently, we are awaiting Hurricane Olivia to come on through.  So there is just tons of rain right now here on Oahu.  Drew and I moved to Manoa Valley in a cute little jungalow.  I have a garden now.  I am still painting and playing music.  I do commissions still and sell stickers.

We are heading to New Zealand in November and we cannot wait.

Happy Memorial Day

Much Love and Aloha and Happy Memorial Day to you all.

Happy Monday.  Not much to report except that I am so grateful to enjoy another Monday in my life.

  1.  I am grateful for my cozy home where I can see the mountains and the sea from my windows.  This has been a life long dream for me since I was a child.
  2. I am grateful that I have wonderful family and friends in my life.
  3. I am grateful that I get to paint and play music and have a couple of jobs that keep me afloat.
  4. I am grateful for the People that have served our country and help us live in the Land of the Free.
  5. I am grateful for my two legs that walk me all over Waikiki and beyond.

caro and dogs

Aloha Friday

I enjoyed 2 luscious days off and I filled my time with Painting, Surfing, Running, Yoga and attending a clothing swap!!! Super fun times and I am soo grateful!!

Mermaid playing uke painting

I have not played music since my return from our East Coast Adventure and I gotta get cracking cuz’ I got a gig on Saturday at On Kings in downtown Honolulu!!!!

Working a double today and attempting a half-marathon tomorrow. I have sooooo much on my plate.  But for now I will relax in the sunshine and count my blessings. 

Catching Back Up

Sipping on some coffee at my desk in my 18th Floor Waikiki Condo and realizing that I have not looked at my Blog or thought about this outlet in a couple of years.  Too much fun has been had here in paradise to write.

However,  like a long lost friend who can pick up where we left off, I just wanted to say I’M BACK!!!!!!  I love you!!!!  Thanks for checking in.

Life really has been wonderful and I feel blessed every day that I get to wake up and have a new adventure.  Drew and I just got back from a 3 week delicious tour on the East Coast.  We got to see a lot of our friends and family.  I played music with Sugar & Spice and Snake Oil Medicine Show in Asheville and Hot Springs, North Carolina.   We braved the cold and the rain at the 20th Anniversary of French Broad River Festival.  We saw Colonel Bruce Hampton’s last show on Earth at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta.  Ohio, West Virginia, North Carolina and Georgia were all on our map of our vacation.  We just had a wonderful time.Caro and Drew at the Georgian Terrace

Now, I am back in beautiful Hawai’i ne getting my hustle on.  Working as a server at PF Changs, playing music, learning how to surf, hiking, picnicking and painting.

Lots of love to you all.



Aloha Friday is here!!!!

Caroline Pond about to play Arnold's Tiki Bar in Waikii

Caroline Pond about to play Arnold’s Tiki Bar in Waikii

Aloha Friday my beautiful friends!!! I will be at Arnold’s this afternoon starting around 4:30-7. Got special guest stars coming in Kimmer on cajone and Hank on guitar!!! I’m gonna bus it to Waikiki to be green today and I’m thinking about washing my hair with baking soda to see what the no poo craze is all about!!! Much Love and Aloha Y’all!!



My Blue Hawaii

My Blue Hawaii

How lucky I am to live Hawaii!!! To Live Aloha!!!! To have a brand new adventure in my life. I moved here in August and have already had so many fun adventures living, swimming, playing music, hanging with friends, living my life with Drew, going on tons of beach picnics. Life is soooo darn good I can’t believe how blessed I am.
Thank you Universe. Thank you God.