Bubba and Me in the Mirror

Lovin life today.  Got up super early to do my yoga practice.  I am soooo hooked.  Everyday practice is where its at.  Gettin ready for French Broad River Fest and trying on different costumes for my Snake Oil sets.   Have an amazing, awesome and creative day yall.

Love, Caroline


Joy Yoga and River Trips

Spring is here and I am doing sooo much Yoga and just trying to keep my joy.  This weekend I am heading to Big South Fork of the Cumberland River.  I believe its on the border of Tennessee and Kentucky.  We are taking a rafting trip with several friends and I am bringing my fiddle and ukulele to serenade the peeps around the campfire.  Luckily Watershed Drybags will keep my stuff dry.

Weekend filled with Friends

Hey Folks, I have been so happy lately hangin with friends.  Friends make life so much fun.  Last night I played with the Tater Diggers at an Inn in Montford, which is downtown Asheville.  Love my friends.  Thanks for the love and support.   Have a great weekend everyone.

Thanks Justyn for taking this fun photo of Ami and I:

photo by Justyn Thompson, of Ami Worthen and I

Tater Diggers at the Inn on Montford. Photo taken by Ami Worthen

Happy Friday

May you have a joyous lovely Friday and weekend.  Its sunny and warm in Asheville.  Sooo nice today.  I am just cleaning my house and about to go to a  Tater Diggers practice.  Thats all for now.



random louisiana photo 2 years ago