Introspective Rainy Day

Its the last day of March and its raining and drizzly and grey outside.  I am hoping that April will be sooo much sunnier and happier for me.  Sorry, I have not been on this blog in a while, just laying low this past Winter.   Looking forward to French Broad River Festival this year, biking, gardening and loving life.

Lots of love to you everyone.



Noli Kisses



Last spring in New Orleans

Happy Spring Equinox.  Rode my bike today in a hilly neighborhood.  All the windows and doors are open to my house.  Dogs are lazing around in the yard.  Forsythia is blooming electric yellow bursts, the Bradford Pears are bright white, grass is greener on this side.  We have cabbages, spinach and ramps growing.  Also I have spotted sunflowers seedlings popping up from my last summer’s Sunflower garden.  

dogs in the yard

I have been doing yoga a ton.

Much Love,


Sea side dreams

It hasn’t been in my heart to write much lately, but just know that I love you guys.  Just been laying low.  My heart goes out to the Japanese people.  My problems seem sooo small compared to theirs.

Here are some pics from my Florida trip last month.  One day I saw the sunrise and and saw the sun set.  It was beautiful.  I could easily live near the ocean.

The sun setting in Islamorada, Florida

the sunrise outside our balcony

Busy Snake Oil Weekend

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and is enjoying Spring time right now.  If anybody feels down or low, just remember you are not alone.  Reach out to your friends and family.  You know who supports you and uplifts you, hang with those people.  They are your gifts.

Tomorrow night Snake Oil Medicine Show will be in Charlotte at the Double Door  and then on Saturday night we will be at the Pour House in Raleigh, NC.  Should be a stellar weekend.

Snake Oil Crew


Gonna Rock this Week!!!!!!!!!!

I welcome this sunny Monday to my life, where I can set out to have new plans, new intentions and goals.  I am going to have an amazing week.  My life is going to rock this week.  Sunshiney days here in Asheville and my plans are to do 3 or 4 yoga classes, work out, be extremely productive, laugh a lot, meditate, floss, eat many raw foods and just plain be me.  Its my natural born right to be happy and free and thats what Im gonna do today.

Thanks everybody for dropping by my site today and supporting my path.  I support yours too.

I  also look forward to playing music this weekend with Snake Oil Medicine Show.  Friday night we are in Charlotte, NC at the double door and then on Saturday we are at the Pour House in Raleigh.

Much Love,