I Heart Snake Oil

photo by Alissa Whelan taken at Rob 7's Artoretum Dec 10.2011

For 17 years I have been playing with Snake Oil Medicine Show and my heart loves what this band is made up of.  We have changed over the years, but our message has been the same.  Ambassadors of peace through our music and our art.  I love sharing our gift to the people.  We have traveled all over to spread the beautiful vibes.  I love my musical family sooo much and feel sooo blessed.

photo by Alissa Whelan taken December 9, 2011 at Rob 7 Artoretum


Sunny Day in December

I cannot believe we are having sunny 65 degree days here in Asheville.  I just got back from a walk in my neighborhood and enjoyed a delicious cup of coffee from the Izzy’s Coffee Truck.  Yesterday, I hung out with a friend in the park, and I just did yoga in the sunshine and read my book.   I just love love love these days.

photo taken by Alissa Whelan at Rob 7's Artoretum.

Its nice taking time to enjoy the sunshine during these hectic holiday seasons.

Much Love,


Florida Here I Come

Well folks I am planning a little Florida tour February 23-March 8th of 2012.  I will be playing my fiddle, ukulele and singing at house parties, radio shows, coffee houses, clubs.   Also, will be doing music lessons and yoga sessions, so please get in contact with me if I am going to be in your area.  Here is my rough itinerary so far.  If I am in your area and you would like a house concert or ukulele lesson or fiddle lesson or yoga session, please let me know.

I need that Sunshine

This is just a rough draft.  I am out fishing right now and working my routing but here is the first draft of my little Florida tour”

Thursday February 23rd   Charleston, SC  venue will be announced, hosts Eden and Noodle

Friday February 24th  Savannah, GA, venue will be announced, hosteed by Angel

Saturday February 25th:  Brenda Star Walkers Yurt.  Brenda will be doing a yoga class, then we will have a potluck and then a houseconcert with myself and hopefully The Homesteaders.

Sunday February 26th:  Jacksonville, Florida.  T.B.A.

Monday February 27th:  Jacksonville, Florida  T.B.A.

Tuesday February 28th:  St. Augustine, Florida  (Anybody out there know a venue in this lovely city.

Wednesday February 29th:  JJ House Party  Leap day in Gainesville, Florida

Thursday March 1st:  The Bull in Gainesville, Florida

Friday March 2nd:   Would love to be in Orlando, FLorida

Saturday March 3rd:  WMNF Radio Show with DJ Pete Gallagher 9-10am in Tampa, Florida

Sunday March 4th:  St Pete

Monday March 5th:  would love to check out Pasa Grille

Tuesday March 6th:  Kojaks Palmetto Rib Shack, Palmetto, Florida

Wednesday March 7th:  Not sure yet

Thursday March 8th:  Houseparty in Seagrove Beach, Florida