Happy Halloween

I am excited because on Halloween we are going to be playing with Sol Driven Train in West Asheville at The Rocket Club.  We have some fun surprises and some combinations that we are going to perform with a huge big band, combining the two groups.  Yahoo.  I am awaiting my vintage band jacket to come into the mail.  I won it on ebay and I am so thrilled to be a marching band girl.


No I'm not going as Pooh, I just borrowed George Pond's costume after a gig one night to keep warm

No I'm not going as Pooh, I just borrowed George Pond's costume after a gig one night to keep warm



One Year Blog-a-versary

One year has passed and I have enjoyed posting stories and pictures on this blog so much.  I have been celebrating my life and following my path and sharing it with you.  Thanks so much everyone for your huge support and your comments.  I plan on signing up for another year to do this blog.  I have been thinking about renaming it, does anybody have any ideas?  If you have questions or comments please let me know.  Have a wonderful Wednesday.  I am getting ready for Halloween.  Cheers.

A One Year Recap Highlight of a blogging girl’s life

October 2008- I did a photo shoot in Atlanta and played a show with the Squirrel Nut Zippers

Novemeber 2008– Spent some fun time with my family in Atlanta for Thanksgiving and went to a Jason Mraz concert at the Tabernacle

December 2008– played with Bobby Lee Rodgers and Larry Keel at The Variety Playhouse in Atlanta

January 2009– I enjoyed an amazing Jamacia trip with Snake Oil Medicine Show

February 2009– I just hunkered down in my little apartment and did a Red Chair photoshoot

March 2009–  Spent some time on a Breckenridge, Colorado trip with KT, that was loads of fun

April 2009–  Played a 5 spot show in Atl with Snake Oil and I went to the Grove Park Inn Spa for the day

May 2009–  Michigan Tour with Snake Oil, what a blast

June 2009– New York, West Virginia, Summer Begins, Smoothies obsessions and hanging with Justyn

July 2009- Grassroots, New York

August 2009– Lake Santeelah, Hilton Head, Big Bday Bash in Atlanta, ear aches and computer crashes

September 2009– Gauley River, Andy and Nicole Wedding Party, Delphine in town

October 2009– I moved to Weaverville, Apple fixes my computer and I have a new Vitamix Blender. Also I went and hung with Mad Tea Party at Shakori Hills.  One year anniversary of my BLOG…

Life has been good this year.  Lets see what the next year of blogs will bring…

a girl kickin back on a green chair celebrating one year blog a versary

Diggin My Vitamix

Vitamix 5200

Vitamix 5200

Yes folks I have made numerous smoothies and soups with my new blender.  I have had my Vitamix 5200 for over a month and have used it a ton already.  This thing is so powerful that it could probably blend a rock, but I am not going to try that.  Ha ha.  Well folks if you need a nice blender I recommend this one.  I got a good deal on this, its a reconditioned one with a 7 year warranty.  Comment me if you need more info or if you need recipes on smoothies.  Much Love Folks…

Diggin my Vitamix

Diggin my Vitamix

I’m Gonna Ban Plastic Water Bottles

A couple of weekends ago while hoppin around the Grassroots Festival at Shakori Hills, I came across some folks that provided clean drinking water from their trailer.  I enjoyed talking to them tremendously and thanked them so much for enlightening festival goers.  I got so inspired talking to them that it makes me want to ban plastic water bottles in my life for ever.images

As a musician, I see so much waste at festvials with water bottle consumption.  We can limit this by using reusable cups, Clean Kanteens, Siggs bottles, etc.   It is so nice that the festival promoters and hospitality teams of all these venues provide plastic water bottles to us backstage, but I am going to encourage them to have clean drinking water that we can fill into our Kanteens and reusable cups.

I love my water bottle!!!

I love my water bottle!!!

“The conclusion is that a bottle of ’spring’ water costs 2000 times as much energy as a bottle of tap water. In other words: the energy it takes to produce one bottle of spring water can be used to fill two thousand bottles with tap water.”
– SuperForester Julius’ post on SuperForest.Org

For every plastic bottle that has ever been made, it is still here on our planet and they aren’t breaking down anytime soon.  I know you folks out there already know all this, but please help me spread the word on the damage that plastic water bottles has on our planet.  If possible, ban the plastic bottle.  Get a cute little Sigg bottle or Kleen Kanteen and carry it wherever you go.  These are great Christmas, Kwanzaa, Chanaka gifts.  Let’s rise up and be a role model.

Does anybody have any comments or ideas about this one?   Cheers.

Saturday Evening Post of October

“We are not held back by the love we didn’t receive in the past, but by the love we’re not extending in the present”. – Marianne Williamson   I just love that quote.

I am so happy and warm and content right now.  I am sitting on the couch between a sleeping dog and a snoring boy and I am chillin out watching a movie about Amelia Earhart.  I had such an amazing gig today with The Tater Diggers in Burnsville, NC on top of a mountain.  We were so cold but we just thawed out around the fire between sets.

Noli dog sleepin on the couch.

Noli dog sleepin on the couch.

Then I came home to a yummy dinner of pasta, greek salad and garlic bread.  Chocolate soy milk and tiramasu for dessert.  I am one happy camper.  Loving my relaxing Saturday evening.  I am off all day tomorrow and I am thrilled to have a Sunday to relax.  Hope you are enjoying your weekend.

Window Reflections

My heart is so heavy at the moment.  I just have so much love for people and when I see sadness it just makes my heart hurt.  I look at this window photo that I took this summer and it gives me a sense of relief and hope.  The suns reflections pour in the window with a mountain ridge line. and cumulus clouds make me feel light about it all.  I took this photo while I was staying upstairs at The Purple Fiddle in Thomas, West Virginia.  I have so much love for the people that are hurting right now and that are heavy and heartbroken.  I Love You.  DSC01930

Thank You Apple

Thank you Apple soooo much for fixing my computer for free.  You guys are the Best.  I am able to get back into my art and do my blogging and my photographing.  I love my Life.

Not only do I thank you Apple, but I thank you God for putting me here on this Earth and I thank my lovely Mom and Dad for making me, the Caroline that is here today.  Caroline is who I am.  I just thank all my friends and family.  I feeeel so grateful in my life for my health and for my friends and family.  I know this all sounds so mushy but I am just amazed at how blessed my life is.  Thank you…..


Baby Rockstar

Okay you guys my little niece Josie is taking after her Aunt Caroline.  She is gonna be a Rockstar I just know it, a girl after my own heart.  She is only one years old, but she sings to her stuffed animals and keeps the beat.  Josie loves the ukulele too.  I dig my baby niece.   I can just see it now, in 20 years this picture will be used as her press photo.

Josie jammin.  Photo taken by her Grandma, Cathy DeRossett

Josie jammin. Photo taken by her Grandma, Cathy DeRossett

Shakori Hills Shake Yer Bootie

I had a tremendous blast at Grassroots Shakori this weekend.  I got there just in time to hang with my wonderful friend Ami Worthen.  She and Jason Krekel were heading up a Ukulele Support Group and I got to sing along on Ukulele Girls.  What a blast. 

Ukulele Support Group at Shakori Hills, photo by Ami Worthen

Ukulele Support Group at Shakori Hills, photo by Ami Worthen

I enjoyed so much Zydeco dancing and hopping around with friends.  Also, I got to enjoy minestrone soup with the Two Gentlemen Band.  I was overjoyed at how many ladies were representing their talents this year at the festival.  Ruthy and Mike, Mad Tea Party, Donna The Buffalo, Christobel and the Jons and Miss Tess and the Bon Bon Parade.  All these bands had talented amazing women fronting their bands and I just dug that to the max.

Other great news is that Apple is going to fix my computer.  So, I will be able to get photos back up on here more often and be a bloggin fool again. Yey.   I am in love with Apple again.  I just bypassed The Apple Care Customer Service and went to the Customer Service Representative directly and they helped me out soooo much.

Lakeside Music

On Saturday, George, Andy and I played music for a friend’s birthday party.  I was in heaven.  Playing music with the Pond Brothers is one of my favorite things to do on this world.  We have been playing music for 18 years together.  They are my family and we just had a great great show together.  We were spot on.  Andy just got back from his honeymoon in Hawaii, it was George’s birthday and I finally could hear like a champ.  So we sang and played our hearts out.  pond farm pickers  If you ever need us to play your party, birthday, wedding, graduation, living room, backyard etc., holla at me and leave me a comment.

  Pond Farm Pickers would love to play your special event.  We are basically Snake Oil Medicine Show without the drums.  Of course, you can choose either one of the bands.