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m_e786cf69dc92a3a043dbb79eb4b91b8dThis is my last post before I leave to go out of the country.  I cannot believe the time has come for me to escape to Jamaica.  I am out of here.  Time for me to split.  

Jamaica baby

Jamaica baby



One thing that is really getting my goat is that my little cell phone has shit the bed.  Forgive my grammar and my cussing but I am frustrated.  Right in time for me to leave and the shite has hit the fan.  The company that I have spent over 2,000 hard earned dollars for a computer and phone that I absolutely adore can not help me because I spilt a sip of water on my iphone.  Apple is really pissing me off.  Frustration has kicked in.  I called Apple to ask them to help and they just turn their heads when I mention water damage.  Thanks a ton Apple.  Now I have to resort to finding answers on Google.  I have placed my Iphone in a bowl of kitty litter, lentils and rice to dry the damn thing out.  Lets see if that works.   How come the company that I dig so much and advertise shamelessly  to my friends has the worst support ever and does not help a sister out????  Arghhhhhh……. Forgive my griping, but I just gotta vent before heading to paradise.  I guess I will deal with the phone when I return.  For now I will just sweep it under the rug….or better yet, let it remain in the kitty litter, rice and lentil mixture to dry out for a week……….

Luckily I am hopping on a plane and leaving my worries behind.  

Okay enough with my frustrations.  Here is a video for you to wish you my adios til next time……

Much Love!!!!!!


Eating Raw on the Coldest Night of the Year

It is definitely the coldest night of the year so far and I just experimented with a summery new raw food recipe.  For the last couple of weeks, or make that years I have been researching the raw foods movement and I am so moved and inspired.  There are millions of recipes and cool websites  out there on raw foods it is so amazing.  I know that eating more live sun foods and more raw uncooked foods is healthier because the enzymes and nutrients stay in tack to nourish your body. But I just can’t break free from my comfort foods and cooked meals.  It is really tough, so I am just not beating myself over it and I decided to just ease my way into eating more raw fruits and veggies into my daily life

Tonite, I possibly made the best salad I have ever had.  I cannot wait to make it for my friends and family.  It is called a Kale and Avocado Salad.  Yummy.  This evening is the first time I have had kale uncooked.  It rocks my face off.  I for sure thought it was going to be bitter and tough, but it was not. 

This is how I prepared it.  I cut the freshly cleaned kale into tiny bite size pieces.  Then with my clean hands I massaged a dash of sea salt and a little bit of olive oil into the kale leaves.  Then I cut a ripe avocado and smeared half of it into the salad.  To top it off I cut scallions in there and squeezed a half of a lemon into the salad.  This prep time took me all of 5 minutes.  When I cook a hot meal it takes me way longer.  The taste was amazing.  For a backup plan I pulled out a frozen vegetarian pizza to bake just in case I got hungry but I instantly put it back in the freezer.  I felt fully satisfied and energized and satiated from my kale salad.  So that is it.  My first trial of eating a raw food meal and I did it on the coldest day of the year.  Pretty cool, eh??  I can’t wait to try out more recipes and incorporate more raw foods into my life.  Also growing kale in my backyard would be kinda cool. 

This is a video of raw foods coach Karen Knowler, where she shows you step by step on how to make a kale and avocado salad.….. She has such a cute British accent and she is in her kitchen making this awesome recipe. 


That’s it for now.  Will keep you posted on my raw foods groove…..

Friday Niece Love

I don’t know why I insist on putting cute and funny photos of my nieces.  photo-1171

Are my niece babies gonna kick my butt when they get older?   I wonder if this blog will be around when they are teenagers???  Hmmm??? I notice that I don’t even really write in a journal anymore  I have more fun blogging my world and letting you folks out there see it.  

  Here is what Josie looks like in a fun house mirror lens.  My sister Jane is in the background.  You just gotta love her.  I am going to show Josie’s prom date this photo and she is gonna kill me.  Too silly.


Brynn licking her fingers after making cupcakes

Brynn licking her fingers after making cupcakes

Also I have to add my Brynn Brynn to the mix.  Here she is making her cupcakes.  Brynn is so smart and lovely and absolultely hilarious.


I am one lucky Aunt for sure.




This homegirl is loving life on this Friday.  I have all day off and I am catching up on some music bookings and appearances.  I am just writing on this silly blog, sippin some coffee and staying warm in this 9 degree weather we are having.  Hope you lovely folks out there are keeping cozy on this Friday.

Josie with uke.  I'm gonna teach that chick uke when she gets some dexterity in those fingers.

Josie with uke. I'm gonna teach that chick uke when she gets some dexterity in those fingers.



Happy Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flying With Poppa Bear


dsc00308Today is January 15th and it is important for me for two reasons.  It’s Martin Luther King Jr day and it’s my daddy’s birthday.  Both men rock in my universe.  My dad, Doug, is the bomb.  

My dad with his airplane

My dad with his airplane







I could not ask for a better father.  I am very lucky.

 Last Spring, I got to fly in his airplane with him and I had a tremendous time.  I trust him so much as he has been a professional pilot for over 40 years.

dad and i flying over south georgia

dad and i flying over south georgia










Some interesting tid bits about my dad:

  1. He says that he has not had water in 31 years
  2. He turned 70 today and he still looks super young to me
  3. He was born in Venezuela, South America
  4. Flew for Delta for 31 years of professional service
  5. His favorite snack is Graham Crackers

Dad makes me laugh and smile so much and he is always there for me when I am in the dumps.  I love my Dad!!!!  Happy Birthday Poppa Bear.dsc00400

Bob 7’s Photo Op

Last night I went and practiced with a fun little swing band called The Space Heaters.  We are going to do some shows in February in Knoxville together and I am really excited.  Also, I dropped by the home of folk artist extraordinaire Robert Seven.  Bob 7 was hosting a photo op jam.  So here are a couple of funny shots from that photo shoot.  It is always a hoot hanging out at Bob 7’s place.

Phil Cheney in How for Now attire, photo by Rene Treece

Phil Cheney in How for Now attire, photo by Rene Treece



photo shoot of the group with Rene Treece's camera, still shot

photo shoot of the group with Rene Treece's camera, still shot



Caroline on Red Couch photo by Rene Treece

Caroline on Red Couch photo by Rene Treece

12 Days and a Wake-up

Folks, I just cannot believe that I leave in 12 days and a wake up.   Jamaica baby bound!!!!  Golly, I can’t wait to have some 80 degree canary yellow sun warming my frigid, cold and white body.  Red Stripe Beers and veggie patties here I come………

yep I love red stripe beers in jamaica

yep I love red stripe beers in jamaica

Reggae music and diving off the cliffs into the baby blue carribean sea. .  OK am I making you ill yet???  Come on, pack your bags and lets go.

Here is a pic of my sweet little niece, Josie.  I love that she is doing a peace sign on the side with her little tiny hands.  My sister Jane swears that she did not manipulate her baby pudgy fingers to do that.  My niecey is pretty darn hip at 5 months.

Well folks. there is really not that much else going on for me lately. Sort of have been on the blog rut…

Lately my life has been uneventful. But that is okay.  I can’t always be on and up up and away.   I am just in hibernation mode as of late.  Winter time is good for that. Let me tell you, my room is a wreck, I have not worked out in weeks and I am generally exhausted because I have been working my arse off.  

But to leave this blog on a good note, I did buy 2 cute little vintage dresses at the Goodwill today and Best Buy gave me a camera USB cord for free because they had many cords that were demos.  My camera cord has been m.i.a for a while now, so it’s digital photo time for me again.  Yey….. Okay that is it for now.  Much love to you all.  Have a great week.

Love, Caroline getattachmentaspx

Eighth of January

Howdy Peeps!!!!  Today is my momma’s birthday on the Eighth of January.  I love you Mom, Happy Bday!!!!!!   There is a terrific old time, bluegrass song called Eighth of January.  Check it out.

I am just beside myself lately.  On my off days of work, I am deep inside my computer learning the ins and outs of my movie program.  I have had my MacBook Pro for over a year now and I just have not realized the power of this machine.  I love my mac it has been my friend and has kept me company.  

outside my apartment on the Eighth of January, 2009

Outside my apartment on the Eighth of January

Speaking of movies, videos and whatnots, I would like to share another video that I did with George and Andy Pond in the living room.  Enjoy!!!!!

Spring Fever

Wow I have had the last two glorious sunshiney days off.  60 degree weather has me running around feeling fabulous.  I mostly hung outdoors and did some Spring cleaning in my home and in my car.  Also I went and visited George Pond.  He has a brand new blog which you can link up to

We also did a video web blog in his living room, so check it out peeps.  My new track is out.  Digga Deep…….

Got to digga deep people…. Love is all around….

A Dream Job

I hope everyone is rockin’ and having some fun this New Year’s season.  I am staying super busy at my new job.  Working real hard this winter so I can play real hard come this Spring and Summer.  My favorite seasons are the sunny ones.  I just had a delicious salad with shredded beets and I made some Jamaican peas and rice for lunch.  So yummy.  It is a gorgeous day in Asheville.  

California Dreaming, photo by cousin Anne Uhl Terlesky

California Dreaming, photo by cousin Anne Uhl Terlesky

Today I thought of a perfect dream job for myself.  I would love to be one of those travel channel hosts trekking the world and video journaling my way through my adventures.  Of course I would add my twist and incorporate healthy eats and music. What an adventure it would be to find the vegetarian jaunts and the local musicians to jam with.  I think that would be a blast.  Just putting it out there in the Universe you never know.  For now, I will continue to work and play my fiddle with Snake Oil and dream, dream, dream.  thought_bubble_11

Much Love and dreaming,