Life is Yummy Make It Delicious

Here is a ditty for you, the start of a new tune for youdsc00688

Life is yummy make it delicious

choose your own flavor whatever your dish is

strawberry, rhubarb or sushi flavor

come on to my house lemme do a taster

vegetarian, pescetarian, breatheterian or raw foodist

I don’t care what you want to be just as long as its nutritious…..

That’s it folks for now on my little ditty.  


I am still in Hot Lanta and have had a delicious time for sure.dsc00564_2

 My sis Jane and I are chillin with my niece Josie.  It is raining cats and dogs outside.  


little pony at the princess party


Janie and Josie

We went to a kid party where the girls were dressed like princesses.  The birthday parents rented a menagerie of minature cows, ponies a pig, chickens and a rooster.  It was really cute seeing little kids with there first pig and pony encounter.  



my daredevil jetskiing brother Augie


Some of my family Mom, augie, Brynn, me, Josie and Dad(Poppy)

Thanksgiving was a blast with champagne and too much food and movie watching.  I went jet skiing with my brother Augie.  He still manages to scare the heck out of me after all these years that we have shared on this planet.  I believe we were going 86 mph on the lake and it was freezing.  I grabbed on tighly to his black leather jacket as we skimmed the glassy lake.  You know you have a redneck family if you go jet skiing on Thanksgiving. Too silly.


Jason Mraz, you gotta look him up....

To top my oh so delicious and yummy holiday, I did something really exciting tonight.  Spontaneously, I went to a Jason Mraz concert.  I just discovered him real recently.  My friend Finian of the Makepeace Brothers went on a tour with Jason this summer to Europe.  I heard Mraz on the radio this summer and just loved his positive song lyrics and I started looking him up on the Internet. I dig his style so much.  Jason not only is ultra talented musician, but he also is such a cutie pie, he plays ukulele, good dancer, he surfs and he owns an avocado farm. In addition, he has fabulous hair.   

I drove downtown by myself and bought a ticket from a scalper and went into this magnificent theatre called The Tabernacle and saw Jason Mraz.  Which possibly, is the best concert I have ever seen.  He was so positive and he got everyone to sing and to dance.  It was a hoot.  I am so inspired……

Well, I am off to bed and in the morning I head back to my Asheville Mountain Home.  What a delicous and yummy trip I had………


Just another random rooster at the princess party


I’m Thankful for my Peeps

Howdy ya’ll.  I feel so blessed to have you in my life.   I am thankful for my health and my family’s health.  I am so thankful for my life here on this planet.  I am thankful for the smiles I get from my humankind.   I am off to make a BIG ole Fat Hunking salad so I can push some fibrous veggies on my family today.  Eating salad is like having a broom for the stomach.   Maintain the health.  Much love.

Here is my first video for you.  Hope it works….. C ya…

Hot Boiled Peanuts in Sweet Georgia

dsc004911Yes I am glad that Georgia is on my mind.  God Bless America I love the South.  If for only 2 things, sweet tea and Hot Boiled Peanuts. dsc004861  I am currently taking my sweet southern time getting down to my Georgia ancestral home for the Thanksgiving Holidays.  In fact, I am pulled over at the Georgia Visitor Center because of a safety issue.   No, nothing is wrong with my car and I ain’t sick.  The safety issue is this, and I heed warning to all you folks out there who love hot boiled peanuts. dsc00495 Eating hot boiled peanuts while driving ludicrous speeds down a major highway is incredibly dangerous!!!!!  I did not realize this because usually I am with others who enjoy this pleasure of eating such a southern cuisine and I am usually in the passenger seat.  Hot boiled peanut eating is a 2 handed food.  When you bite into them its like eating a crustacean.  You have to break the spine with your teeth just to get to the meat in the shell and you have to use 2 hands to get into it.  It is divine.  I am enjoying the Cajun Recipe which happens to be my favorite.  The pain of these salty spicy hot nuts on my already chapped lips is worth it 100 percent..   When you do bite into these Hot boiled peanuts the juices go everywhere.   So this is why to be safe for myself as well as other Turkey Day Travelers I have found myself pulled over into a Georgia resting area.   I wonder what kind of food my northern buddies eat while on the road.  I bet Bill Hall my northern buddy has a tough time eating his favorite cuisine while driving.  He loves pork butt.  Which kind of grosses me out but it makes me laugh.dsc004821


Okay my sister Jane just called me to find out where the heck I am.  I have got to motor.  I will write more this evening before retiring.   I think I have officially become a blogeek.  If this isn’t a word already, it needs to be.  My blog may be silly but it makes me really happy to come up with funny stories about my life.  So, I am on my computer and I am a blogeek jotting down this blog to plug into cyberspace later on tonite.   Oh dang, I gotta scoot………


Safely pulled over at a Georgia rest area eating my nuts


I can't believe how cheap gas is these days


Tom, Jane and Baby Josie


Cheers My Birds

I just looked out my window after a couple of hours of eye straining computer work and I saw bright blue skies with a single bird floating in the air.    The bird was high and floating and free and she was examining her life from the skies.  The sunshine was reflecting off her wingspan.  The sun warmed her, the wind carried her.  bird_skyThis bird symbolizes you as one unique single person in the universe that gets support from friends and family to carry her through her life’s journey……..Love is always in the air surrounding us and the sunshine blasts its solar magic off our wings to nourish us…..

Cheers My Birds……….

Fireoil Snake Crackers

Do you ever get funburned????  No, not sunburned but funburned.  This has been yet another fun-filled fantastic weekend.  I have been on the move for days and here I find myself again on a Sunday crawlin’ back into my lair plum tuckered. Yes, Sunday nights are bliss because I just recoup from my crazy weekends and plop onto my bed.


Reese on piano


The Hornsection of The Firecracker Jazz Band with Krekel and Corbie


Snake Oil photo taken by Tine Hoffman

 I hung with Snake Oil and Firecracker Jazz Band last night, where we did a benefit at The Westville Pub to help out the co-op in West Asheville. The Snakes invited the horn section from the Firecrackers (Henry, Earl and Je) to play on a reggae tune called “Rudy.”   And Reese hopped on piano for “Yes Sir, That’s My Baby.”  I love this team of musicians so much.   I hope that we can work more together and do shows in the future. What should we call this fusion?  a) Fireoil Snake Crackers b) Snake Fire Cracker Jazz Show c) Snake Crackers drizzled in Oil Jazz d) Punk Of The Snake Firecracker America.   You know that if you ever need a band name, I have found a useful website that you can go to and they will generate names for you.  This is the link:

After our performance at the Benefit, the majority of us Snakes and Firecrackers went disco dancing next door.  Now that was a hoot.  I vow to start bringing my camera around to document some fun times.  I am so inspired by Ami Worthen, because she brings her camera everywhere for pure blogging enjoyment.


photo of Secret Agent 23 Skidoo by Frank Merenda

Today, I went to the Grey Eagle and met up with Cactus, Secret Agent 23 Skidoo.  Positive hip hop for kids.  Woody Wood, The Pond Brothers and I got up on stage and played some tunes for all the excited kids out in the crowd.  There must have been 478 kids out there.  There were balloons, clowns, ice cream and some zany costumes.  I sang “Luck” with Cactus.  This song made #1 on the Kids XM Radio, so I am really proud of that.  Jason Krekel also recorded on that song with us.  Here is a link to Secret Agent 23 Skidoo and I believe you can hear the song “Luck” on his page.


Hey my kombucha drink is backwards here but you get the picture.

Well, I suppose that’s about it.  I am going to chill out and watch a movie and drink my Synergy Kombucha Drink.  Passionberry Bliss is my favorite.  I love my Sundays.  Sundays to relax……..Ta ta fa now………..

Yogi Girlfriends Headin’ Into Town


Uma, Caroline and Brenda Star Walker in Florida at Mag Fest 07'

It is Friday night.  I am exhausted.  I have had a full and exciting day!!!  I look forward to every day and try to live life to its fullest.  One of my favorite things to do for going out is staying in. I did so much today, I visited friends, played music, worked out at the Y.  Golly a girl couldn’t ask for anything better.  I just really don’t have time for boredom..   Tomorrow morning I get to do a Yoga workshop led by Nicole Potter.  My Yogi girls from Jacksonville, Florida who got me into yoga years ago will be at the workshop , I am so excited.  Also Snake Oil has a gig with Firecracker Jazz Band doing a benefit in West Asheville.  So, more stories later for you..  Hope you all stay warm and cozy and safe.  Much love and have a fantastic weekend.


Have a wonderful weekend folks..... Much love and light, Caroline



Spiders and Feather Beds


My closet where the huge feather bed usually lives.

The colder it gets outside the more I hibernate and stay cozy up in my lair.  This weeks temperatures have been dropping in the teens and I have been freezin’ my butt off in my bed.  I dragged my feather bed out of the closet and thank goodness I did because it was taking up way too much space in there.  I decided to place this heavy duck bed on top of all my other covers because that is what the people from the North do to keep warm.  My Aunt Marcy made me privy to this when I stayed at her house in Ohio.  Southerners usually make it a mattress style thing, but I am not a Big fan of those goose feathers poking me in the middle of the night.  Speaking of things poking me in the middle of the night,  I was lying in my bed half way between the dream state and reality when I saw a huge spider come from the ceiling dangling from its web.  I was so startled and jumped out from under my heavy feather bed onto the floor.  I turned the lights on and moved my bed and could not find the spider anywhere.  It was all an illusion, but it really felt real.   So I told my roommate, Audrey about it and we looked up the symbolism of Spiders.  I am going to copy and paste the information here because I think it is fascinating and I need to apply this symbolism to my life path right now.  By the way I am not the hugest fan of spiders but I will grow to like them especially when one just visited me in my dream world.  Pretty cool!!!!


I chose a cartoon spider because they are so cute for my blog

“Spiders are very delicate creatures that play an important role in the myths and lore of many peoples as the teacher of balance between the past and future, the physical and spiritual.”

“To the Native Americans, Spider is Grandmother, the link to the past and future. In India it’s associated with Maya, the weaver of illusions.”

“With its gentle strength, Spider spins together the threads of life with intricate webs.”


Over and out until the next blog... Love, Caroline

“Spider knows that the past affects the future and vise versa. It calls us to make use of our creativity and weave our dreams into our destiny.”

Sunday Nights are Bliss

I am so cozy loving life just chillin in my bed after a long weekend.  Got my pajamas on and am sippin on a Hot Toasty Rama.  If you want the recipe let me know, its delicious.  Just reflecting on the weekend.  I love my life.  photo-169In all its bad times and good times.  Right now I am particularly just following my bliss and just focusing on what Caroline needs and working on my own workbook so I can be strong and uplift others. I just want to be an ambassador for positivity and peace and uplift my fellow man and woman and kids too….


Billy's Mom Angie

On Friday night I played with Snake Oil in Raleigh and it is like just playing music with my family.  I love those boys sooooo much.  I also enjoyed sippin on champagne with my Boone girlfriend, my little French Scientist, Maggie McVeigh before the show.  She is so my girl and we just uplift each other wherever we are in our lives.  Its great to have friends like that.  After the show we stayed with Billy, the vegetarian drummers mom, Angie.  She gave us a soft landing, with tons of coffee in the morning and breakfast.  She loves her boo boo, Billy so much.  He could do no wrong in her eyes, its the cutest thing ever seeing Mom and son as best friends.


Ami and Krekel with yummy martinis


Nicole, Joe and Sean with yummy martinis

Saturday we rolled in to Asheville and Sean Foley and I literally had to jump off the van and regroup and go to the Sugar & Spice Show at Firestorm Books Cafe.  I love playing with Ami and Krekel soooo much..  We had a blast.  Ami and I did a Fleetwood Mac cover, some Reggae tunes, swing tunes, fiddle tunes and some other fun tunes like “I want to marry a Lifehouse Keeper”.  On one of our set breaks we ran across the street to the tiki bar and all 6 of us got the same exact drinks.  They were so good I forgot what they were called, but they had coffee, kahula, vodka and some chocolate in it.. Delish…So You can imagine that when we returned to our show that it took on a whole new meaning….. Ha ha…. Lushlife Original Designs had there booth set up and people were shopping and listening to music.  

After the show we all broke down our equipment and went shopping at The Vintage Moon next door.  They had gramaphones, neat artwork and awesome vintage clothing.  We went upstairs and enjoyed a wine tasting.  Alexis the owner of Lushlife joined a few of us for dinner at a delicious Thai Restaurant downtown.  After eating a delicious Coconut Curry Vegetable Dish I went home and crashed.

Today, which is Sunday has been equally as packed.  I had some coffee with my girlfriends Nicole and Michelle, I practiced with a swing band at 4pm and had a sushi supper with my photographer friend Joshua.   

What a fun fulfilling lovely weekend.  Now its time to rest in my cozy little place.

Goodnight and God Bless!!!!!


Sugar & Spice and Everything Nice


photo taken by Phil Cheney

Yes folks, Sugar & Spice is back in action.  After a year or so hiatus, we are gonna hit the scene with a Big Show this Saturday at the Fireside Books.  It is downtown Asheville where Hookah Joes used to be.  Ami Worthen of The Mad Tea Party and Caroline Pond of Snake Oil Medicine Show will be singing some soulful fun harmonies and jammin on some ukes.  We are gonna be backed up by some dudes by the name of Sean Foley and Jason Krekel.  Starts at 4pm, come on down………Also there will be a chair massager there and some beautiful clothes by the lovely designer Alexis of LushLife..

Josie the Love Bug


Josie at 10 weeks


Josie at 6 weeks

Josie my little Juniper Berry  Josie Eloise

It pleases me so that you are my little niece

Your little smile and your blue eyes twinkle

Along with your toes and your nose



Josie with ukulele

I love watching you grow my little California girl


Josie's Toesies...

You are my little sweetie poteetie…