Aloha Friday is here!!!!

Caroline Pond about to play Arnold's Tiki Bar in Waikii

Caroline Pond about to play Arnold’s Tiki Bar in Waikii

Aloha Friday my beautiful friends!!! I will be at Arnold’s this afternoon starting around 4:30-7. Got special guest stars coming in Kimmer on cajone and Hank on guitar!!! I’m gonna bus it to Waikiki to be green today and I’m thinking about washing my hair with baking soda to see what the no poo craze is all about!!! Much Love and Aloha Y’all!!



Arnold’s Tiki Bar every Friday

Arnold's Tiki Bar every Friday

So, I have been in Hawaii for almost 6 months and I have been loving every minute of it. I have been playing that long at one of my favorite local bars.

I get to play every Friday at Arnold’s Tiki Bar in Waikiki for Aloha Friday. 4-7pm. Some times I even get to have special guests.


My Blue Hawaii

My Blue Hawaii

How lucky I am to live Hawaii!!! To Live Aloha!!!! To have a brand new adventure in my life. I moved here in August and have already had so many fun adventures living, swimming, playing music, hanging with friends, living my life with Drew, going on tons of beach picnics. Life is soooo darn good I can’t believe how blessed I am.
Thank you Universe. Thank you God.