Snow Days Before I Hop on the Plane

Well folks, I am off……………  I am going to plow my way off my snowy mountain and head down South to catch an airplane in Atlanta and go to Panama.

I am disappointed that Willie Nelson had to cancel tonite’s show due to the snow and his painful wrists.  I think he had carpal tunnel surgery recently and his wrists are giving him a time.  Poor little buddy.  Sure would have loved to see some Willie.

snow in my yard

I woke up this morning to this luscious snow and Justyn and I did some photo shoots in it today with my Canon Rebel XTI and here they are.  

I will post stories about my Panama trip when I return.  Much love to you all….xoxoxo

noli and me


I Heart Sugar & Spice

Last night I had a blast with Ami Worthen.  She is one of my dearest sweetest friends.  We hang through thick and through thin.  We have jammed our way through Jamaica, Louisiana, Florida, North Carolina and many other places.  This is a shout out to Ami, I love you!!!!!!!!   And,  I love Sugar & Spice.  I hope that we jam well into our 90’s.  We recorded 2 of our songs last night with Jason Krekel and we just had a blast.  Stay tuned for more Sugar & Spice to play in your area.

Flossing Goes on Every To-Do-List

It’s Wednesday and I have a million things to do before I leave the country.  I head out of Atlanta, Georgia and hop on a plane to Panama on Sunday.  So, I have 3 full days to get things done.  Today, its approaching the crack of noon, and I am still in my bathrobe and I pressed the snooze button on my alarm too many times to tell.

Things to Do before Leaving Country

  1. Floss (I put this on every to do list because I think its funny and very important
  2. Find my passport
  3. Pack lightly, I am bringing a small carry on so I don’t have to check bags in and pay extra cashola
  4. Tie loose ends and call people back.  I gotta make this happen
  5. Go see Willie Nelson with friends on Saturday night here in Asheville
  6. Record Sugar & Spice song with Ami on Saturday
  7. Work 2 more shifts at my job
  8. clean up the house a bit
  9. Get my camera situation worked out
  10. bring ukulele with me

Speaking of Centennial Birthdays

Speaking of Centennial Birthdays, my grandmuddy would have turned 102 years old today.  Her name was Teal Lauderbach Richards.  She was a huge inspiration to me.  I have alot of her fashion sense.  I wear her old dresses and hats and brooches.  She also played ukulele.

Grandmuddy in the sun

Her family came over from Germany.

Grandmuddy with my Dad, brothers Jed, Augie and cousin Max

Grandmuddy with cousin Anne on her wedding day

She made the best cookies ever.  M and M cookies, and sugar cookies with a chocolate kiss on the top.  Grandmuddy made the best dip ever, bluecheese crumbles mixed with cream cheese.  Our family calls it the Grandmuddy dip.  So, I drink a whiskey sour in your honor.  I love and miss you Grandmuddy.

Grandmuddy on her back porch in Ohio

Django Reinhardt’s 100th Birthday Celebration

I had a friggin’ blast last night at The Grey Eagle in Asheville.  About 30 Asheville musicians got together and celebrated a musical legends birthday.  Django Reinhardt was the man.  Packed out house and soooo many amazing musicians and friends. Thank you Asheville people.. I love love love my hometown.   Jon Corbin of The Firecracker Jazz Band headed up this event and he did a great job.  He was expecting about 12 people to show up and the whole town came out.  A fantastic evening filled with Hot Jazz.

Firecracker Jazz Band

Happy Friday and I Feel Like Growing my Hair OUt

Its still raining here in Asheville.  More and more my heart is ready to go traveling again.  I need a spark and giant dose of creativity.  I want to write songs and make music sooo bad.  I am just visualizing that for myself so I can share that with you.  I want to be kickin it in a beautiful spot where there are turquoise seas and it feels like Saturday everyday so I can sip on some coffee and tropical drinks and write fun songs.

I am off to work.   Happy weekend everyone.    P.S.  I am feeling like letting my hair grow out again.   Okay thats it for now.  See ya.

This pic was taken in 2008 and I am ready to let my hair grow long again

Should I Stay or Should I Go???

Should I stay or should I go????   My very close friends, The Morrison Family moved to Panama and built a house down there and I have been wanting to visit that piece of paradise for months.   I have an opportunity to go the first week of February, but things are holding me back.   Mostly monetary, taking time off work, missing my guy, etc.   But life is too short, right?  My heart says go go go and my mind says well maybe you should stay and work and save money.

I love to travel and play music and I can always make more money when I get home.  And this could be a relatively cheap trip.  I can travel stand by on Delta and the flights look wide open.  Heather and Grady, my friends will pick me up at the airport and I could sleep in a hammock.  I can eat the native fruits and eat beans and rice.  I would be happy as a clam.

This is Trey and Courtney's Tiki Hut, photo taken by Trey Morrison

Should I stay or should I go?????  Help…..

Girl Scout Rule Number One

Just dropping in on this beautiful sunny day.  I don’t have much to report.  However, I did get my deck fixed.  I almost burned my house down a couple of nights ago.  I was cleaning out the wood burning stove and put some cold ashes into a cardboard box and set it outside on the porch and thought nothing of it.  They were cold and dead ashes.  Well off I went to work and when I returned home there was a huge hole in my deck.  My first thought was that an animal had scurried a hole in it, but then I saw burned marks and quickly realized that it was the box of ashes that made the hole.   I am sooooo grateful that I did not burn the house down.

The burn hole in our deck

I am so happy that my sweet buddy Braun came and fixed it and replaced the wood on my deck.  

Lesson learned, even if you think the wood ashes are dead, they are not.   Place them in a metal can and dispose of them in a fire pit outside and spray water on them if you have to. Goodness me, I can’t believe I did not learn that in my Girl Scouts Troop.  Arghhhh.   Oh well, all is well.

Helpless Feeling about Haiti

I am so sad about Haiti.  I have been watching the news over the past few days.  Those poor, poor people.  I was watching one coverage, where I saw many many people run around without anything in their hands, just the clothes on their backs, just looking to find out where to go.  The confusion, the sadness and the devastation is too much to bare.   My problems pale in comparison.  My heart and prayers go to the Haitian people.  I know they need our money right now and our support and I am so glad President Obama pledged 100 million dollars and more to Haiti.  I am so glad that there are so many people that are reaching out to help.  There is so much hope and human compassion and I am grateful for that.  Heavy heavy heart about this.  I know you guys understand.

Good night.

Photo Needs Caption….

This photo really needs a caption.  Taken by Snake Oil Medicine Show’s Tour Manager, Billy Herring in 2004 in Atlanta, Georgia.  This is my sister Jane and my friend Jeremy The Saw.   Anybody got a good title for this photo?  It cracks me up.  Have a great weekend everyone.  Its gonna be 50 degrees tommorow so I plan on hanging a bit outside.

Janie Lou and Jeremy The Saw