Toe Nail Fairy

It’s late night and I love how peaceful it is in my hood.  No birds chirping, no cars on the road, dogs dreaming, Captain Adventure snoring and I am just super duper wide awake.  Sippin on some Chardonnay wondering when my big toe nail is going to come off.

A couple of months ago at French Broad River Festival, my poor foot got stomped on in the dance tent by a tall dude.  He has no idea he did it and I don’t even know his name.  Its not a party at a festival until someone gets hurt.  Ha ha, just kidding.  Well anyway, it has been throbbing for 2 months now and it is really purple.  So, I have painted it pink to disguise and ignore the injury.  Well actually, I repainted it by the pool today in a Revlon shade called “Almost Blueberry”.

In the last week or so I have noticed that my toe nail is loose and about to come off.  It reminds me so much of a long ago childhood loose tooth.  My question is, when my toe nail finally releases from my cuticles,  should I put it under neath my pillow in hopes that the toe nail fairy will slip some coins there while I slumber???  Hmmm.

Some late night ridiculousness

Remember when we were kids and we got sooo excited when we lost our tooth and we put it under our pillow at night.  We went ape shit when we woke up, it was like Christmas morning.  Lifting up our pillows just to see what the tooth fairy brought.  It usually was a note and some coins.  I was one excited snaggle tooth girl back then for sure.  I strongly believed and was totally convinced that the tooth fariy existed until my brother Augie told me otherwise.  Thanks Augie.

Being a kid was so magical and mysterious and sooo much more simpler back then.  Ha ha.  What happened to us as adults? The magic gets lost somewhere underneath our pillows and the fabric of our dreams.

As soon as this toe nail comes loose, by God, I am gonna put it underneath my pillow and see what happens.  I will keep you posted.

Today, my friend Beth had a twinkle in her eye, she really wanted to tie one end of a string around my toe nail and the other end around a door knob, and then she wanted to slam the door shut to see if my toe nail would come loose. Too darn funny.

Okay good night this is getting silly


Beachy Dreams

Just another fun photo from my friend Arlyn.  I just can’t get my heads out of the clouds.  I am dreamin of my next beach trip.

photo taken by Arlyn Agababian

I love the Beach

I had tooo much fun with my friends at the beach.  Makes me sooooo happy.  I went paddle boarding, swimming, reading, hangin on the beach, reading and riding bikes.   I LOVE MY LIFE and I love my summer sooo far.   I love you.

on the beach, photo taken by Beth Brockway