More Summer Bounty

I love the summer and I love to garden

I just cant get over Summer’s Bounty.  These are photos taken by my Hipstamatic app I-phone today Wednesday.  Last day of June 2010.

Bubba running in front of the Sunflower Bed

No words can describe so here are some pics.   Just pickin berries in the garden today.

The doggies enjoy gardening too

Wine Berries, blueberries and Zinnias

Hope you are having a beautiful week.

Wine Berries in the backyard


Summer Monday Check-In

This morning I looked out my bedroom window and saw 7 new sunny yellow sunflowers.  Wow, that just makes my day.

Not much going on right now just lazing around this summer.  25 days and a wake up and I get to head out West. I am so looking forward to that.

Summer is the BEST…………………………..

summer toes in the sand

I hope everyone has a lovely Monday.


Zinnia and Sunflower Love

So far, my Summer is rockin.  A whole lot of dog hangin, gardening, boating and playing music.  Its just getting started.  Yey.

first sunflower peeping its head to check out the summer vibes

My Sunflowers are coming out and so are my Zinnias and squash is getting crazy too.  I am one happy girl.

Zinnia love

We got a new flip camera, so be on the lookout for new videos coming your way.

Things I am looking forward to this Summer

1. Hangin with Jane and Josie in July

2. one month I get to travel out West with Justyn, Heather, Grady, stopping by to see Sean and Lavendar in Colorado and into Utah

3.  flip video nonsense.

Noli Dog trying to keep cool on the hard wood floors in this heat

Do you have fun things that you are looking forward to this Summer?

Love and Light,


Summer Daze

I hope everyone has just the most amazing Summer ever. Here we are in 2010.  How incredible.

Random Photo to put in my blog but its Summery. Hula Girl with my painting as a back drop

I had a fantastic weekend.  Got to see one of my fave bands on Friday night at the LAB in Asheville.  Mad Tea Party rocks my face off.

Saturday we had a little mini fest in our yard.  Sugar & Spice jammed on the deck.

Sunday we went boating down the French Broad River.

Life was good this weekend.  Also it was Summer Solstice, Father’s Day and my little nephew Cash’s Bday.  Jam packed full of joyous celebration.

photo by John Ottone

photo of Sugar & Spice on our deck by John Ottone

Did you have a rockin’ weekend???


Summer Solstice Bliss Baby

Folks thanks soooooo much for stopping by to read my little blog/journal.  I am so blessed that I have sooo many friends out here, that come by for a visit.  How is everybody???  Are you happy Summer is finally here?????

photo taken by Justyn Thompson. I may use this photo for my upcoming album release

I feel like I have been dry on my posts lately.  Not much music going on right now.  Snake Oil Medicine Show is taking a brief hiatus, because brother Andy Pond and his wife Nicole are expecting a baby this month.  So, that is extremely exciting.

But, in reality, when I stop to think about it, things aren’t really that dry around here.  I have been diggin in the dirt like a mad woman on our land.   Its like, things are opening up for me on the food front, permaculture world.  Its amazing, that I can grow food and there are no Ingles Trucks bringing it to me.  I can go eat fresh salad every day from my garden and pick a squash or some blueberries.  In a few days, I will be able to harvest cucumbers and tomatoes.   My dreams are coming true in front of my very own eyes.  I feel like I am getting awakened.

Its almost Summer Solstice of 2010.  Wow!!!!!!!!! What a year.  I cant believe how long I have been living on this Earth and seeing all its changes.  For better of for worse, I am soooo glad I am here to weather all the storms and the sunny weather.  I feel blessed.  Thank you Universe, family, Justyn, friends and God Above.

Happy Summer Solstice.

our first squash from our garden. Hibiscus flower in the background. I love plants

PS   I am so excited about playing with one of my best girl friends Ami this weekend.  Sugar & Spice are playing tunes to awaken the Summer Goddesses within all of us.

photo courtesy of Ami Worthen. I sure do love me some Sugar & Spice. Celebrating Summer Solstice 2010.... Yea baby

Chill Howie.

Garden Explosion Lunch Time

Its Monday and I just ate lunch out of my garden.  Salad greens, yellow squash for a baked casserole and I harvested 2 handfuls of blueberries to make a smoothie.  My garden is exploding and my dreams have come true.  I just love getting to go outside and harvest food from my food gardens instead of having to go down aisle 12 at the grocery store to get my meals.   Just love it….

my lunch from my garden

garden explosion

Also, my food dehydrator just got delivered today.  Kale chips here I come.


Don’t Forget to Breathe

Happy Friday lovely people.  Follow your joy…….  I have been getting back into my regular yoga practice again…. and wow, I did not realize that I forget to breathe sometimes.  So folks, take time for yourselves this weekend and follow that bliss and don’t forget to breathe.


photo taken by Delphine Davidson


Wish Bubba Luck

Bubba has to go and get snipped today.  Wish him luck.  I have already had him a month and he is really settled into our home life.  He feels sooo comfortable that he has chewed up half a couch.  Besides that, he is really an enjoyable sweet dog and he loves his Big sister Noli.

Poor little Bubba needs some snippage so he does not knock up other dogs.  Goodness me.  Here we go…

Photo taken by the fabulous Miss Beth Brockway. Thanks Beth.


OUR Fest was awesome.

Bob 7 and Phil Cheney singing Kubla Khan

Held in Sherman, New York every year, Maury Rosenberg from Hypnotic Clambake really knows how to throw a party.  I was amazed that it was not cold this year.  Probably the first time ever.  However, it rained like nobody’s business.  The last night there we had tremendous thunderstorms and lightening.  I literally thought my tent was going to fly away with me in it.  I screamed bloody murder when lightening almost hit my tent. Too funny…. The next morning there was carnage with people’s tents and awnings all over the place.  Too crazy.

Zone One Boba Eggo Le Font Stage

I love Ami and Jason from Mad Tea Party

The music was amazing.  Baby Gramps, The Mad Tea Party, BuddaHood, Hypnotic Clambake, Karen Duffy, Sugar & Spice, Stewed Mulligan, Snake Oil and sooo much more.  WE had a friggin blast.

Ami and I closed the festival down, we did a funny late night 1:20am set.  Hard core fans were in the rain listening to us.  Love those folks.  I love OUR Fest it was the BEST.

Georgie and sweet Anna

Love my friends and family that I got to hang with all weekend.  Of course time flew by real fast and its Monday and I am already home blogging about it.  Ha ha.  Have a great week everyone.