Happy Gratitude Day

I am soooo grateful to be alive. Every single day is a lesson, every day a breath of fresh air.
Thank you God for bringing me to Earth to visit for a while. Thanks for all the good times and all the hard times, the ups and downs. The highs and lows are an opportunity for us to grow.

I will be spending Thanksgiving by myself here in Asheville. Planning on visiting friends and doing tons of yoga classes. And spending a whole bunch of time being grateful for what I have, who I have in my life, my family, my friends, my health.



Joy filled Monday

I am trying to fill my days up with joy, positive thought and appreciating every moment.  I got up this morning and went to the gym and did a weight training class and I was in the midst of sweet cute older ladies.  One lady had grey hair with a wild purple streak in it.  Each of those ladies has a story and are so wise and they are enjoying being in an exercise class.  I loved being in the middle of that energy.

Last night I got to enjoy the Wide Open Mic with Ami Whoa at MoDaddy’s.  That experience is a hoot.  It really is Wide Open.  Ami does a smash up job hosting that slew of characters.  She and I got up to play some songs, we have so much fun singing together.

Now, I am heading to a yoga class.  Just staying busy doing healthy positive fun filled stuff.  And then I go to work tonite.



Broken Bienvenidos Sign

My Bienvenidos sign from my front door fell and broke today.  Oh well.  But, I did get a cookbook in the mail today by my friend Ras Rody.  Its called Organics  Sips, Bites and Sweets.   I cannot wait to make Banana and Cornmeal Festival, Ginger Beer, Rice and Pees, Ackee Patties and Almond Milk Rice.  Yummy.

I had a fiddle student today and we were playing Cuckoo’s Nest and I got real excited hearing her improvement.  Oh the joys of teaching.  I am about to teach another student in a few minutes.

Today, I worked out at the gym and ran into another fiddle student friend of mine that I have not seen in a while and its a good thing we collided because she is moving to Oregon tomorrow.   So, life is sooo interesting.  All the way from broken Bienvenidos signs to running into long lost friends, to receiving creative stuff in the mail.  Wow, I am open to it all.  Bring it on life………

Keeping up with our Abundance

Good morning everyone.  I hope that you are enjoying your November so far.  I sure have.  I have been a warrior just working a ton and doing loads of gigs and making my home as colorful and happy as I can get it.  Thanks to my sweet friend Cate, who lends her interior designing skills to make my home feel awesome.

my cozy little living room

I am surrouding myself with positive loving energy.   I have also vowed not to worry about money, so there is abundance for all of us.  The Universe always seems to take care of us, if we let it.  If I worry, then I am putting a block in my bank account, my spiritual and emotional accounts.   Just gotta keep it real, the best I know how.

Flowers in November

I love you.



Halloween is Over

Happy Hump day everyone, Halloween is over and its time to buckle down into some Winter Wonderland.  I am going to embrace this Winter by trying to stay warm, happy and positive.

Halloween skirt costume on floor after the gig study.

I did wake up to no power and heat this morning and it set me back for a moment, also a few of my students cancelled today, so my schedule is a bit askew.  But, its such a small discomfort to what other people in the world have to deal with.  I am grateful and blessed and I don’t want to complain or be negative.   My heart and soul go out to those that are suffering from depression, lack of heat, lack of food, illness.  As humans, we have so much to deal with and we are all one.  We just have to help each other out and be there for our brothers and sisters.

I am like a cat finding the only sunlight in the house

Yes, I did wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, but today, I choose to turn it around and make this another amazing blissed out day.  I don’t want to wallow around in depressionville today or any day for that matter.  I choose happiness.  I will sit in a sunny window,  I will go for a walk,  I will do some yoga,  I will cook a good meal, I will practice my positive thinking, I will talk to friends and family, I will have a blessed and happy day.