Turkey Day Vacation Overview

I had such an amazing Holiday vacation in Charleston and South Georgia.  Thursday morning(Turkey Day) Justyn and I went down to his Uncle’s Plantation on the Cooper River.  Its one of the oldest rice plantations in South Carolina and its on the Cooper River.  It is called the Limerick Plantation.    James B. Edwards, his Uncle, holds a family reunion every year and this was the 25th year.  We ate yummy catered food, hiked the plantation, saw a ton of ducks and went on a hayride.

Friday we got up in the morning and went on a 10 mile bike ride over the brand new Cooper River Bridge.  It was spectacular.  Lots of biking up hill, but the view on top of the bridge was phenomenal.  We rode over to the Aquarium and met up with JT’s niece and sister.  We had a blast.  Unfortunately, my bike had a flat tire, so we had to load the bikes in to the car.  We did stop at Folly Beach to take out the dog and fly the kite.

That evening we had a lovely dinner at The  Mustard Seed in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina and then met up with friends afterwards to celebrate the night life.   We saw a band at Art’s Place, and they were extremely loud, but I loved how they played Duran Duran’s song Rio.  I danced my butt off.  Awesome.

Saturday morning, we woke up and went to The Waterfront Park with JT’s family. The park is underneath the Cooper River Bridge.  It is extremely nice.  JT flew his kite down there, it was amazing.  The weather was windy and brisk, but sunny too.

After our morning adventures, we headed to Sylvania, Georgia to hang with my mom and dad.  It was so lovely and sweet to see them.  We went to a real cool restaurant in the middle of nowhere, Georgia.  It felt like we were at a NYC restaurant plopped on a dirt road in Southern, Georgia, next to a deer processing plant.  Very interesting.  The place was called Doe Doe’s.

More pics to follow, I just can’t find the camera chord thingy.  xoxoxoxo.  Peace.


I Am So Thankful

I am so thankful for the life God gave me

I am so thankful for my family and friends

I am so thankful that I am in a wonderful relationship

I am so thankful for my health

I am so thankful that my life is rich in adventures

I am so thankful that my mom made me practice my violin as a kid

I am so thankful that you folks come over to my blog to read about my adventures.  Thanks soooo much for your support

I am so thankful for my sweet brothers and sister

I am so thankful that I laugh about sooo much

I am so thankful that I have food on my table.

I just wish that the poor and sad people get many blessings as well.  My heart goes out to them.

Much Love. xoxoxoxo

Sundays to Relax

I am loving my Sunday so far, relaxing with a blazing fire in the wood stove.  This is a banana pancake kind of morning.  I love this Jack Johnson song Banana Pancakes, its wonderful.

Its raining cats and dogs outside and I don’t have to go out in it right now.  My plan is to chill watch movies, read a book and oh yeh I do have to go in to work tonite, but for now I will pretend I am on vacation.  Happy Sunday everyone.

Noli dog relaxing last Sunday at the Bass and Grass

I Love my New Camper

This past weekend on the way to Bass and Grass we were lucky enough to take our brand new camper on its maiden voyage down to Perry, Georgia.  Its a 1967 Beauty.  I have been dreaming for years on owning a vintage travel trailer and my dream has come true.  White on the outside and refurbished on the inside with salmon pink sink and stove.  I just love it and adore.  Our little home on wheels.  Here are some pics of this cute little canned ham.  I will show you what the inside looks like later.

camper with outdoor chair setup

canned ham trail along

I love my camper

How to Toss a Big Salad

My cute and clever friend Jennie Hart, made us a salad this weekend at the Bass and Grass.  She had to make a salad for many hungry fishers and musicians so this is what she did.  Jennie started with a clean, unscented trashbag and put her salad ingredients in to toss.  Filmed by Mr. Justyn Thompson.

Bass and Grass

I cannot even begin to put in words how much fun I had at the Bass and Grass Festival this weekend at Perry, Georgia.  75 degree sunny weather, great company, music pickin’ with the Keels and whole bunch of bass fishing.  Here is a couple of short videos that Justyn did while we are on Goose Lake.  I brought my ukulele out there while he caught 15 bass.  I will tell you more stories later, its time for me to unwind from my fun vacation.

November Adventures

“Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” Dr. Seuss

I love finding these quotes, they are good for the soul.  I had a fabulous weekend with The Firecrackers playing at a Bat Mitzvah.  A very swanky event in downtown Greensboro, NC.  Open bar, finger food, hula hoopers and then the band.  Very nice event for a sweet little 13 year old.

So today, I pack up and get organized for Bass and Grass.  We are heading down to Perry, Georgia to be a part of a bluegrass and fishing event.  I am looking forward to it.

Its raining like cats and dogs on this November evening.  Orange trees outside my window and grey skies of rain.  Its quite magical.


I Know this is extremely random picture to put on this post but i love this artshot I took this past summer.

Happy Friday

Lovin’ it today.  Hope you have a blast this weekend. I am off to play a gig in Greensboro this weekend to play a bah mitzvah with the Firecrackers and then I am gonna relax on Sunday.  What are you getting into this weekend?????   Much Love to everyone……


Have a great weekend Yall....

Fall Blessings

“Beloved, inmost Heart of every heart do not let our human hearts be broken by our merely mortal suffering here but make our mortal human hearts Break Free to an unconditional love of You, that we may, thus, love all living beings with love’s own true and truly broken heart”

I just found this quote today and it absolutely resonates with me.

What a beautiful Autumn day we are having here in Asheville.

Much Love to everyone, DSC02683


The Rocket Club Recap

I am still recovering from the Halloween Festivities.  We just had a blast.  Had a fun get together at our house the night before Halloween and then played to a sold out show at The Rocket Club with Sol Driven Train.  I just love those guys.  They got us real good, they dressed up like us (Snake Oil Characters). header_3 When the Sol Driven Boys were on stage, the Snake Oil boys went into the bathroom and put on their band uniforms.  We just love those guys.  We got completely charmed out and hope to do more shows and shennanigans with them in the future.


Jake Wolf our amazing bassist


Billy Seawell drummer for Snake Oil went as Clark Kent


Snake Oil Driven Train, Joel is dressed up like Caroline, too funny