Summer time in January

It has been an incredibly warm and mild winter.  As I type its 63 degrees outside.  I have the windows and doors wide open.  I seem to be sooo much happier in my life when the sun shines.

Life is rad right now.  My sanctuary I call home is cozy, I am getting my Florida tour more organized.  More info on that later.  And I had a fabulous time at my friend Cate’s house where she hosted a pickin picnic party.  You can read about that adventure on her adorably hip blog Lifestyles of the Frugally Hip.  That was a blast.

photo taken by Phil Cheney at the picnic




Picnincking my way through 2012

Its January 2012, and I am living my life to the absolute fullest.  Making every single day a vacation.  Even if I have to go to work, or teach lessons, I still make it a vacation.   My plan this year is to picnic my way through 2012, and so far I am doing a good job at it.

picnic beach time equipped with a ukulele

I have been doing a whole bunch of solo picnics at my house.  Laying a blanket out and enjoying nibbly things.

My picnic I had on Folly Beach