Fun in the Sun

I am still having a wonderful time in Florida.  Boatin, sunnin and funnin.  Went on a boat ride today and snorkeled and then had an awesome dinner at a Floating Thai Restaurant.  We are back to work tomorrow to set up the Watershed booth at The Gigantic Nautical Flea Market in Islamorada, Florida.  Should be fun.

swimmin with fins

Golden Hour


Key West

I have been enjoying my Florida travels.  We were in South Beach Miami for about 5 days and worked the Miami Boat Show selling Watershed bags for 12 hours a day.  We kicked butt.  We rode bikes everywhere and ate yummy foods.  My fave restaurant that we found was a Viatnamese Restaurant.  Our hotel was called The Mercury on 100 and Collins Avenue, sooo cool.

We left Miami this morning and drove the beautiful drive US Hwy 1 to Key West.  What an amazing drive. Electric orange and pink azaleas with turquoise seas.  We got to our hotel and rode probably 10 miles and saw a beautiful sunset.   Florida is treating me right.  I am having a lovely time.  COuld easily live here.

photo taken by Justyn where we ate breakfast at The Big Pink in Miami.

Florida Bound

2 weeks of sunshine that I need soooo desperately.  Gonna work hard for Watershed and gonna ride bikes and work out plans for my life.  Wish me luck.

Happy Valentines Day everyone.  A day for Love.

Hangin in a hammock last year this time.

I Heart Jed

My sweet brother Jed, its been 6 years since you have been gone and I still miss you soooo much.  You were such a golden sweet amazing brother and I feel so blessed that I knew you for 28 awesome years.  I love you forever and ever.  

Fabulous February

Today I do not have to work at any of my jobs.  The only 2 pressing things I need to do today are to take care of myself and to practice with my band and Secret Agent 23 Skidoo tonight.  I am going to do things that make me happy and stay home and read, organize and do my thing.   Gotta step back every once in a while.

pennies in a wishing fountain

Its gonna be a Fabulous February.  I am going to put it out there.  More happier and warmer sunnier times.  Amazing communication coming from my heart.another Las Vegas photo from my collection

I am heading to Florida in 10 days with Captain Adventure for a Watershed Work Trip.  We get to do the Miami Boat Show.

my purse, my walking shoes, my headphones and my new costa sunglasses

Las Vegas Dream

in the Venitian Las Vegas

Last week I found myself in paradise for a few days.  I managed to escape my Winter blues and the snow storms of Asheville and miraculousy land in sunny Las Vegas.  73 degrees of perfect walking weather that made my heart happy.

caro in Las Vegas

Walking by myself all day.  Yes, Las Vegas is sin city with its neon lights, girls, girls, girls signs and debauchery, but I found sheer delight in quaint spots.

Bellagio Fountains

You can choose your own adventure when you are in Las Vegas.  I got myself lost in every hotel.  I strolled for hours in the Venitian hotel and dreamed I was in Italy.  The hotel is designed to look like Venice with the Gondola boats gliding on the rivers and a Sistine Chapel look-a-like.

gondola venetian

The Bellagio had the most spectacular water fountain shows I have ever seen.  There was a place called Paris that had an Eiffel Tower that was so spectacular.

I feel blessed that I got to go there in the middle of the Winter.

Happy Hour

my walking shoes in Vegas