Spring Postcard Contest Time

Hey there my sweet readers.  Hope your Ash Wednesday is wonderful.  Have you decided what you are giving up for Lent? I am not a Catholic so I am not sure what Lent really is.  I know I don’t dig cleaning the lint screen from my dryer but to give something up for lent, like ice cream or cheese or wine, now thats a different story.  Wow this is tough.  Big thumbs up for those who practice that.  Now I do dig Mardi Gras. This is the first year in many that I did not go to Breaux Bridge, Louisiana to celebrate.  I love to Zydeco dance and I love country Mardi Gras celebrations,  but this year I had to take it off so I could go to Jamaica.  

These are sample postcards of photos by Jon Weiner.......

These are sample postcards of photos by Jon Weiner.......


So folks, let’s get down to it. I feel like its contest time.  Here is the deal.  Leave me a comment on this post, and tell me what is your favorite American city and why????    I am going to do a drawing next Wednesday on March 4th, 2009.   The lucky winner is going to get 3 fun postcards from me during the Spring months.  Entries will be drawn from a fiddle case by my roomate Audrey.

Now, this is my first contest so let’s see how it goes.

Much Love,



13 thoughts on “Spring Postcard Contest Time

  1. My Favorite American City

    My favorite American city is: Sylva, North Carolina.

    I was standin on the corner, not doin no harm
    plunkin on a six-string strung o’er m’arm.
    I started on Jerry Jeff tunes an moved to m’own
    thinkin’ up noo werds as I went along
    I started gettin lil’ wild, havin some Forty Ounce Fun
    when this man walked up’n said he like my G Run.
    I said thankee kind sir, I got much more to offer
    an he dropped a dollah bill in the soundhole (they always land softer)
    WHOO-WHEE I’s happy, an a tune came ta me
    I said this’n fer you sir, in the key of D
    my thumb starts a thumpin’ an m’voice kinda growled
    10 seconds later I’s in th’middle of a crowd
    an all the loot was flyin’ an m’strings was bendin’
    so I added a fat Doc Watson style endin’
    then my feet did a tap like Bojangles would
    an all their applause sho made me feel good
    so good that I picked till the moon went back down
    an I laid down some roots up in Sylva town.

    I reckon thats’a called Talkin’ Sylvanian Street Corner Buskin’ Blooze.

  2. 100% nashville, tn. i’ve been to A LOT of american cities and do love them all for different reasons, but nashville has some serious CHARACTER! live music 24/7 and a kickin’ underground scene. most people don’t know the whole nashville. AM I RIGHT GIRLFRIEND??? and, any city that can suit loretta lynn AND jack white has to be happenin’. ❤ ya, babe!

  3. Hmm, i can’t really claim a favorite city because there are so many good ones. But since i love your blog i had to throw my vote in. One city that comes to mind is… Suwanee, Tennessee. Maybe it is not big enough to be a city, but if you count the eagles, the town is simply booming. There’s something about those mountains.

  4. While I have to agree that Sylva, North Carolina is WHOO-WHEE, my favorite American city is Boston, Massachusetts.

    I love Boston because:

    1. I was born there.
    2. I met my wife there.
    3. My parents still live there.
    4. There are more colleges, universities, and learning opportunities there than just about anywhere else.
    5. The art and music scenes there rival anything I’ve found.
    6. The Boston Red Sox
    7. The Charles River

    I’m sure I could think of more reasons.

  5. My favorite city is Asheville because if it has to be a city I can get really good local food, see smelly crazy hippies and constantly hear music.

  6. Although Sylva is pretty cool and Asheville is groovy and Nashville, well it’s Nashville and Boston is OK and Suwannee, Tenn. sounds great, I must say in all sincerity that Franklin, NC is the place for me.
    Why Franklin? Well my family is here, and I love them, my friends are here, and I love them. My dog is here, my cat is here, and I love them. Franklin is surrounded by the awesome beauty of the spectacular Nantahala mountains. The Appalachian trail and the Bartram trail intersect on the top of Wayah Bald. Look in any direction and you can see such beauties as Standing Indian, Albert Mountain, Cowee, Scaly Mountain, Siler Bald, and the Fishhawks to name a few. The north flowing Little Tennessee river flows right through downtown on her way to Fontana.
    We close main street down every Saturday night during the summer for Pickin’ on the Square and you can always count on a couple of shows from Curtis Blackwell and the boys to get things hopping. Franklin is also within driving distance of my favorite music venues in Asheville, so I can always get to the shows that I want to see, and close enough to Sylva so when “Cooking with Quanta” have a gig, we can show our support for the cause. Best of all though, Franklin is my home, the people are neighborly, friendly, and kind. And besides, the women are generally good lookers and the men pretty damn nuggly.

  7. It would be so easy for me to say Chicago. The city I called home for so long, and know so well–down to where the underground Mexican midget wrestling is and where to get the best corn smut tacos before the bout. With all that is great about that place that I know and that I miss, there so much that I know is bad.

    If the limit was North America I might go for Montreal, Quebec, Canada–OR–Guanajuato, Guanajuato, Mexico. Both towns I have had some magical times in, and they will always be special.

    With the confines of the contest, I go for Savanna GA. I’ve only spend 2 days there when I was 16, so I have no idea what it is really like. I can let my hopes and imagination wonder. So in my head tonight it is the perfect city in America (I almost went for Fargo ND, but I do love the ocean.)

    Who wants to road trip?

  8. my favorite city is san franasheville californianorthcarolina!

    have you ever been there?
    ocean mountains, ocean mountains ocean mountains!!!

  9. I have lived in great little towns (Nevada City, CA for example, awesome music and art scene), but now live in an amazing city, Spokane, WA. What can be bad about a big city that feels like a small town? We have a entire downtown block that is completely green with: restaurants, clubs, NGOs, a fantasy comic book store, law offices, etc. We have five universities, a hundred mile long river park and trail, waterfalls in the middle of town, and great thinking people. Not only is our governor a woman (and both our US Senators) but here we have females at the top of all the ladders above the ceiling (Congress, State legislature, mayor, et al). Among our many great international events one can experience: Bloomsday, HoopFest, ArtFest and SkyFest (okay we have this thing about calling everything Fest, but we are serious festers), and the infamous musically awesome Pig Out in the Park.


  10. My least favorite city is Hope-you-like-it GA. It’s real hard to find, and if you sneeze while driving thru you miss it. If you go there, I hope you like it, I sure didn’t.

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