Reunited with Snake Oil this Weekend

I am thrilled to be playing a show on Saturday night with my Snake Oil Medicine Show Family.  We are gonna be on stage in Knoxville, Tennessee at Barley’s Tap Room around 10pm.  This Saturday December 4th.   Tell your friends.

My Snake Oil guys Andy, George and Billy

Much LOVe,



Asheville Bliss

Home sweet Home.  I am here and loving life.  My tour was fantastic and I am sooo grateful to be chillin out and recharging batteries in my own house.  

I have cds available still if anybody wants to buy one, let me know.  Also, Ami helped me set up my Bandcamp on my blog, so feel free to listen to it.  You can also download the songs.

I hope your Thanksgiving was lovely.



Dallas, Texas

This is my last night of my Lady solo tour.  Follow Your Heart.  I did it!!!!!!!!

Mom and I are spending the night with some lovely people who own D’Vine Wine in Grapevine, Texas where I played tonight.  I am up late tonite, just reminiscing the tour.  I have had some fun times and some trying times.  I am sooo glad I did it.  I know now that when I do this again, I will bring a small PA.  This little lady has a hard time belting out songs, its sooo exhausting.

a little bit hazy but this is how my Texas trip was. My last gig on this tour.

Thanks everyone for the support and the love while I was on this tour.  I am sooo grateful for this experience.  I am so grateful that my mom went with me.  What a trip.

Happy Thanksgiving.  I hope everyone enjoys their day.

Eastward Bound and in Texas

Well we are in Texas in a hotel off of Highway 10.  We drove many many miles today from my sister’s house in California.  I already miss her sooo bad and baby Josie and Tom.

We pulled over to a hotel in the middle of nowhere Texas.  I have no idea what part of Texas I am in.  All I know is that we have about 500 miles to go tomorrow.  There is a Mexican family below our room that is cooking out huge steaks on a grill and they are talking real loud.  Also trains are going through and it shakes the whole hotel room.  So, this is very very interesting.  Ha ha.

Tomorrow is my last gig of this solo tour and I will be playing at D’Vine Wine in Grapevine, Texas.  Then we drive Eastwards on Wednesday to make it to Atlanta for family Thanksgiving.  

I have had a blast but am sooooo ready to get home to my routine, healthy food and exercise.  However, I would not trade this experience for the world.

Palm Springs Postcards

Palm Trees

I am so

Palm Springs Pool that I have been chillin in everyday

enjoying recharging my batteries here in Palm Springs with my family.

hangin with cats

hangin with Josie, babies on the lawn

We are getting up super duper early and enjoying brisk morning walks.

my sisters street with a mountain view back drop

I am hangin’ poolside a ton, hiking, playing music and planning and cooking home cooked meals with my sis.  We are also enjoying playing an evening match of dominoes.

playing trash train with the family

Chillin here for a few more luscious days.

Caroline Chillin by the pool

Palm Springs Paradise

Well after miles and miles of gigs, states, driving I am finally all the way across the country.  I am in Palm Springs, California hangin with my sister Jane, Tom her hubbie and their baby Josie.   Mom and I had such a soft landing here.    Its like Summer time here.  Pools, 80 degree weather, Palm Trees and Paradise.   Jane made us a homecooked meal.  Veggie enchiladas, awesome salad and wine.

I get to hang with Josie all week, photo by Jane DeRossett

My little Josie girl niecey pie fell asleep in my arms tonite while the family was watching “Meet the Fockers” on TV.  Can it get any better.  Doubt it.

Mom and I were in Las Vegas last night and we got to see an amazing play that my friend Laura Lee is in.  Menopause was the play.  She was delicious in it.

Well I am off to bed.  More later.

Still in Lovely Colorado

Mom and I are in Breckenridge, Colorado and it is a beautiful sunny day.  The snow is melting and the sky is bright blue.  The locals tell me we are in between snow storms, which makes me a bit nervous.  This southern girl driving in the snow is a bit nerve wracking.  But, so far so good.

Mom and I on tour

Winter Park, Ullrs Tavern was so nice and sweet.  People started dancing the first song that I played and that just made me sooo happy.  I played a couple of sets and then had an awesome guitar guy named Matt, affectionately known as “Hippie” jam with me on the last songs.

Super Mom on tour

We had a lovely lunch today corn chowder and a delicious margarita.

corn chowder and margarita lunch. We be on vacation/tour

So, tonite I will be playing at a winery.  Mom and I are going to walk to the gig because we are staying in a lovely condo in the heart of Breckenridge.

Colorado Clouds

Rocky Mountain High

I woke up this morning to a beautiful sunrise.  One of the prettiest ones I have seen since I was in Maui, Hawaii on top of Haleakala Volcano.  So breathtaking.  Mom, Sean, Lavender and I went on a lovely hike to see the Continental Divide.

The Rockies are beautiful.  I have a 5 night gig stint here.

Sean Jammin on Piano

Tonite is Star Bar in Denver one of the oldest dive bars.  50 years old.

Kentucky Housewarming Partay

Mom and I had a blast in horse country.  We went to my friends John and Flora Platt’s house warming party in Versailles, Kentucky.  I was pronouncing it Versailles like the French do, but its really pronounced by the locals like this: Ver Sails.

This is John and Flora, photo taken by Waddy Platt

Well, I met John Platt about a year ago in Perry, Georgia at Bass and Grass and he got in touch with me when I put it out on Facebook that I was going on a tour and if anybody wanted a house party to contact me.    So John contacted me and asked me if I wanted to do a housewarming party and it worked out swimmingly for my routing.

Photo by Waddy Platt

John and Flora’s house was built in the 1800’s and it burned down in July of 2008 when the family was on vacation.  John told us that it was an electrical fire.  There was another family that was staying at their house at the time with 5 girls.   There was an idiot dog that apparently everybody hated that barked and woke the family up to alert them to get out of harm’s way.  Good sweet dog.  When the Platt’s discovered that their house burned down, they decide to stay on vacation for a little longer.

The Platt's new house, photo by John Platt

So, now the Platt’s have rebuilt their new home on their 200 acre family farm and it is just beautiful.  We had a pot luck dinner and then I entertained and did my music thang and then we had some other guest musicians sit in and share their talent.  Eliza, one of the Platt’s daughter got up on the mike and sang so beautiful.  Eliza sang Danny Boy three times and each time she sang it, it got better.  Also, her friends joined her and sang the Star Spangled Banner.  In addition, we had another viola fiddler which was awesome.  All the girls were loving the microphone.

At the party there was some Bourbon samplings going on from our buddy Eric.  That was an education for sure.  I am not a big fan of Bourbon, but it was nice to try it.  It tasted like vanilla.  Eric is an ambassador of Maker’s Mark and he recently spent 2000 dollars on his bourbon collection.  He is serious.

The next morning we woke up and had coffee, english muffins and some fun laughs.  John’s twin brother Waddy is hilarious.  He is a gadget king and he was enlightening me on some cool computer stuff.  I talked him into getting Hipstamatic.  Also, I played some fiddle with Flora.  She is taking lessons and we just jammed a couple.

Jammin fiddles with FLora

waddy's photo

So, now I am in Topeka, Kansas  after a 10 hour drive.  There was a bit of confusion of where to eat and where to stay, but at least we are safe and sound for the evening.

Mom and I leaving the Platts, photo by Waddy Platt

Colorado bound tomorrow.

Atlanta and Knoxville

Eddie’s Attic in Atlanta was sooo much more than I thought it was going to be.  So many of my friends showed up.  I love this town.   Love love love

Ben Scales, Caroline Pond and Rev Jeff Mosier at Eddies attic photo by David Leo

Also, I had a blast in Knoxville at Barley’s Tap Room.  Ben Scales came and played with me here too.

Photo by Jon Weiner

I am plum tuckered, so I am off to bed.  We leave for Kentucky tomorrow.  So much love in my heart for this fun tour

photo by Dave Leo