Pre Halloween Blues

THis home girl is sooooo busy I cannot even see straight.  I have a gig in a few short hours at The Grey Eagle in Asheville with Snake Oil, Sol Driven Train and Now You See Them, and its a costume party and I have nooooo idea what to wear.

I have been so busy lately that I am getting stressed, nervous and exhausted, but this sweet video of backstage Snake Oil gang makes me smile and helps me to continue on my path.  To be a human to feel all the feelings up the ups and downs.  Life is fascinating for sure.


Warm Fuzzy Fall

Good morning my beautiful friends.  Its Tuesday morning and I just went outside and its warm and windy and so many of the yellow and orange leaves are on the ground.  I could barely see my yellow dog running around on the grass, he was camoflauged with the yellow leaves.   Too silly.  I hope that your Fall is just beautiful.  It warms my heart.

Fall photo of Caroline 2009 on Plantation in South Carolina

My CD, Follow Your Heart is in production as we speak.   I am getting ready to go on my BIG tour.  I leave in exactly one week.   Also, I have got some gigs coming up right around the corner.   Busy and productive girl here.

Wednesday October 27th: I am in the studio all day with the Snake Oil album recording project in Weaverville, NC

Thursday October 28th Boone, NC   I open up for the Sol Driven Train at the Boone Saloon.

Friday October 29th Asheville, NC  Snake Oil Medicine Show with Sol Driven Train at The Grey Eagle, showtime 9pm.  Dress up party

Saturday October 30th: Private Wedding Party

Follow Your Heart

Two more weeks til the release of Follow Your Heart and I can’t contain my excitement.  This is the theme for me this year.  I was driving back from Salt Lake City with Captain Adventure when I had the idea in my heart that I wanted to go on tour across America doing my solo musical act and I wanted to take my mom with me.  And now here it is, almost 3 luscious months later and my dreams are coming true.

poster by George Pond

Mom and I embark on our trip Wednesday November 3rd, where we start in Atlanta, Georgia and we make our way across America.  I will sooo keep you posted on this blog.  For all show updates, just click on the above tab that says Tour Dates.

Follow Your Heart people………………….

A Year’s Highlight

I did this last year and I feel like doing it again.  Just counting my blessings and putting out the highlights from this year:

A One Year Recap Highlight of a blogging girl’s life


Caroline in yellow study



November 2009: Spent Thanksgiving with Justyn’s Family.  His Uncle was the Governor of South Carolina in the 80’s and we spent time with him on the plantation.  Also this month I got to go to Perry, Georgia and play with Larry Keel at Bass and Grass Festival.

DeCember 2009:   Spent Christmas in Weaverville and had a nice Christmas Tree and ate Christmas Indian Feast with my friend Taji’s family.  Also got to spend time with my Yoga guru teacher, Brenda Star in Jacksonville for her birthday

January 2010: Went on an awesome ski trip in Utah with Justyn, hung out in Hot Springs and stayed with JT’s former girlfriend Heather Dee, she is a blast and a half

February 2010 Hello Panama.  What an amazing time chillin with the Morrison Clan and hangin on hammocks, boogie boarding and sippin on rum drinks.

March 2010: Went to the Doonanny Festival in Seale, Alabama and hung with Mad Tea Party and Sugar & Spice, awesome art and music there.  Also this month I learned how to cook Indian food with my girlfriend Taji.

April 2010:   French Quarter Festival in New Orleans with the Watershed team.  French Broad River Festival, I emceed the fest and my bands Snake Oil Medicine Show and Sugar & SPice got to jam there.

May 2010: spent time in South Georgia with my momma on Mother’s Day, she started learning how to hula hoop.  Found a stray dog in the trash dumpster near my parent’s house and kept him.  His name is Bubba and he still lives with me.

June 2010: My first garden ever.  6 raised beds in my yard filled with tomatoes, cukes, peppers, edamame, blueberries, pumpkins, carrots, radishes, etc.   Food Utopia.  In addition, this month I decided to cut all my hair off and get a cute short hair doo.  Summer Solstice Party and Delphine from California comes for a visit.

July 2010:   First Snake Oil baby born.  Adele Mary Pond born July 1st to Andy and Nicole.  Went to Atlanta for my brother Augie’s bday.  Sister Jane from California comes for a visit. Rafted 4 Colorado Rivers.  Had my bday in Colorodo.  Hung with Sean and Lavender.

August 2010:  Spent a week in Salt Lake City at the Outdoor Retailer and had a huge gig there.  My tiny uke was plugged into a giant Marshall Amp.  That was awesome.

September 2010: Gigs with Snake Oil.  Gauley Festival in West Virginia.  Hanging with Uma.  Booking all my shows for cross country tour.

October 2010: Hung out with the Snakes at Grassroots Shakori Hills Festival.   Recorded a new solo cd and getting ready for huge Cross Country November tour with Mom.

Blessings from a 2 Year Old Blog

I can’t believe that I have been doing this blog for two years now.  It has been one of my favorite things to do.  I love writing stories, blurbs, adventures and putting pictures on here.  I put my heart out on this platform and I love it.  Thanks sooo much my beautiful readers for supporting me here on my journey.  I love that I am freely allowed to put a glimpse of myself onto this here blog.  2 years of healing and bliss and I don’t plan on stopping.

My band Snake Oil has been going going going.  We have a gig at Diamond Brand Outfitters tonight here in Asheville.  Its from 6-8pm.  It’s Diva Night, celebrating ladies who want to do outdoor activities.   Its on Hendersonville Highway.  I love my Snake Oil Family soooo much.

Well I am off to go and get another haircut, my mop has gotten so long lately, so I just need a trimmy trim.  I have about 2 weeks til I embark on my cross country tour.  Thanks sooo much for all my supporters.   My CD is nearing completion as well.

Much Love and Blessings to you my sweet amazing readers.   xoxoxoxxo

Dance Tent Joy

Good morning everyone.  Snake Oil Medicine Show had a wonderful time at Shakori Hills Grassroots Festival in Silk Hope, NC.  We got to play the dance tent 2 days in a row and it was so marvelous.  So many fun dancers on both days.  Thanks for all the dancers.   

The weather was so divine.  I love the Snake Oil boys sooo much, we picked around our campsite and they gave lessons on guitar to Captain Adventure. That was cool.

Bouncing around with a 6 pack of friends late Saturday night, checking out music was a blast.   Brian Makepeace, Jan Brady, Justyn, Erin, Beth and me.  That was a hoot and a half.

I am still excited about how much fun we had.

Have a great week yall.

Weekend Love Salutations

Have a luscious, amazing, wonderful weekend yall.  I am heading to Shakori Hills, Grassroots.  Cannot wait to jam with my Snake Oil guys.

Got my solo CD mixed yesterday.  One week I have to wait to make notes, then we tweak it and master it and then Follow your Heart will be here.   Soooo happy.


pic taken by Phil, Snake Oil played at Frenchie's in New Orleans in 2004


See ya later.


Tour Sponsorships

Hey folks I am kind of doing my own grassroots kickstart for my tour.  If you would like to be a proud sponsor of the arts and a fiddle girl doing a cross country tour to spread good positive vibes and music then this may be your day.

I leave in one month and my mom is going with me and we are just going to have a wonderful time.  I drive across the country going through Atlanta, Knoxville, Colorado, Las Vegas, California and back through Texas and return to Atlanta for Thanksgiving with family.   This will be an epic adventure.

I have different sponsorship packages.  You can go to my sponsor page and hit the sponsor button to donate.

For $15  I will mail you 3 postcards from my tour in November

For $20 I will send you my brand new cd out by November.

For $25  I will send you a cd and a postcard from my tour

For $50  I will send you 2 cds and a care package from the road and sponsorship on my blog/website

For $100- I will send you cd, 5 postcards, tee shirt/care package/sponsorship on my blog/website

For $250-  a house concert in North Carolina in the year 2011/sponsorship on my blog/website

For $300 and above house concerts and mad props/cds, etc.. printed sponsorship on tee shirts, announcements from stage

For $500 plus a house concert in the United States, will need to negotiate with how far from North Carolina.

If you do sponsor just email me at

and let me know your address and your sponsorship so I can send you appropriate stuff.

I am just putting it out there.  Feel free to pledge anything and I will give in return.

If you are a company and you want to advertise on my blog, feel free to get in touch.

I do accept paypal and checks in the mail.

Kind Regards and Love,


My Board of Directors

I could not have done my cd without the help of these beautiful, stellar, talented amazing individuals.  Thanks sooooo much.  My heart is huge and filled with tons of love.

Ben Scales on guitar/vocals

Ben and his daughter

George Pond on bass

George Pond, aka Warpextor Cosmoverse

Ami Worthen on uke/vocals

Jason Krekel on guitar and baby cries/vocals

Jason Krekel "Krekkie"

Monday Morning Pages

This has been the most amazing morning in a long long time.  I feel so blessed and happy.  Man pie and dogs let me sleep in.  Woke up at 9:45am and feel so rested.  Came out to the living room with 2 passed out dogs in front of a roaring fire, hot coffee already made, and a breakfast sandwich with a love note on it.  Wow, I feel blessed and loved.

Noli passed out

The days and nights are getting colder and for some reason when this happens, I notice that I slip into heavy hearts.  I prefer sunny days..  I guess that is why I do not live in Seattle.  But, its really just a state of mind.  Need to make myself comfortable and learn to love every situation I am in.  Emotions are lessons and when I feel sad, I just need to look at it and be open to it.  I know that I have been tired for days and all I needed was some good solid rest.  Working on my album, working a night job and planning my November trip with my mom has been go go go.  I love it and that is how my life is right now.

Well everyone have an amazing week.  Fall is beautiful.  You are too.  You are loved don’t forget that.