Catching Back Up

Sipping on some coffee at my desk in my 18th Floor Waikiki Condo and realizing that I have not looked at my Blog or thought about this outlet in a couple of years.  Too much fun has been had here in paradise to write.

However,  like a long lost friend who can pick up where we left off, I just wanted to say I’M BACK!!!!!!  I love you!!!!  Thanks for checking in.

Life really has been wonderful and I feel blessed every day that I get to wake up and have a new adventure.  Drew and I just got back from a 3 week delicious tour on the East Coast.  We got to see a lot of our friends and family.  I played music with Sugar & Spice and Snake Oil Medicine Show in Asheville and Hot Springs, North Carolina.   We braved the cold and the rain at the 20th Anniversary of French Broad River Festival.  We saw Colonel Bruce Hampton’s last show on Earth at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta.  Ohio, West Virginia, North Carolina and Georgia were all on our map of our vacation.  We just had a wonderful time.Caro and Drew at the Georgian Terrace

Now, I am back in beautiful Hawai’i ne getting my hustle on.  Working as a server at PF Changs, playing music, learning how to surf, hiking, picnicking and painting.

Lots of love to you all.




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