Aloha Friday is here!!!!

Caroline Pond about to play Arnold's Tiki Bar in Waikii

Caroline Pond about to play Arnold’s Tiki Bar in Waikii

Aloha Friday my beautiful friends!!! I will be at Arnold’s this afternoon starting around 4:30-7. Got special guest stars coming in Kimmer on cajone and Hank on guitar!!! I’m gonna bus it to Waikiki to be green today and I’m thinking about washing my hair with baking soda to see what the no poo craze is all about!!! Much Love and Aloha Y’all!!



6 thoughts on “Aloha Friday is here!!!!

  1. Hi Caroline, Somehow your driver’s license ended up at your old apartment on Arborvale in Asheville. I have it. If you have already replaced it I’ll cut it up and throw it away. Looks like you are having a great life adventure. Good for you!! All the best, Hedy

    • Hi Hedy, I was wondering what happened to that Drivers License. I replaced it with a Hawaii License, so we are all good. Thanks for letting me know. I am sorry I am just getting back at sending emails out. LOL. xoxoxo

  2. Caroline-
    This is Patty Crowley from high school. I saw ur video of you singing and you are amazing. I knew back then you were a talented musician and You followed your passion and your heart and dreams when the rest of us were afraid. You look just like u did when we were kids….I just showed my parents your photo as you had come up in conversation as we were reminiscing!!! Just wanted to say hello and wish you and your family a Merry Christmas. If you ever get time and want to say hello my email is pgaglia1968@gmail. Take care and best wishes!!!!

    • Hi Patty, I am so excited to hear from you. I cannot believe I am just getting around to checking all my messages on this Blog. I gotta get better at this. I will email you directly. xoxoxoxo

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