Trading my Cowgirl Boots in for Flip Flops

Well, I am in my office right now, which happens to be a Starbucks in Atlanta,GA.  I stop at Starbucks across the country so I can keep up with my booking, communication and Facebook duties.  Ha ha.   I left Asheville just before June and have been traveling and having sooo many adventures.   Picnicking, playing music, hangin’ with friends, doing yoga and a tiny bit of surfing.946351_10200748750055655_859601505_n

I went to Charleston, SC for a couple of days and played at the Awendaw Barn Jam, then hung out on Folly Beach and Sullivan’s Island.  Also, I did a Bikram Yoga class with my friend Jason, that kicked my butt.

Then I went to Jacksonville and St. Augustine.  One of my friends had access to a beautiful beach home on Villano Beach.  We stayed there for a few days and they had to drag me out of that awesome pad.  I have been enjoying practicing my yoga everyday as well.549170_10200316695014549_173179074_n

I spent two days on the St. John River in a fishing cabin, where i practiced new material to play with my ukulele and fiddle.  Sooo fun.  Sooo peaceful and sweet.65575_10200335745170791_38459000_n

Also I went to South Georgia to visit my parents and then spent the weekend on Lake Lanier, North of Atlanta to spend time with my niece and nephew.

Life is good in the hood.  Just traveling along.  I will be in Atlanta for a few days visiting friends and then I have a gig this Wednesday night June 12th at The Red Light Cafe with friends.

On Thursday I drive up to Cincinatti, OH to hang out with cousins and then head out West…… Here we go….


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