Summer Extravaganzas…………..

Camp Yogaville

Has it really been 2 months since I have come to visit my blog???  Oh my goodness.  This Summer has been a whirlwind.  In June, I went to Camp Yogaville to hang with kids, teach them music and play music for the kids while they were in Yoga class.  I was also part of the kitchen staff preparing vegetarian meals for 60 people everyday.  Camp Yogaville is in Virginia on the James River.  I had such a wonderful time, however I did get bitten by a spider and had to go to the hospital because the bite got really swollen.  At Urgent Care, I asked the doctor to pop the bite and he said, “NO”, that would not be a good idea.  So, he wrote me a prescription for antibiotics and sent me on my way.  As soon as I got into my car I popped the darn swollen spider bite myself and finally felt relief.  I did experience a heavy cold with coughing and sore throat afterwards, but made it through.  I must have an allergic reaction to spider bites.  This was not my first bite in my life.  But oh well……

In July, I went to the Bahamas to celebrate my best friend Heather’s 40th birthday.  We did it in style.  She rented a house and a boat and we got to explore all the islands of Abaco in Northern Bahamas.  We snorkeled, hauled butt in a boat, drank rum drinks, and swam in turquoise seas.  It was beautiful and breathtaking.

Abaco, Bahamas.


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