Pass-a Grille is Paradise

I have found myself in paradise on Earth.  I am in the southern most tip of St. Pete, Florida in a place called Pass-a-Grille.  Thanks soo much Ben and Cate, Virginia and Ed for letting me stay here.  

This tour has been soooo incredible on sooo many levels.  The house party at Ian and Susan’s house was amazing.   Love those people sooo much.

With Ian at the House party

Also getting to play with Ben Scales for the last 3 shows has been stellar.

Photo taken by Amanda Byars at The Ale and The Witch in St. Pete, Florida March 3, 2012. We were singing "Babies on the Lawn"

I only have a few more days of this tour and I just feel soooo blessed and blissed.   Thank you everyone for supporting me on this whirlwind tour.  I cannot wait to plan for the next one.

Sunset buddies on Pass-a-grille. Photo taken by Michael Ehrets


My next gig is in Lakeland Tommorow night.  My Last night in Florida at Evolution Records in Lakeland, Florida at 6pm with Mr. Ben Scales.


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