Life on the Road

I am writing you from The Sentient Bean in Savannah, Georgia.  I feel like I am on  Cloud 9 and angels are surrounding me on this solo tour.  Charleston, SC was amazing.  The Awendaw Green Folks were such gracious hosts.  The Barn Jam on Wednesday night was off the hook.  All the folks there were sooo nice and the musicians were amazing.  I played in between the sets.  So, after the gig I went and stayed at my friend Noodle and Eden’s house and realized that I forgot my fiddle backstage at the Barn Jam.  Too funny.  I NEED A ROAD MANAGER….  Ha ha.  This fiddle girl, just needs to tighten it up a bit.  Luckily, Noodle drove me the 36 mile round trip to retrieve my fiddle.

Resting after a picnic

Thursday I spent the whole day on the beach doing yoga and playing a concert for the Seagulls.  It was sunny and windy as heck.  Gotta love it.  I just bundled up in my blanket and put my toes in the sand.   Later that day I had a picnic.  I am extremely addicted and obsessed with picnics.   I look forward to the occasions of dining outside with my blankie and my delicious treats.

Zesty orange picnic deliciuosness

The Hippodrome Concert that the Awendaw Folks put on was incredible.   It was held at the Imax theatre right next to the South Carolina aquarium.  BMW designed the turquoise theatre seats at 1500 dollars(someone told me this) a pop.   It was a singer/songwriter in the round thingy that included myself with Danielle Howle, Bret Mosley and Carey Murdoc.   These are my new friends.  Also, Noodle and Eden’s band the V-Tones, rocked my face off.  They had swing dancers and LED Light hula hoopers on stage.  It was awesome.   I have to say I really got stage fright this night, but I loved the challenge. It was just me, performing from my soul and heart to a huge venue, no band was backing me up.  Just me, myself and my ukulele…….    There has been soooo much support from all the people that I have come across on my pathway.

After the show I got to stay in the most luxurious pad.  Thanks sweet Amanda and Tasha.  You rule….. I was able to regroup and get a good nights rest and I cleaned my tour vehicle out.

This has been tooo much fun.   I do have to admit though that its a bit lonely and hard to do by myself, but I am loving life and living every single day to the fullest.  I am finding my bliss.   So I leave this with you…………………   Find your Bliss………..


4 thoughts on “Life on the Road

  1. Hey sweetie,
    It size from black cat. I always think of y’all and here and there look u up. I’m bummed I missed u in charleston. I had to work, I’m a firefighter now and found my passion, but still paint. I’ve lived in most of the places u mentioned and played semi pro beach volleyball… Long and crazy life. Yours too!!! I’m soooo happy to still see yall on tour. I still always say u are sooo talented. And u showing the diff between fiddle and violen. I don’t do facebook but would love to catch up. Email me at sumapo11@yahoo .com and I’ll sent my phone number. I hope u remember me, i was the big girl that worked in the kitchen, and after a crazy day roland and Megan gave us pbr when nite was buzy to clean up, then yall started singing! Then clean up and tough night was worth it!!!

  2. I was just running down your page real fast, looking at pictures reading occasional blogs.. “find your bliss”… like a roadmap colored onto a sweet and special place at your pulse… love you girl!.. I’ma gonna color me a roadmap to bliss too… I’ll keep adding to it every day… pinks and yellows and even blues.. yeah.. sky blues… xxxxxx X!

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