Laisses Les Bon Temps Roulez

Let the good times roll.  It Mardi Gras and my town really knows how to party.  I felt so honored and blessed that my band Snake Oil Medicine Show got to play on Bacchus Sunday in Asheville.  I woke up early morning to play for King Hobbit and Queen Tamra’s wedding.  Everyone was dressed up in the most amazing costumes and the wedding cake was fabulous.

the beautiful bride Queen Tamra

I took this photo of Hobbit and Tamra on my iphone

photo by Richard Kennedy.. of the King and Queen of Asheville Mardi Gras

photo taken by Ami Worthen

Although, it was freezing cold and raining outside, the parade went on right after the wedding ceremony.  While that was happening, Snake Oil Medicine Show set up our sound system and got prepared for the throngs of costumed party parade folks at the Pack Tavern, Century Room.

Lisa Lee made this whole royal wedding outfit by herself. Sooo clever

The night was sooo magical.  We had so much fun performing.  The room was soo crowded, someone told me that they were about at capacity at 750 people or more, so who knows.  It was fantastic.

Jim was one of the wedding attendants

Some highlights for me was the dance troups that performed.  The floors were shaking.  The Biggest Highlight for me was when King Hobbit got up on stage and read out a poem, “If I could be King for the Day, I would get married to my best friend, If I could be King of the Day, I would have all my friends get dressed up and parade around town, If I could be King of the Day, I would have Snake Oil Medicine Show play at the Ball……………”

awesome wedding cake with cool bling rings on it

One of the top best days ever for me.  I just had a blast and am sooo proud of my town Asheville.  We are colorful, loving, creative, artsy folks that love to get together and celebrate life.


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