Tour is Coming up

Laying in a hammock in February, loving life

Hi kiddos, this is my Tour schedule sooo far.  If I am in your area and you want to do a ukulele workshop or Yoga session or beach surf time, let me know.  Contact me… or on here…….

Wednesday Feb 22nd Charleston, Sc Awendaw Barn Jam  4879 Highway 17 North, Awendaw, SC 29429
(843) 452-1642

Thursday Feb 23rd Charleston, SC Hippodome downtown Imax Theatre

Friday Feb 24th Savannah, GA, Sentinent Bean  13 E Park Ave, Savannah GA 31401

Saturday Feb 25th: Audio Ananda in Jacksonville, Fl

Sunday Feb 26th: Yurtananda at Brenda Star Walkers Place 1st Annual Caroline Pond and Friends with potluck dinner. Starts at 4pm.

Monday Feb 27th: Hangin Jacksonville stylie with Uma and Brenda and other buddies. Yoga and yummy foods

Tuesday Feb 28th: Free day, Hang in Jax, Florida or head to St. Augustine, FL to explore

Wednesday Feb 29th: JJ’s House in Gainesville, FLorida. Leap Day House Party and Potluck. Lets talk about this JJ. Ha ha.

Thursday March 1st: Gainesville, FLorida The Bull.

Friday March 2nd: Orlando, FLorida. I wanna go explore Epcot Center for a bit. Also i have a house concert in Cocoa Beach, FLorida

Saturday March 3rd: St. Pete, Florida. I will be playing at the Ale and the Witch with my buddy Ben Scales

Sunday March 4th: pasa grille, florida

Monday March 5th: gonna check out the new Salvador Dali Museum

Tuesday March 6th: Evolution Records, Lakeland, Florida

Wednesday March 7th:   Make my trek home

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