Broken Bienvenidos Sign

My Bienvenidos sign from my front door fell and broke today.  Oh well.  But, I did get a cookbook in the mail today by my friend Ras Rody.  Its called Organics  Sips, Bites and Sweets.   I cannot wait to make Banana and Cornmeal Festival, Ginger Beer, Rice and Pees, Ackee Patties and Almond Milk Rice.  Yummy.

I had a fiddle student today and we were playing Cuckoo’s Nest and I got real excited hearing her improvement.  Oh the joys of teaching.  I am about to teach another student in a few minutes.

Today, I worked out at the gym and ran into another fiddle student friend of mine that I have not seen in a while and its a good thing we collided because she is moving to Oregon tomorrow.   So, life is sooo interesting.  All the way from broken Bienvenidos signs to running into long lost friends, to receiving creative stuff in the mail.  Wow, I am open to it all.  Bring it on life………


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