Halloween is Over

Happy Hump day everyone, Halloween is over and its time to buckle down into some Winter Wonderland.  I am going to embrace this Winter by trying to stay warm, happy and positive.

Halloween skirt costume on floor after the gig study.

I did wake up to no power and heat this morning and it set me back for a moment, also a few of my students cancelled today, so my schedule is a bit askew.  But, its such a small discomfort to what other people in the world have to deal with.  I am grateful and blessed and I don’t want to complain or be negative.   My heart and soul go out to those that are suffering from depression, lack of heat, lack of food, illness.  As humans, we have so much to deal with and we are all one.  We just have to help each other out and be there for our brothers and sisters.

I am like a cat finding the only sunlight in the house

Yes, I did wake up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, but today, I choose to turn it around and make this another amazing blissed out day.  I don’t want to wallow around in depressionville today or any day for that matter.  I choose happiness.  I will sit in a sunny window,  I will go for a walk,  I will do some yoga,  I will cook a good meal, I will practice my positive thinking, I will talk to friends and family, I will have a blessed and happy day.




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