Poopy Phone

I had such a wonderful weekend at Leaf Festival and running around doing my other musical gigs around town.  But, something crazy happened to me this weekend.  I was soo super duper busy and not mindful, I was incredibly distracted and I went to the port-a-johnny and dropped my jeans and heard a loud chunk sound and I knew instantly that my I-phone dropped into the nastiness.  Knee deep into human waste.  Arghhh.  It set me back a bit, because that was my connection to life, all my contacts and recent photos that I have not backed up in a while.  I can’t believe how connected I am with a phone.  It makes me realize that life is so precious, its here one moment and gone the next.  Nothing is permanent.  I got sad for a bit, and had the phone extracted, but it was pretty much ruined.  I had to bite the bullet and get another phone.  My old phone is getting recycled for our Troops.  Now, I am rebuilding contacts and new fresh photos in my life.

photo by Cameron Yaeger

Thats it for now.


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