How to make Lentil Soup

So, I am in my cute little yellow tiny New York City style kitchen and I am about to make some super duper easy yummy lentil soup.  You can use red, yellow, split peas, green lentils, brown, whatever your fancy.  In India, they call this dahl.

lenti soup fixins

This is just a guideline you can alter it the way you feel like:

1.  Grab yourself a pot and hunt in your fridge for veggies that must go.

2.  heat up some ghee or butter about a tablespoon and put in some mustard seeds and or cumin seeds.  If you dont have these then dont worry about it.

3.  cut up some onion and carrots.  If you have celery go for that too.  Then skillet that in your pot.

4.  you can put potatoes or squash or whatever veggies you want or you can stop at number 3.

5.  put water in your veggie stock and allow it to boil. (I probably did about 2-3 cups)  you can eye it.   I also add salt and pepper to taste at this point.

6.  then place your washed lentils, whatever color you choose.  I did about a cup and a half.  Let them boil and then bring it all down to simmer.   SIMMER DOWN.

7.  Allow all that good soup to marinate and simmer and let the lentils get soft.

8.  Then its time to season.  I put tumeric, yellow curry, cumin, salt pepper.  Sometimes I will put garam masala in if I am in the mood.

9.  Enjoy.


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