OOhhh Atlanta

Wow, I feel so blessed that I was able to share the stage this past weekend with Grayson Capps and Ralph Rodenberry.  We did a song writer in the round on Saturday night at Eddie’s Attic in Decatur, Georgia.  It was a huge challenge for me, but I am so glad I got to do it.  My buddy T-Dawg put it on and he is just one amazing guy that has great musical visions.  We had a nearly sold out show, with many pre-sales with reserved table seating.  Eddie’s Attic is a classy place, an amazing listening room, friendly staff and stellar food.  Yeh buddy.

I nabbed this photo from FaceBook, from Alex Rodenberry's collection.

I love my Atlanta peeps sooo much.  I spent the night with some of my dearest friends Tish and Mike.  It was a nice cozy landing.  Tish and I had coffee and then she and I went grocery shopping.  I was in the market for some cheaper avocados.  In Asheville, they are 2.50 a piece.  OUCh, So I bought them in Atlanta for $1.28.  Much better deal.

When I was making my trek from Atlanta and heading into Asheville, the moment I saw those beautiful mountains my heart sang.  I was home………


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