Packed full of Summer

You know you are having a fun summer when you are too busy to keep up with your own blog.  I am really loving my summer thus far and we are only one month in.  I am making the most of every day.   Tuesday I treated myself to a pedicure and an icecream cone.  Salty Caramel from The Hop Icecream Shop on Merrimon Avenue in Asheville.  That was awesome.  

I woke up sore as hell today because I have been practicing my yoga every single day and also I ran yesterday on the treadmill and got a massage.   I have to take it easy today though, my body aches.  I will get on my mat  because my Yoga teacher, Brenda Star Walker, tells me all the time to practice yoga on days you brush your teeth.  Too funny.

Other news, I had 2 tacos yesterday and finished reading “The Help” by Kathryn Stockett.   That book was awesome.  You should check it out, its about the stories from a maid’s perspective in the South when there was so much segregation in the 50’s/60’s.  Really really good.

For the last week, I have been housesitting at my friends luxurious, amazing house on the West side of Asheville.  I feel like I am on a staycation.  And as soon as this stint is over, I am heading to see my mom and dad and my sister in South Georgia, then I am hopping over to Hilton Head Island.

I get to see my sis Jane and niece Josie in less than a week

Last Saturday was amazing, I did 2 scary things in one day.  I boated down section 4 of the Chatooga River with Justyn.  This is the same river that Deliverance was filmed.  There are many waterfalls to boat down and its plain scary.  After boating the wild and scenic river I did a solo gig at Humble Pie in Long Creek, South Carolina.  I have not done that type of gig since my cross country tour in November.   Gotta do things out of your comfort zone because it really does challenge you and enhances your life.

photo by Arlyn Agababian, this is a shot of us friends on the Pigeon River couple weekends back

Well I hope that your Summer is amazing and that you are taking every day as an adventure and living life to the fullest.

Much Love,



7 thoughts on “Packed full of Summer

  1. Thanks for sharing! Love hearing what you have been up to! So proud of you for doing yoga everyday, WOW, way to go girl. You inspire me, I gotta get back to my practice. Miss u to pieces. Wonder when we will meet again . . . much love!

  2. Keep on having a wonderful summer! Mine’s kinda crazy with the move to Portland, but I’m trying to focus on better days ahead & try to make the best of these even if they are hard. Had fun picking banjo & guitar around the fire-pit last night, so there’s plenty of good 🙂

  3. Thats right folks just keep having fun, keep playing music John. Heather cant wait to see u again. And hey Miss Wendi

  4. Is that the silver necklace I gave you when we went to Anne’s wedding?
    Went to the movies with the girls this week and saw the previews of The Help and want to read the book. No one knew who the author was, and it is impossible to find a book at the libe without that info, so thanks for that!

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