Stand up Paddle Boards are fun

I Love hanging on a SUP.  Stand up paddle board.  Even though I am laying down on this board at this particular time period.  Lovin life and lovin’ this Summer so far.

photo by Beth Brockway


2 thoughts on “Stand up Paddle Boards are fun

  1. Caroline Pond. How are ya girl? We met at the Keel Family Funktion last year…you gave me directions via facebook remember?
    Anyways, just got back from a solo month long camping/SUP/mountain biking/straight foolin’ trip in NW GA, Tybee, Savannah…around. So I’m about to start giving SUP and MTN bike tours for donations up here around Rome,GA…miss your fiddle girlie! There is a nice little music scene here and I think Rome would adore you and the crew. If yall are ever up this way, give me a shout, and let’s go pickin and paddlin!
    No more facebook for me because of some privacy issues I’ve had but I think you have my contact info…….my 9yr old daughter idolizes you and sings “too much coffee” all the time hehe.
    Glad to see youre havin fun.
    Much love,

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