Life’s Blessings

Me and my Bubba dog happy as can be

Happy Friday everyone.  I know that I have not been an active” being” on my own blog these days.  Yeh,…… I do put posts up here and there, but I know my heart and soul have not played an important part on this platform and I do apologize.  I just had a rough winter with my own crazy issues.  But u know what it really doesn’t matter in the end.  We are all just human, living our lives through all the ups and the downs.   But right now,  I am sooo happy that Spring is here and we are approaching the warmer months.  I have been practicing my yoga a ton lately and eating salad from the lettuce from our garden.  Life is so amazing.  Even through all the sadness I have endured in the past I feel so blessed right now in the present moment with all the positivity around me.

Thanks for coming to visit me from time to time.  I am still playing music sporadically and I am trying to figure out where my life’s path is suppose to take me.  I am just grateful that I have my health, my family, my friends, my relationships, my music and my yoga.  Thank you Lord up above for all the blesssings that you have given me.

Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti

Peace, Peace, Peace


8 thoughts on “Life’s Blessings

  1. Oh, Caroline, I am SO glad you posted, Dear! I just asked Trey this morning if he knew how you were doing, so thank you for updating your blog. I have been feeling that you may have been having a rough stint. I have a new phone and don’t have your number-will you msg it to me on FB? You are so good at counting your blessings and I’m glad you are sticking with your yoga practice. I love you, Caroline. Namaste! xoxo

  2. Love you Caroline…thanks for being a huge part of my life. i love our garden, our home and lives together. You are the sweetest woman I know…also probably the funniest…scooter chicken! ;0)

  3. So glad that the Tater Diggers are part of your “sporadic” music playing. Great rehearsal today. (Just proving once again that you don’t need practice…)

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